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Mirror's Edge: Catalyst guide

Walkthroughs to each main mission and their hidden collectibles detailed.

Mirror's Edge: Catalyst arrives eight years after the original game, seeing the return of DICE's fan-favourite first-person parkour adventure to PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Instead of a sequel, this is a reboot of the 2008 original, covering Faith's origin story as she emerges from prison to take down the powerful KrugerSec corporation that's ruling the dystopian city of Glass.

Alongside a new take on narrative, the game itself takes place within an open-world, with story missions as well as side-objectives, collectibles and time-trial Dashes populating the city. Meanwhile, players can create custom Dashes and geocache-style Beats to challenge others with online.

Below we present a guide to Mirror's Edge: Catalyst, with walkthroughs to each of the game's main missions and the locations of their easy-to-miss collectibles along the way, as well as guides to every side mission, Dash and Gridnode.

Cover image for YouTube videoMirror's Edge Catalyst: PS4/Xbox One vs PC Graphics Comparison
Mirror's Edge Catalyst: PS4/Xbox One vs PC Graphics Comparison

Mirror's Edge: Catalyst walkthrough

Mirror's Edge: Catalyst - Release, Reunion, Follow the Red
A walkthrough to the opening mission of Faith's rebooted adventure, including an introduction to combat, wall-running and Dashes.

Mirror's Edge: Catalyst - Old Friends
Put your new combat prowess into action and learn about Electronic Parts in this second main mission.

Mirror's Edge: Catalyst - Back in the Game
Infiltrate the KrugerSec department with the help of Icarus.

Mirror's Edge: Catalyst - Savant Extraordinaire
Unlock the MAGrope, the area of Anchor and make friends with Plastic.

Mirror's Edge: Catalyst - Benefactor
Meet with Dogan and climb the Anasi Emporium tower.

Mirror's Edge: Catalyst - Fly Trap
Turn off the power to save your friend, and meet a new enemy type, the Sentinel.

Mirror's Edge: Catalyst - Sanctuary, Encroachment
How to unlock Rezoning and reach Black November.

Mirror's Edge: Catalyst - Vive la Resistance
Unlock the MAGrope Pull-Down upgrade and work with Black November to create a distraction.

Mirror's Edge: Catalyst - Payback
Fight back against KrugerSec in this short story mission.

Mirror's Edge: Catalyst - Prisoner X
How to find and unlock the new area, The View, and infiltrate another KrugerSec facility.

Mirror's Edge: Catalyst - Thy Kingdom Come
Continue your fight against KrugerSec.

Mirror's Edge: Catalyst - Family Matters
Work your way through the Malus Art Museum and to Kruger himself.

Mirror's Edge: Catalyst - Tickets Please
Subvert the transit control hubs across the city of Glass.

Mirror's Edge: Catalyst - The Shard
Scale the tallest building in the city of Glass in this final mission.

Mirror's Edge Catalyst - Other guides:

Mirror's Edge Catalyst - Birdman, Nomad, Rebecca, Beatrix missions
How to complete missions for Birdman, Nomad and more outside the main game's story.

Mirror's Edge Catalyst - Plastic missions The Metagrid, Caught in the Web, An Ear to the Ground, Finger on the Pulse, Complete Coverage
How to complete every side objective for Plastic.

Mirror's Edge Catalyst - Birdman's Route, Nomad's Run, A Handy Shortcut, Backstreet Bluff, Feature Creep, High Roller Avenue, Concrete Canyon Dashes
How to get three stars in every Dash within the game's opening area.

Mirror's Edge Catalyst - The Allcom Shuffle, Consumer Mayhem, Quite a View, Heading Home, Donkey in an Oven, Take me to the Gridnode Dashes
How to get three stars in every Dash within the game's first unlocked area, Anchor.

Mirror's Edge Catalyst - Noah's Run, Too Close to the Sun, The Scenic Route, Don't Fall Down, Calab's Run Dashes
How to get three stars in every Dash within The View.

Mirror's Edge Catalyst - The Old Tunnels, Rezoning Dash, Under Construction, Out in the Open Dashes
How to get three stars in every Dash within Rezoning.

Mirror's Edge: Catalyst - How to unlock fast travel, Gridnode Run
How to complete the mandatory side-mission and unlock fast travel to safe houses within Downtown and Anchor.

Mirror's Edge: Catalyst - Gridnode Downtown, Gridnode Rezoning, Gridnode The View
Unlock fast travel to the remaining safe houses in Downtown, Rezoning and The View.

Some people are upset Mirror's Edge Catalyst locks abilities behind XP upgrades
Here's how it works.

Mirror's Edge: Catalyst - Performance Analysis
Final console code sees substantial improvements over the beta.

Note that each of the game's main missions unlock in a linear order, indicated by a red diamond on the game's map. While you're free to take a break and explore the city for distractions, playing through the game's missions will unlock the other districts and populate the world with additional side-content. It's also the fastest way to gain experience, giving Faith valuable movement upgrades to make exploring the city of Glass much easier.

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