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Mirror's Edge: Catalyst walkthrough

A walkthrough of each story mission and how to find each secret bag, recording and document along the way.

Each of the game's main missions unlock in a linear order, indicated by a red diamond on the game's map. While you're free to take a break and explore the city for distractions, playing through the game's missions will unlock other districts, MAGrope upgrades and populate the world with additional side-content. It's also the fastest way to gain experience, giving Faith valuable movement and combat upgrades that make navigating the city of Glass much easier.

Cover image for YouTube videoMirror's Edge Catalyst: PS4/Xbox One vs PC Graphics Comparison
Mirror's Edge Catalyst: PS4/Xbox One vs PC Graphics Comparison

On this page:

Mirror's Edge: Catalyst - Release, Reunion and Follow the Red
A walkthrough to the opening mission of Faith's rebooted adventure, including an introduction to combat, wall-running and Dashes.

Other pages:

Mirror's Edge: Catalyst - Old Friends
Put your new combat prowess into action and learn about Electronic Parts in this second main mission.

Mirror's Edge: Catalyst - Back in the Game
Infiltrate the KrugerSec department with the help of Icarus.

Mirror's Edge: Catalyst - Savant Extraordinaire
Unlock the MAGrope, the area of Anchor and make friends with Plastic.

Mirror's Edge: Catalyst - Benefactor
Meet with Dogan and climb the Anasi Emporium tower.

Mirror's Edge: Catalyst - Fly Trap
Turn off the power to save your friend, and meet a new enemy type, the Sentinel.

Mirror's Edge: Catalyst - Sanctuary, Encroachment
How to unlock Rezoning and reach Black November.

Mirror's Edge: Catalyst - Vive la Resistance
Unlock the MAGrope Pull-Down upgrade and work with Black November to create a distraction.

Mirror's Edge: Catalyst - Payback
Fight back against KrugerSec in this short story mission.

Mirror's Edge: Catalyst - Prisoner X
How to find and unlock the new area, The View, and infiltrate another KrugerSec facility.

Mirror's Edge: Catalyst - Thy Kingdom Come
Continue your fight against KrugerSec.

Mirror's Edge: Catalyst - Family Matters
Work your way through the Malus Art Museum and to Kruger himself.

Mirror's Edge: Catalyst - Tickets Please
Subvert the transit control hubs across the city of Glass.

Mirror's Edge: Catalyst - The Shard
Scale the tallest building in the city of Glass in this final mission.

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Mirror's Edge: Catalyst Guide
Walkthroughs to each main mission and their hidden collectibles detailed.


Collectibles: None
Unlocks: 'Reunion' Trophy

When you're down the stairs and through the containment doors, instead of going onto the bus, turn round and walk over to Icarus peering through the door who can break you out. After the cutscene that introduces the Gridlink, follow Icarus to the end of the street, and follow the on-screen prompts to ascend to the rooftops.

It should be easy to follow, but in short, press the closest left shoulder button to go higher - such as scaling buildings - and the back left shoulder button to go lower - such as dropping safely to lower levels.

When you reach the ground again, you'll be introduced to your first enemy, a Guardian, who dishes out light melee damage. Simply spam attacks until he's down, then press the back right shoulder button to charge through the door and through the warehouse.

Follow the prompts to make your way through the various obstacles in the warehouse, teaching you how to wall run and swing from overheard poles. After the helicopter spots you, you'll perform some swings overhead, and your ghost will run right through the closed door. Here, turn round, and take the ladder up to reach the other side, where you'll need to fight another enemy, before meeting back up with Icarus.

The route to Everdyne Tower and Orion Building

After the cutscene, you can activate Runner's Vision, highlighting a route through the world. While it's not always the fastest route when exploring the game's open world, it's always a handy guide to follow, and in linear missions such as these, it's the best way to take you from A to B.

Continue onward, following the Runner's Vision, and feel free to ignore any KrugerSec guards you encounter along the way. Take a good run before leaping over to the ladder on the other building just after you get the Vision, and otherwise it's a linear route; remember when dropping from poles, hold the back left shoulder button to soften the blow when land.

Once you reach the Orion Building shortly after the zipline, you'll learn some of the combat basics. Follow the prompts exactly to learn a series of moves. The takeaway here is that momentum - whether by jumping from above, from walls or sliding across the ground - will deliver be more powerful than stationary melee attacks, and that holding a direction to kick guards into one another or from railings is another advised way to dish out a little more damage. You can retry the tutorial at the end of this section if you need to practice any specifics.

The rest of the mission has you continue making your way up the building, taking out guards along the way. It's a good place to test your new skills, whether attacking from above or kicking guards into one another. Follow the Runner's Guide until you encounter the Sentinel, which will knock you down to a lower level. Retrace your steps to return back to that point, and continue up the elevator shaft to the roof. Title card time!

The final part of the mission has you go to one of the game's safe houses, The Lair. On the way you'll get another tutorial for the Focus Shield; freerunning builds this gauge, which helps protect you from getting hurt in combat. Follow the prompts until it's complete, and you'll finish this initial mission.

Reunion, Pay a visit to Birdman, and Follow the Red

Before the next proper story mission, you'll have a number of smaller, non-replayable 'story' objectives. Activate Runner's Vision and make your way to the The Lair, the main safe house at the Zephyr Transit Hub. After the cutscene, you will get your runner's kit and be introduced to the Progression screen, where you have to unlock the Beat Map upgrade within the Gear section.

Now it's time to pay a visit to Birdman, one of the game's side characters. Follow the Runner's Vision through the open world. If you get lost, bring up the map to re-orientate yourself. It's at this point the next mission, 'Old Friends' will unlock.

You're welcome to pursue this right now - you can open the map and set a waypoint to that mission marker - but for the purposes of the guide, continue going with the waypoint you have.

Birdman's hideout is on top of a building in Concord Plaza, which will start the 'Follow the Red' sub-mission. This introduces you to the concept of Dashes by running the Birdman's Route.

While most Dashes usually require large short cuts, you can mostly follow the markers to make the three star requirement, though we recommended you cut the corner onto the opening building to shave off a little time.

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