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Mirror's Edge Catalyst - Benefactor

Meet with Dogan and climb the Anasi Emporium tower.

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Collectibles: 2x Secret Bags, 1x Document, 2x Recordings (Eden Village)
Unlocks: 'Payback' achievement, 'Fly Trap' main mission

Mirror's Edge Catalyst: PS4/Xbox One vs PC Graphics Comparison

Meet with Dogen, unlock the MAGrope Pull-Up, reach the Anasi Emporium

Activate your Runner's Vision and make your way over to Dogan's place in Crystal Valley. After the cutscene, head through the door and grab a new toy - the MAGrope Pull-Up, which works very similar to your existing MAGrope, and allows you to scale more vertical heights.

Once outside and back in the city, make your way to the mission marker at the Anansi Emporium. You'll have to make sure of your new MAGrope extension to get there, otherwise, feel free to fast travel to the Eden Village safe house and make the trip over. To reach the marker, you need to scale the wall by using the Quickturn movement availability - scaling the wall, tapping right bumper, and leaping off opposite, so make sure that node is unlocked in your Movement progression screen.

Find a way into the Anansi Emporium and climb the tower

To start your ascent up the building, you have to quickturn off the wall at the far end of the passage. But first, you'll hear a Secret Bag nearby...

  • Secret Bag - This collectible is particularly tricky to get; jump from the yellow boxes in the middle of this opening passage and onto the wall on the right, where there are pipes just above on the wall. Once grappled on, look left to the ledge and make the short hop over, where can climb up and collect. It's a little awkward, and could take a few attempts, but it's possible.

Once you have the bag, continue up and the under-construction building will open out. Here, run round the outsides of the expanse in the centre, into the far corner that's more under construction than most. Quick jump up above, and continue through to the new area.

To the right of these white boards in this corner is your first Document.
  • Document - Keep going until you reach a glass barrier where you can view outside, and running along this barrier to the left most corner, you'll find a document on the ground.

Run back along the glass barrier, and up the construction board leaning up against the ledge. Jump across, and again to the pipe that swings you round the corner.

  • Recording: One Hand Clapping 02 - Before progressing, turn around, leap over the gap, and you'll find the recording hidden off just round the dead end corner.

Go back on the main path and continue making your way up the building - it's a fairly linear path - and then MAGrope across the gap to the upper ledge. Go right here, vault your way up several ledges, until you have to do a quick turn leap up above.

In this dimly lit area after climbing through the building, climb above the orange panel and inside is the second Secret Bag.
  • Secret Bag: You can either continue headed towards the centre of the building, but if you go right as if you're headed outside, making your way past more construction work, round the corner, and a passage with the floor missing. Wall run over this and you'll find the Secret Bag in the middle. Alternatively, continue on the critical path where you're somewhat outside again, and Dogan starts talking to you again. Turn right, find the gap above the orange panel, and you'll get to this area either way.

After Dogan talks to you in the somewhat open area, MAGrope across the gap, and round the corner, up, and make your way to the outside of the building. MAGrope up again, through the corridor and a vent up on the wall. Here you'll find and activate the fire alarm.

Make your way to the top of the building and disable the clamps

Hop outside and take the lift up, and go round the outside of the building where yellow tarp lines the scaffolding. Feel free to take any of the routes down or above until you reach the end, then come back on yourself a little on the upper path, where you can leap onto the ladder onto the crane.

The crane you have to scale is on the right of this screenshot. Good luck!
  • Recording: Omnistat Gold 01 - Before you leap onto the ladder and the top of the crane, jump to the lower walkway that surrounds it, where you'll find a Recording. To continue on the critical path, you can climb on the crane on the other side of the recording - it's a little clumsy, but possible.

Get on the crane and run to the end. Admire the view, then turn to the building's corner and MAGrope you way over to the ledge.

At the top, it's a pretty linear route to each of the three clamp switches, which are on different floors above you. They will be highlighted in order and is a linear route to each location; just note that after the second clamp, go ahead and turn right to run across the damper then MAGrope to get up to the floor above.

After unclamping the third and dropping the damper, turn right, go left down the small passage and leap into the middle framework, where there's a ladder. Take a right and leap across to the very outside edge, and from there, you can slide down the ramp and take the assortment of pipes and lifts to reach the bottom of the building, and to safety. Zip line at the bottom and you'll complete the mission.

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