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Mirror's Edge Catalyst - Fly Trap

Turn off the power to save your friend, and meet a new enemy type, the Sentinel.

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Collectibles: None
Unlocks: 'Never Forgotten' trophy, 'Sanctuary' main mission

Climb up the ladder to the top of the crane, and leap off the end to make quite an entrance into Charter Hill. Follow the marker a short distance to take you to Icarus, and a cutscene.

Mirror's Edge Catalyst: PS4/Xbox One vs PC Graphics Comparison

Follow the power cables

Turn round and follow the cables down below, going round the outside of the building and leaping to the pipes on the building opposite. At the bottom, jump down onto the air duct to your left, and down again, into the door behind you. In the room, feel free to grab the Charter Hill Electronic Part and out the vent.

Trace the power cable down to the lower levels.

Head down the stairs and outside the building, where you'll once again see the power cables. Follow the ledge that is next to them, and drop down to ground level.

After the brief radio chatter where Faith says she needs to find a way round, you have to go right round the corner. Before you do that, there's a couple of easy Charter Hill Electronic Parts; one is in the building on the right, and another has you climb the ladder next to the gentleman in the alley, then leap into the alcove to the side. All belong to the Charter Hill area.

Turn off the power

Run round the outside of the building, and scale to the above walkway with a quick turn off the vent, using the pipe on the corner to project you out to the doorway, where you can turn off the power. To leave this area, head into the elevator shaft, and use a quick turn off the wall opposite the pipe to climb up, where you can get into the lift.

Go back to the Lair

Make your way through the open world until you get back to the Lair. Head up to the main floor, and interact the open window in the far corner.

After the cutscene you have to defeat a number of KrugerSec guards. This is your largest encounter yet, with a range of armed and charge-enabled guards. Try and take only one or two at a time, vary up your move set, and use height to your advantage to leap down and cause huge damage from above. As always, if you're low on health, just run around until your recovered, giving them the slip so you can return with a surprise attack or two.

Damage the Sentinel enough and their helmet will crack.

Once you've cleared enough, the game's most powerful enemy type - the Sentinel - will show up, a strong melee class who packs a little more punch and gives more chase than what you're used to.

Shift out of the way of his attacks is a good strategy, but in doubt, just run round in wide circles and come in for cheap attacks to chip away at this health. You can also get a few cheap attacks in by climbing the nearby white boxes on the upper most level (he doesn't climb up and follow) and jumping down to attack.

Once done, you have an Escape phase. As always, just keep on the move and you shouldn't take too much punishment, and once you make your way to the nearest safe house, the phase will automatically clear.

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