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Mirror's Edge Catalyst - Sanctuary, Encroachment

How to unlock Rezoning and reach Black November.

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Sanctuary: How to unlock Rezoning, and finding Black November

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Collectibles: None
Unlocks: 'The enemy of my enemy' achievement, 'Encroachment' main mission

Once the crane has moved, MAGrope over and make your acquaintance to a new district, Rezoning. Follow the Runner Vision markers until you slide down a glass building, and find an area sunk into the ground. Use the tarp to cushion the fall and prise open the door to continue into the Omnistat Tunnels.

The journey into the Omnistat Tunnels is a fun one.

There's an easy Omnistat Tunnel Electronic Part that's right ahead, and use the pipe on the corner to head round and continue descending, heading to a wall and a pipe, taking you to a button that raises a platform.

Drop down the walkway below, round to the far end, up the steps and leap across. Head across to the end and to the next area, with the aim to reach the orange platform on the far side, which you can do so up the stairs, quick turning up and across the far side.

Hit the button to raise a huge doorway down below. Drop down to the walkway, and press ahead over the fences, through the corridor, and you'll find the Black November base down to the right. Once inside, the mission will be complete.

Encroachment: Find and destroy the crates

Collectibles: None
Unlocks: 'This. Is. Glass.' achievement, 'Vive la Resistance' main mission

Take the steps on the far wall to get out of the lair. Go right, and enter the vent on the far wall to enter the tunnels. Continue through the linear path, using quick turn jumps to scale the walls and up the ladder.

Leap up the central beam, to the ledge, up the pipe and to the far end where you'll spot a sentry below. Attack from above then push the crate off the ledge opposite.

To find the second crate, run and jump to the below walkway, where you'll come across more KrugerSec guards. Gone from one to the next, kicking them into nearby railings and to their doom below to make the fights easier. Once you're done, push the crate into the chasm on the ground floor.

To find the third crate, head to the upper platform and go through the door. Directly on your left is a red beam; quick turn off this to the above ledge. To get to the left most pole, you need to wall run opposite, turn to face it, then jump across, allowing you to swing over the fence.

In this area, get the Omnistat Tunnel Electronic Part if you desire, then go to the far right corner, where you can use the inside of the red beam to quick turn and leap to the railing, allowing you to shimmy right, and make your way up the ducts to the very top.

As always, sprint from guard to guard and use your momentum to take them down.

Slide down the passage in the far left corner to a new area, where more KrugerSec guards greet you. As with the last area, the best way to deal with these is at speed, going from one with the next, attacking from above or knocking them from nearby railings. As long as you keep moving, you'll won't suffer too much damage.

Once you've pushed the crate down the chasm in the far end of the area, a console in the far corner above allows you to open doors out to finish the mission. Before (or after) that, it's worth grabbing the two Omnistat Tunnel Electronic Parts on the same wall beneath a series of railings. You'll also notice a Omnistat Tunnel Secret Bag above near the panel too; note you'll need another MAGrope upgrade before getting this, so you'll have to come back later.

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