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Mirror's Edge Catalyst - Thy Kingdom Come

Continue your fight against KrugerSec.

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Collectibles: 2x Recordings, 1x Document, 2x Secret Bags (Omnistat Tunnels)
Unlocks: 'Into the Light' achievement, 'Family Matters' main mission

Head to Dogan's place, who tells you to make your way over to the Rezoning district, then go to the cell to start another cutscene. Now proceed to Icarus's location deeper within the Omnistat Tunnels to start the mission proper.

Mirror's Edge Catalyst: PS4/Xbox One vs PC Graphics Comparison

Find Kingdom and look for Noah

Once the blast door has been opened, pull down the boards head through the passage, sliding down to the walkways below. Use the zipline in this area to the next pipe-laden passage, where more boards have to be pulled down to continue.

You'll now see the facility down below you. Head down the linear path amongst the rock to a walkway, which will collapse as you run down it - be prepared to make a quick leap before you slide into the abyss, then take the zipline down into the building.

Progress through the tight passages until you drop down and see workers in lab coats on your right. Use the box to hop up to the ledge above, and on this corridor, take the first left instead of going ahead, where you'll find two collectibles near a room where someone is undergoing some unpleasant experiments.

You can find both of the first collectibles here.
  • Recording: A New Life 01 - After taking this first left corridor when you first enter the building, you'll find it at the end.
  • Secret bag - At the end of this same corridor, quick turn jump off the end wall, and you'll come to an area in the ceiling. Quick turn jump off the wall here too to reach an above walkway with the collectible.

Instead of dropping down to ground level, stay in the rafters and continue to the end, where you can find a vent to a sentry-populated corridor. Kill or run past them - your choice - and proceed down the passage.

This one is easy to miss!
  • Recording: One Hand Clapping 03 - After the wall run at the end of this passage, collect the recording in the middle of the corridor.

Leap of the end railing and into the path of a few more KrugerSec sentries. Take this pair out (the railings here are perfect to knock them from) and before you continue, there's yet another collectible.

  • Secret Bag - After taking out the two KrugerSec guards, jump up to the wide alcove at the end of the room, which you can reach by running across the railing, and leaping up.

Investigate the interior of Kingdom and find the interrogation room

Head down the passage, and at the end in the yellow and grey room with the ducts flowing on the opposite wall, look above the doorway and pull down the ledge with your MAGrope. Quick turn jump off the opposite wall up to the new platform, wall run to the vents nearby and continue to the upper most ledge in the room via the far-most wall to trigger a cutscene. Once done, turn round and use the panel to free Aline. Run through the door, but don't go straight up just yet.

Get this straight after rescuing Aline.
  • Document - At the bottom of the steps, pick up the collectible that's on the ground.

Go back up the main steps and jump into the above vent. When you emerge, you have a few sections filled with KrugerSec guards. Battle or run through each one, until you come to a dead end with black glass covering a section of the wall. Jump up the upper right boxes into the upper corridor, which takes you to the integration room.


After the cutscene, run past the KrugerSec guards and leap up, through the glass, and out back into the caverns. The route out is linear, but also a dimly lit one, so make sure you jump nice and far to make all the gaps cleanly. Hammer the button on the elevator, and at the top, feel free to ignore the sentries that drop down to meet you by leaping straight out of the elevator (you can make the jump, even though it doesn't look it!) and sprinting down down the right passage to finish the mission.

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