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Mirror's Edge Catalyst - Old Friends, Be Like Water

Put your new combat prowess into action and learn about Electronic Parts in the second and third main missions.

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Old Friends

Collectibles: None
Unlocks: 'Be Like Water' main mission

Once you chat to Noah on the roof's edge in Centurion Yards, go through the door in the building behind you, up the stairs and into the far corner to trigger the mission proper. Like mission Follow the Red, this introduces you to one of the game's many collectible elements - Electronic Parts.

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After grabbing the control chip from the wall, get outside through the door behind you and follow the Runner's Vision, round the building to the left and down, until you reach a cutscene introducing you to the Protector melee enemy, and a tutorial on dodging in combat by holding the back right shoulder button and a direction to quickly dash away.

Use it as they're about to attack, leaving them wide open so you can get a hit in, or you can try it when they're facing you to try and reach their blindside before they can turn again. If you get hit a few times and Faith gets out of breath, back away, let yourself recover and get back into the fray.

Once defeated, collect the next Control Chip follow the red markers round to face two Protectors at once. As prompted, holding heavy attack and a direction you can kick an enemy in a particular direction - such as another enemy - to deal out extra damage.

Once done, grab another chip, head up the roof to the final chip, and three enemies. As with combat, in general, best to draw one out to take on individually, and approach the others with a run, leap and flying kick before knocking them together to pave the way to the final chip.

Naturally, you're not just done yet. A citizen across the way needs you assistance. Drop down off the ledge, and take a right through the building, across the bridge and up the pipe and fight off the three Protectors.

Again, draw one off and fight the two together by kicking them into one another makes this scuffle fairly straightforward, unlocking another main mission, Be Like Water.

Be Like Water

Collectibles: None
Unlocks: 'Learn to Fly' achievement, 'Back in the Game' main mission

Like other early game missions, this is a tutorial to teach you to use momentum to move past enemies at speed, with this one in particular having you reach the dead drop without losing any focus.

In short, keep running and attack all the enemies without stopping. Light attacks allow you to give them a shove and keep going, and there are on-screen directions and button prompts to help guide you. It's otherwise a pretty linear and straightforward section; keep chaining one enemy to the next until you reach the end panel to finish the mission.

The final enemy is a good opportunity to get the 'Hey, it's-a-me again!' achievement if you manage to successfully take down every enemy along the way - though you might need to upgrade your Combat nodes in the Progression screen first.

With the mission complete, the path is open to your first meaty story mission, aptly titled Back in the Game.

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