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Mirror's Edge Catalyst - Back in the Game

Infiltrate the KrugerSec department with the help of Icarus.

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Collectibles: 2x Secret Bags, 2x Documents, 2x Recordings (Centurion Yards)
Unlocks: 'Mischief Maker' main mission, 'In His Bad Books' achievement

Activate the mission at the Zephyr Transit Hub, then head to the marker in Centurion Yards to start your first 'proper' mission. Make your way to the outside of the building, and climb up and through the window Icarus has prepared.

Mirror's Edge Catalyst: PS4/Xbox One vs PC Graphics Comparison

Find the agricultural department

As always, follow the Runner's Vision. You'll be wanting to go left round the outside edge, then drop down.

  • Document - When you go round the corner and leap across the gap, instead of going straight ahead, go left and collect the document leaning against the wall.

Continue up to the railing above and across a bridge to reach a green, curved wall. Jump across the odd-shaped steps on the curved wall to make your way to the next floor, and up to the railing underneath the walkway by climbing the struts on the wall directly ahead.

Shimmy your way to the end - remember to face down the walkway to go in that direction, otherwise you'll swing back and forth instead - and head round to the elevator, prising open the door, leaping from one end of the shaft to the next until you can hang from the lift. At the top, swing forward into the shaft and make your way round to the exit of the vent, where there are two overhead poles ahead you can swing from, and three collectibles to grab in quick succession.

The first of the red poles you have to swing up to the mission's first Secret Bag can be seen here.
  • Secret Bag - Once out of the vent, swing onto the first of two poles in front of you. Before you jump to the other, do a 180 turn, and jump to the glass barrier above and ahead, where you will find the collectible.

Swing over the two poles, and look out for another two pick-ups.

  • Recording: The Connors Equation 03 - After the two poles following the lift ride and the vent, and before continuing up the ledge on the right, get the Recording on the desk to the right.
  • Document - Following the document after the two poles, leap on the room to the right, wall run across along the critical path, and collect the document on the left.

Continue to follow the Runner's Vision up to the offices, until the marker takes you to a locked door. Go right, up the short steps and back on yourself to find a door you can open, where you will find another vent on the right.

Find Workroom 4H

  • Recording: Travel Diary 01 - As soon as you enter the room following the vent, it's on the ground floor in the far right corner, next to a plant.

To progress up, stand with your back to the vent you came into, and jump from the glass barrier ahead onto the wide light fixture above. Go right here, and make your way up the floors by using the outside ledges until you reach the area with the workroom and console.

It might not look like it, but you can shimmy round the thin ledge above right of the door and round to a Secret Bag near Workroom 4H.
  • Secret Bag - Before you head downstairs to the panel, you'll spot a Secret Bag through the glass. To reach it, move back to the ledge where you first jumped to this area, and run and jump to grab hold of a thin ledge running at the top of the wall in the centre of the hall. Shimmy to the right, round the corner, drop down, get the bag and leave via the door to continue.

After you've planted the shotgun, head back up the stairs and across to the other side, following the Intruder's steps up more struts, through a vent and some offices until you reach the door, and another cutscene.

Here, you have to dash out of the building to escape. With the amount of gunfire round you, there's no point in stopping and fighting your way past the sentries; use your momentum to stun them as you run past the two on the walkway, leaping through the window, and then another wall of glass at the end of the office. Keep following the Runner's Vision now until you're outside, it's then a pretty easy run back to the Zephyr Transit Hub.

Mischief Maker

Before the next main story mission, meet with Nomad for the Mischief Maker objective in Triumvirate Drive to destroy an antenna. Here, take down the three guards round the base of the antenna (as usual, getting them together and kicking them into one another takes off a strong dose of health). The final one is a gunner on an upper ledge, who is best taken last once those on the ground have been taken out.

Once you have destroyed the antenna via the panel, you'll have to escape a K-Sec alert phase, performed by disappearing into a safe house or avoiding the radar. The former is always the best way to go as it instantly drops the status, but if you want to try the latter, an easy way to do this is to go straight ahead from your location - don't drop down right where the goons are - away from the choppers, so you circle round the edge of the radar, and hide by the building.

Stay out of the radar for a few moments (watch the gauge on the upper right) until it's depleted to complete the mission, paving the way to Savant Extraordinaire.

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