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Mirror's Edge Catalyst - Savant Extraordinaire

Unlock the MAGrope, the new area of Anchor and make friends with Plastic.

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Collectibles: 2x Secret Bags, 1x Document, 2x Recordings (Shimmering Heights)
Unlocks: 'Gridnode Run' side mission, 'Time for a Frenzied Rumble' achievement

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Unlock the MAGrope, unlock Anchor and find Plastic's hideout

Before you can start this mission proper, you have to collect a new item to reach new places, the MAGrope, allowing you to travel through a new district and meet a new side character.

After chatting with Noah back in the Zephyr Transit Hub, follow the markers downstairs to meet with Icarus, who will give you the MAGrope, allowing you to swing between overhead points in the world. Swing across the two chasms and disrupt the fans ahead to reach Shimmering Heights. Follow the Runner's Vision through the open world until you reach the new area of Anchor.

Use the map and your Runner's Vision to find and reach Plastic's hideout. After the cutscene, go out of the base and back into Shimmering Heights. Head right out of the building, swing to the ledge opposite, collecting a GridLeak on the way, and through the vent.

Ignore the enemies on the left (they won't see you behind the glass) and up the black obelisks to emerge at the higher level and back outside again. Continue following the Runner's Vision until you're at the AllCom building elevator, where you can finally start the mission proper.

Break into the AllCom building

Exit the lift, and cross through to the other room using the above alcove and use the MAGrope to the other building.

  • Recording: One Hand Clapping 01 - Before heading up the orange walls to the above area, collect the recording on the floor just ahead.

Continue up the walls, and the building will open up to show a wide expanse and a number of black obelisks platforms to get across. But before you do that...

You'll want to quick turn and jump off the left wall to reach this event, where the first Secret Bag lies.
  • Secret Bag - With the quickturn jump move unlocked, face the wall next to the vent high above you, where the bag is located. Jump up against the wall, turn and as you leap out, turn left so you can grab the end of the vent, allowing you to grapple on and collect the bag.

Once you have the bag, use one of the black platforms to get to the other side. Run down to the lower level, defeat the guard on the way, and hop over to use the wall panel.

Find the main terminal further down

  • Document - Run downstairs, but before you proceed through the door, get the Document from the table towards the centre of the room.

Go through the door, head over the black floating platforms and take down the two guards on the walkway, before continuing to make your way down the giant room by using the platforms. After taking down another two guards on a side passage, use the MAGrope to reach the distant platforms and take the vent.

You will enter another side area with a cheese grater wall that takes you down below in the larger room. It's a fairly easy route, made trickier with two more collectibles to find.

  • Recording: The Connors Equation 01 - As soon as you enter this side area after the event, collect the Recording straight in front of you.
The second Secret Bag is awkwardly placed opposite and above the red pipe at the end of this ramp.
  • Secret Bag - In this side area, after going up after the recording, you have to slide down and leap onto a pipe that's against the right wall. Instead of heading down, you have to go up and leap towards the nearby vent to get the Secret Bag. This one is particularly tricky to collect; climb up to the top, face the wall and leap up, and as you do, turn left and you should pick it up. It takes a few goes, so be prepared to fall to your doom once or twice.

Once you have the two collectibles, drop down the bottom, through the vent into a large room you have to step down to below. Take out the three guards here (make use to the large desk for momentum) before activating the wall panel.

You'll now be introduced to a new enemy type, the Shock Protector. These guys shoot out shock bolts a short distance in front of them, but are easily avoided thanks to an obvious wind up animation and a charging sound. Tap the right should button to dodge out the way, and get in a few attacks. As usual, if you get hit, take a step back and recover a little, before getting back into the action. The ledges to the sides as well as the desk are ideal to get some height and momentum, too.

Once a couple more enemies make their way into the room, the door will open to escape. Ignore all the enemies and run past them, following the Runner's Vision until find a zip wire out of the building to finish the mission.

Before you get start the next proper main mission, you have to complete a side-mission under the guidance of Plastic titled Gridnode Run before you can make a start on Benefactor.

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