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Mirror's Edge Catalyst - Vive la Resistance

Unlock the MAGrope Pull-Down upgrade and work with Black November to create a distraction.

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Collectibles: 2x Secret Bags, 2x Recordings (Development Zone)
Unlocks: 'Smash and Grab' achievement, 'Payback' main mission, 'Gridnode Rezoning' side-mission

Unlock the MAGrope Pull-Down, move through the tunnels and meet with Icarus

After the cutscene, pick up another MAG upgrade - the MAGrope Pull-Down - allowing you to pull down objects from a distance and explore new areas.

Naturally, we're going to explore some of those areas right now. Leave the base, and up the steps is a ladder. Use the upgraded MAGrope to pull it closer to you, allowing you to climb. Go right, and pull down the boards in the corner to find a new area. Continue the simple route round to a button, which will open a door opposite, starting the mission proper.

Leap across through the newly-opened door, pull down the boards above and climb through. Go continue through this passage to reach a wide open area in mid-construction; go to the left wall to find a staircase, allowing you to go across a set of boards and walkways to the far area, and out to day light. Sweet fresh air!

Once you disable a drone, you can safely move past them.

To disable the sentry drones firing at Icarus, go into the middle area and look up to see boards you can pull down. Head up there, follow the linear walkway and hit the panel. Once done, walk down, past the drones and chat to Icarus through the fence.

Reach the construction site, enter the building and disable the sentry drones

Head through the door on your right, and head through the door on the far upper right of this room by using a quick turn leap in the walls at the far end. In the open, very orange area, use the white mound in the middle to reach a nearby elevated walkway, and take them round to the far right and up a passage.

After the radio chat between Rebecca and Icarus, go outside and watch the cutscene with the diversion. Go across the bridge and pull down the boards to access the construction site proper.

Inside, head to the middle section, and before you head up the ladder to the right side, turn around for an easy Construction Zone Electronic Part. Make your way across the walkways, and after coming round the corner on the pipe, you'll be enclosed again.

Crouch through the small passage on the left, and as you emerge, the drones will focus their attention your way. Here you need to be quick - sprint ahead, use the pipe to swivel round the corner, and run under cover ahead to avoid fire. Keep going here through the walkway, and onto the girders in the corner to get to the level above.

Again, sprint ahead to avoid fire, going round the outside of the area and back into cover at the far side. Once you head up another level, stick to the right most path, under the girder and ahead through the passage, until you're first to come back on yourself on the inside, once again getting out of the firing line.

At the top, there will be a drone on the left, but don't let it concern you. Now on the outside edge of the building.

  • Secret Bag - You will hear this just as you go on the outside edge of the building as you pass a drone through the wall on your left. To reach it, instead of going right, perform a quick turn leap off the left most wall onto the above ledge to collect it.

Continue on the path on the outside of the building, and you'll emerge with both drones firing at you. Sprint ahead and hit the panel to shut them down.

Reach the roof to move to the next building

The first two collectibles are located close to one another.
  • Recording: Paths Diverged 01 - After disabling the two drones, and before continuing onwards with the next objective, hug the right wall and collect the recording found on the floor.

Head through the doorway off in the corner, taking you above the area you just traversed through, to passages opposite and out onto the roof. Here, Icarus is moving a crane up ahead; run and jump onto it to, then leap off to the next building when it comes to a stop.

When you land, it's time for two more collectibles.

See the white cage off to the right? Leap onto that for the second Secret Bag.
  • Secret Bag - Before ending the building, go right and wall run off the far end of the platform, leaping onto the white platform out in the air.
  • Recording: The Scientific Principle 01 - Go back onto the walkway and the critical path, and enter the building. In this opening room the recording is on the right.

Crawl through the vent and you'll come across another area with passages enclosing a central hub, with more drones aimed at your head. Here is a prolonged sprint across passages and making wall runs clockwise up the building; don't stop until after Rebecca chats and the view of the city opens up, where you can take a quick break if you need to.

Continue onward, and Icarus will call to tell you he's moving beams on a crane. Run straight ahead, going round the outside, and at the very end, cut inward, leap off the ledge and onto the crane in the centre. Now watch the cutscene, and when you touch down, head back underground to the Black November base to unlock the next mission.

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