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Mirror's Edge Catalyst - Family Matters

Work your way through the Malus Art Museum and to Kruger himself.

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Collectibles: 2x Recordings, 2x Secret Bags (Regatta Bay)
Unlocks: 'Shattered Dreams' achievement, 'Tickets Please' main mission

Head to Dogan's place, who tells you to make your way over to the Rezoning district, then go to the cell to start another cutscene. Now proceed to Icarus's location deeper within the Omnistat Tunnels to start the mission proper.

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Gain access to the Malus Art Museum and find the elevator maintenance shaft

After talking to Dugan, make your way over to The View to start the mission properly. Then, take the vent down, and at the end of this long passage, you have the opportunity to attack the guard from the above. The path splits into two, so take the left side, and quick turn jump to gain access to the purple and white interiors of the museum.

Wall run on the curved wall to make your way past the doors, and quick turn jump off the far right most column up to the purple shard fixtures hanging from the ceiling.

Drop in on the KrugerSec guards, but don't stop to take another of them down, since you're always going to be fired upon from distant firearms. Make your way through the middle two doorways, round and up above to the upper levels, until you leap across and through a doorway into a blue tinted room that expands to the right.

Head into this left door to find a room with the Secret Bag.
  • Secret Bag - As you come through this end blue room, instead of going right and climbing up, go through the door on the left, where there's a Secret Bag at the end, hidden in the corner.

Exit the room, and make your way on to of it via leaping up the end and round. Dash past the Sentinel (why fight him?) and leap across more strange purple structures hovering in the middle of the room, and wall run round the edge of the vast room and past more guards until you arrive at a vent. Go through it.

Find Kruger's private express elevator

Wall run and slide down the pipe to find a doorway leading to an orange set of corridors. At the end is another lobby filled with a lot of KrugerSec. It's recommended you just avoid them all and proceed up the room as soon as you can, by wall running from the right-most wall by the plant to the black platform above, then immediately turning round, wall running and leaping right to the opposite railings to get to the higher area.

(If you fancy taking them on though, then immediately go left to behind the dividing wall, so you can take your time and pick them off one-by-one.) Either way at the higher ledge, there are two collectibles to find.

We'd advise just legging it past all these guards. Just don't forget the collectibles upstairs.
  • Recording: Subterranean Love 01 - On the higher level in the KrugerSec-filled room, grab the recording from the set of tables to the left of where you swing in from.
  • Secret bag - Near the last Recording collectible, this can be found on top of one of the black obelisk structures near the double glass doors, reached by quick turn jumping up the opposing structure, and across.

To reach the elevator, climb up the pipe on the pillar at the end of the floor, and hop over more black structures and take your pick of any of the pipes to the ground. If you left some enemies alive, note they'll still be firing at you here, so leg it into the elevator ahead to go down below.

Locate Kruger's console

Head straight up stairs of the residence, but before you head into the office on the left, time for another collectible.

Don't forget this collectible before you leave the residence.
  • Recording: Travel Diary 02 - Inside Kruger's residence, you'll find this on the upper level, taking a right and on the end table.

Now head into the office and place the shotgun at the desk. After the cutscene, you need to escape Kruger's apartment. Sprint to the doorway at the end of the apartment and head outside, and run past the incoming fire to the very end of the walkway, and leap out to the drone. Finish the mission proper by heading to Plastic's hideout.

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