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Mirror's Edge Catalyst - Prisoner X

How to find and unlock the new area, The View, and infiltrate another KrugerSec facility.

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Collectibles: 2x Recordings, 2x Secret Bags (Ocean Pier)
Unlocks: 'Little girl found' achievement, 'Thy Kingdom Come' main mission, 'Gridnode: The View' side mission

How to unlock The View, intercept the VTOL and find a way into the building

Talk to the prisoner inside Black November's base to get a waypoint in a new part of the city, The View. Get to Eden Village (by fast travel or on foot) and then set mission as your way point and follow the Runner's Vision. It's a linear trek through a building that's easy to follow - need a MAGrope upgrade or two to pull down a vent and swing a few times - and soon you'll swing out and enter the Ocean Pier area of The View.

Once there, just keep following Runner's Vision until you hit the marker; note you might have to do a double wallrun to get their successfully, so make sure you have that node installed in your Movement progression screen to make things easier.

Follow the Runner's Vision down to the next building, and at the marker, the VTOL will make an appearance just ahead. Following it is easier than it looks; just follow the Runner's Vision path that takes you round the outside of buildings, and at a predetermined point, you'll pull in where the VTOL stops where you can MAGrope up and away.

When you touch down on the helipad, head down the steps and jump off the side of the building ahead to slide down to a platform below. Enter the vent on the wall to enter a long, white and blue room laden with large pipes. Before you progress, there are two collectibles here.

Both collectibles you need are in this room.
  • Recording: A New Life 01 - Go down the short steps, and there are pipes that block your path ahead. Whether sliding underneath or going round them, on the right wall is the recording.
  • Secret Bag - To reach it, jump on the box to the left after the pipes that block your path, and facing the way you came in, crawl under another set of pipes, turn and climb them, allowing you to reach the walkway.

When you exit this room, you have to make your way through a slightly awkward platform section with a series of pipes and elevators. After the second pipe, ignore the elevator on the left, and slide to the bottom, where you can MAGrope to the top of an elevator on the opposite side.

Leap onto the nearby pipe (but not too near the wall, otherwise you might clip it and fall) and then across, wall run and hang from the bottom of an elevator to take you down to a platform below.

Jump to the opposite railing, sliding down and jumping off to some horizontal slates. Don't climb up, but turn around, revealing some more underneath the pipe behind you, which you can then use to leap to the side onto yet another elevator. This will start moving down when you land on it. Leap off to the side at the bottom, then head round the door to exit the shaft.

In the proceeding blue and white room, wall jump between the two opposing walls in-between the giant fans and head through the door.

Reach the other tower, into the server room and the transit hub

The Runner's Vision will tell you to leap over the barrier to the opposite walkway, but before you do that, time for some collectibles.

Both collectibles you need are also in a second area, so don't run ahead just yet!
  • Recording: The Connors Equation 02 - Instead of taking the critical path onward to reach the other tower, down the short steps and it's hidden away in the shadows by the corner.
  • Secret Bag - You'll see a glass divide above you, separating you off from the core path, with a walkway that starts about a third of the way down. From this corner, run and leap from the barrier, wall run across the glass divide and land on the walkway to collect the bag. You can wall run across the rest of the divide and to the end door too.

Whichever route you take, at the end go through the door and you'll be told to find the server room. Run down the walkway and use the elevator, where you'll have a brief chat with Plastic over comms. Take a left into the next room and drop down onto the walkway below, and walk back towards the way you came in, and wait for one of the fans to spark out and shudder to a halt. Use this opportunity to leap down, making it into the dim and very blue server room.

Hop up into the vent on the left, drop down onto the pole, and swing off to the left. Crawling through another enclosed space, it's then a simple route round the outside of the complex, before heading down and cutting through the middle. Eventually you'll slide down a long pole, where the marker is just to the side; drop down and use the panel to trigger a cutscene.

Make your way to the transit hub and stay alive until the next train arrives

Take the brightly lit walkway to the side, crawling through the gap on the right and making your way through the passages, ending up at a decontamination room. After a moment, head through the office, and quickturn off the far left room in the next room to the above left, and then across through a high gap in the wall. Press onwards through the remaining pathways and vent until you arrive at a subway station.

The end of the mission has you stay alive as you fight KrugerSec guards until the train arrives. It takes a short while, and it's recommended to use the stairwell on the right side as a place to fight, crowding them together to knock them together, and using the height for more powerful attacks.

The Sentinel will cause the most bother, and you can give him the chase by running upstairs to separate him from the pack. Keep going, and eventually you'll be told when the train, which is just a couple of hops away.

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