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Mirror's Edge Catalyst - Birdman's Route, Nomad's Run, A Handy Shortcut, Backstreet Bluff, Feature Creep, High Roller Avenue, Concrete Canyon Dashes

How to get three stars in every Dash within the game's opening area, Downtown.

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Dashes - Time Trials which see you make it to a checkpoint somewhere else in the city as fast as you can - are some of the most challenging parts of the game. You'll unlock all of the routes over the course of playing the campaign - which you can follow as part of the Mirror's Edge Catalyst walkthrough - seeing Dashes unlock inside Downtown, Anchor, The View and Rezoning. Here's how to get three stars in every Dash in Downtown.

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Birdman's Route

You play this Dash as part of the Follow the Red main story mission. This one is super simple, as while most Dashes usually require large short cuts, you can mostly follow the markers to make the three star requirement, though we recommended you cut the corner onto the opening building to shave off a little time.

Nomad's Run

Note that you need MAGrope upgrades with this walkthrough.

Go along the route until you're advised to climb up an orange building. Instead, take the left route round. After the short bridge, instead of turning right at the WFYO advertisement, look up and left, and you can MAGrope up, where the finish line is on the roof. This is a very tight time to make, even with this shortcut, so make sure to land smoothly and use that boost as soon as you can to achieve it.

A Handy Shortcut

Note that you need MAGrope upgrades with this walkthrough.

Go along the route until you've got the option to climb up or under a vent, and the route veers slightly right. Instead, go left alongside a thin passage round the outside of the building, where you can swing over two MAGropes, cutting out the section where you have to climb up the pipe and run through a building. On the other side, run along to the far section above the ledge, and instead of the left door, take the one on the right. Run through to the next building, exit the door on your left, and the finish will be on the building ahead.

Backstreet Bluff

Follow the route as normal (you can leap up the wall with the assist of nearby objects instead of climbing the pole about a quarter of the way through, by the way) and when you drop down onto a building and are suggested to take a right, go ahead instead, vaulting over the ducts, up onto the building ahead, and leaping onto the dark building on the left at the back, where you'll find the finish line.

Backstreet Bluff is one of the many Dashes in Downtown.

Feature Creep

Note that you need MAGrope upgrades with this walkthrough.

Take the route as normal - make sure you have the upgrade to tuck your legs up over those small vents before the zipline - and after you drop off the zipline and leap to the next building, the route drops down to a lower level going right. Ignore it, and slide under the vents on the left, allowing you to take a left route round the building. At the open area, you can leap and use the MAGrope to the other side, where the finish line is waiting.

High Roller Avenue

Note that you need MAGrope upgrades with this walkthrough.

There's a sizable shortcut that will really help here.. Follow the route as normal, and when you emerge from the building, and have to slide under the vent and take a right, instead, go ahead then take a left, wall running just beyond the building signage, and leap out into the open. You can use a MAGrope here to make your way to the far building. Now keep going along the outside of these buildings, where the finish marker is ahead.

See the signage on the left? You jump out at the end of it to the MAGrope.

Concrete Canyon

When you drop down and cross the bridge, cut round the outside of the building (so you run next to the arrow telling you to turn right, instead of above it) to shave off a moment of time. Keep going as normal, and instead of dropping down below via the pipe, you can leap off to the right and land on the vent. Continue going on this upper path so you emerge the other side without needing to drop down at all, and the finish marker is on the next building across.

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