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Mirror's Edge Catalyst - The Old Tunnels, Rezoning Dash, Under Construction, Out in the Open Dashes

How to get three stars in every Dash within Rezoning.

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Dashes - Time Trials which see you make it to a checkpoint somewhere else in the city as fast as you can - are some of the most challenging parts of the game. You'll unlock all of the routes over the course of playing the campaign - which you can follow as part of the Mirror's Edge Catalyst walkthrough - seeing Dashes unlock inside Downtown, Anchor, The View and Rezoning. Here's how to get three stars in every Rezoning Dash.

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The Old Tunnels

Before you run and begin, wall run along the left wall so you can grab the pole on the corner to give yourself a bit of a headstart. Continue going, and when you start dropping down ledges and have to turn right, instead go left through the doorway. Immediately turn right and leap up the white boxes to the area above, and run ahead, onto the blue crates and take the zipline to the end. Once you drop down, take a right, and go straight ahead, where the marker awaits.

Rezoning Dash

There are two main shortcuts here. One, before you run out ahead, climb the container to your left, allowing you to leap over the fence that obstructs you when you start (though do so on the right side, otherwise you might not trigger the Dash!) After leaping another fence afterward, go left, where there is a yellow set of stairs.

Take these stairs on the left to help you get three stars in Rezoning Dash.

Climb them, and at the top, you need to wall run over to the opposite ledge; it's possible to get to the upper rooftop here if you angle it right, and without a costly climbing animation too. This gets you on the higher level you need to for the end marker. Continue going ahead on this upper level over the fence, and across the gap - so you're at the final corner and the finish.

Under Construction

There is a simple trick to this Dash, that's not to go up a level near the start. Instead, continue on the lower path, through the doorway, to the left of the yellow netting, and wall run across, so you then drop down at the end as planned and to the marker.

Out in the Open

Take the route as suggested, and after you've dropped down onto the safety mat and hopped the fence, instead of dropping down, instead hug the right wall and leap over to the yellow and black walkway. Go left when you can onto the building, and then drop down and run along the right side - going along these series of walkways with wall runs, and hopping over the fences - straight ahead to the marker.

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