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Mirror's Edge Catalyst - Plastic missions The Metagrid, Caught in the Web, An Ear to the Ground, Finger on the Pulse, Complete Coverage

How to complete every side objective for Plastic.

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As you play the game's main story missions - which you can follow as part of the Mirror's Edge Catalyst walkthrough - you'll unlock a series of side objectives from the likes of Birdman, Nomad, Rebecca Thane, Beatrix Bloch and Plastic, allowing you to earn more experience and achievements.

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The Metagrid
After speaking with Plastic, head to the way point to start the mission proper. This has you collect a series of special Gridleaks in the open world, going from one to the next within a short space of time. It's fairly straightforward, though a tricky one is the fifth, which can be collected at speed with a leap after a wall run - though if you mess it up, a stationary quick turn jump should give you enough time.

Once the last one has been collected, you'll complete the mission, and unlock four others, which you can play in any order you please.

The first Metagrid challenge is a taste of what to expect in future Plastic missions.

Caught in the Web

Head to the waypoint, and you'll be prompted to defeat or kill off the KrugerSec on the roof - we found it easiest to just wipe them out, since you can knock them into one another to kick down their health pretty quickly. Once done, to get up to the upper room with the runner inside, take the black walkways off to the side; wall run up to the mid-level from underneath the room, then take a simple leap up to the walkway at the end. Then just do a 180, use the pipe on the corner and you'll arrive.

An Ear to the Ground

This is another 'collect the special Gridleak' mission', though it's much harder than the last. Start by going left and onto the orange container, to collect the first. Then leap off the end and into the middle girder on the ground for the next. The next few are proceeded by going through them middle to the back of the yard. Springboard leap off the short barrier on the right to get the one high in the air, and then leap onto the grey container for another. From here, run back in the direction you started, onto the upper level of the containers.

Now here's the tricky part; leap ahead onto the girder so you hang off, then stand on top of it. Run to the right side, wall run across so you're next to the next Gridleak. Now grab the one on the otherwise by climbing above, then collect the final one near to where you begin to finish.

Get the Gridnode on top of the containers by climbing up the girder.

Finger on the Pulse

This 'collect the special Gridleak' is fairly straightforward, though a little on the awkward side. There are six to get; springboard from the left barrier into the middle to get the first. The second high above this opening area is collected by quick turn jumping off the right wall, and the third above in the next area is grabbed by springboard jumping from the barrier on the right.

Now, from this right side, leap into the middle blocks to get the fourth. To get the one round the corner, you have to climb up the block going onward, then shimmy round the corner until you can climb up, and from this high vantage point, you can jump down into this awkward Gridleak. After safely landing, run ahead, and up the steps going right to collect the sixth and final above the rock formation in the middle of the lobby.

Complete Coverage

The Gridnodes here are a little more spaced out than usual, so it's worth spending some time exploring the local area to find where they are before you pick up the first and start the countdown.

The best route we found was to turn around when you begin - ignoring the one right next to you - and climb up the ledge so there's one high above you. Quick turn jump off the wall to get it, starting the timer. On this same level, in the corner is one next to a building. Get that, then retreat, hugging that building round, so you wall run and jump off to collect the three in arc high above near the starting area.

There's another Gridnode here too, so run back and quick turn jump off the wall to get it, then get one in the middle next to where you began. To get the remaining two, from this direction (or left as you start) drop down the buildings and you'll see it on some air con units. The final node requires a wall run on the building just ahead.

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