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Mirror's Edge Catalyst - Birdman, Nomad, Rebecca, Beatrix missions

How to complete missions for Birdman, Nomad and more outside the main game's story.

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As you play the game's main story missions - which you can follow as part of the Mirror's Edge Catalyst walkthrough - you'll unlock a series of side objectives from the likes of Birdman, Nomad, Rebecca Thane, Beatrix Bloch and Plastic, allowing you to earn more experience and achievements.

Messenger Girl (Birdman, Concord Plaza)

This mission has you deliver the package within the time limit - which is pretty generous - so just follow the Runner's Vision to get there easily. If you come to this after you get the MAGrope upgrade, then you can use that to leap between two buildings, shaving off a lot of time.

Pigeons Down - Erato (Birdman, Concord Plaza)

Proceed to the marker, where the Runner's Vision will cut out and you have to find the bird on your own. From the tarp on the ground, head right round the building until you come to a pipe. Climb up, through the walkway, and you'll see the bird on the left solar panel through the fence. To get there, wall run up opposite the fencing and up, then down the ladder.

Pigeons Down - Thalia (Birdman, Centurion Yards)

From the dead bird, follow the marker until the Runner's Vision disappears. It tells you to go into the door ahead. Ignore it, and instead head up the stairs outside, and up the boxes and vents to the roof above, and within the little outhouse you'll find your objective.

Don't go into this doorway, even if the Runner's Vision tells you to.

Break and Entry (Nomad, Triumvirate Drive)

Before you get can get into the building, you need to shut down the fan. Head up the pipe ahead, and you'll see the fan on the upper right wall. Don't go up there just yet. Trace the orange pipes running down from the fan, and it goes into the blue outhouse on the left side; hop over the side and drop down and interact with the panel to turn it off.

Get back on this blue outhouse, and leap off the edge to the black slating on the opposite building, which you can take up and through the fan. Head up the pipes and the doors until you reach a stair well, and continue up to the top floor, where you can leap across to the apartment. Pop round the corner, and press the button to take the elevator up to the ceiling. Pop open the window and make a landing on the comfy bed.

Head to the desk, and after the cutscene, make a break for it via the zipline just outside. Leg it past the guards and down the pipe to complete the mission.

Drone Works (Nomad, Triumvirate Drive)

Head to the waypoint to start the mission proper and make your way into the KrugerArms building through the vent nearby. At the end of the passage, climb up, through the door and you'll be at Engineering.

Drop down and investigate table in the side room, and before you can get a lift to the other floor, you have to take out some KrugerSec first. Don't worry, these are low level goons and easy to defeat. Once you're done with the lift, head to the drone (you'll see it through the glass; take the door on the right to get round to it). Once it comes to life, you have to give chase. Keep following it on top of the many rooftops and at a designated point, you'll be able to leap onto it, and then retrieve the chip from its robotic carcass.

Just follow the drone until it stops so you can leap onto it.

Top of the World (Rebecca Thane, Omnistat Tunnels)

After chatting to Rebecca in the Omnistat Tunnels, head to the waypoint in the Development Zone. Once through the door, it's a case of making your way up the yellow and black walkways to the top. To get you started, use the white boxes to the right of where you come in to leap up. It's a fairly straightforward route up, though there are a few points that might give you trouble.

When you get to the same level as the long orange tarp on the wall of the building, head back to the outside corner and take the pipe up to the next level. When you need to wall run and leap onto a pipe, you need to stop swinging, stand above, and leap to the next to progress.

Then, keep going and when you reach the outside of a building, and you're told you're almost there, you need to quick turn jump off the long wall to the left and onto a pipe out in the open to progress up. At the top, leap onto the antenna and climb up to lay the tap, and then leg it past all the KrugerSec on your way down to the elevator to finish the mission.

Exit Strategy (Beatrix Bloch, Ocean Pier)

Make your way to the waypoint at the bar, and for once, it's worth defeating the KrugerSec along the way, as if there's hanging around, there's no way you can plant the bug. Next, go to the balcony waypoint; to reach it when you get there, quick turn jump off the right most wall to make it up. The final one is at his office - which you'll have the least issues with getting to - though when you're done you'll have to deal with a K-Sec alert phase. Thankfully, you're right next to the Regatta Bay safe house, so set a way point and get over there to be done with it.

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