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How to get Wimpod and evolution Golisopod in Pokémon Go

How to add the Turn Tail and Hard Scale Pokémon to your Pokédex.

Wimpod and Golisopod, its evolution, are two Gen 7 Pokémon which debuted in Pokémon Go during the Season of Go.

Released as part of the Pokémon TCG Crossover event, which celebrates the release of the Pokémon Go card expansion packs, Wimpod and Golisopod are both bug and water-type Pokémon.

Below you’ll learn how to get Wimpod and evolve it into Golisopod in Pokémon Go.

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How to get Wimpod in Pokémon Go

Wimpod first appeared in Pokémon Go during the Pokémon TCG Crossover event on Thursday, 16th June 2022.

Throughout this event, you can obtain Wimpod through a variety of means:

  • In the wild - Appearing more frequently during the Pokémon TCG Crossover event
  • Pokémon TCG Crossover field research task - Spin 5 PokéStops or Gyms
  • One-star raids - During the Pokémon TCG Crossover event

As you can see from the methods listed above, the easiest way to catch a Wimpod is to either find it in the wild or defeat it in a one-star raid, because you’ll be able to easily defeat it by yourself. You’ll find advice on Wimpod’s weaknesses and counters for raids later on in this guide.

If you want to catch Wimpod via its Pokémon TCG Crossover field research task, it’s important to remember that the tasks given by PokéStops change on a day-to-day basis. Due to this you may find this specific task rather hard to find, because you can receive field research tasks from the monthly pool alongside the event-exclusive tasks.

If you do wish to use this method, we recommend finding a Pokemon Go group for your local area as someone might have already found the PokéStop you’re looking for.

At the time of writing, we don’t know what Wimpod’s spawn rate will be once the Pokémon TCG Crossover event has ended. There’s a chance, however, that - similar to other recently released Pokémon - it will be hard to find.

How to evolve Wimpod into Golisopod in Pokémon Go

To evolve Wimpod into Golisopod in Pokémon Go, you need to collect 400 Wimpod Candy.

Wimpod and Golisopod are both bug and water-type Pokémon. (Image credit: pokemon.com)

Yes, here it is - the second Gen 7 Pokémon which requires a massive candy pile for its evolution. The first was Stufful and its evolution, Bewear, which was released for April 2022’s Community Day. Whether or not a third Gen 7 Pokémon will receive this treatment is yet to be seen, so, for now, it’s time to focus on catching a lot of Wimpods.

An awful lot of Wimpods.

Thankfully, due to the long duration of the Pokémon TCG Crossover event, you’ve got a good amount of time to catch these Wimpods. Still, we recommend using Pinap Berries when catching Wimpod to double the amount of catch candy you receive.

You can also have a Wimpod as your buddy Pokémon to gather some extra candy as you go exploring.

The Season of Hidden Gems has arrived, bringing with it a new Go Battle League season. The Water Festival: Beach Week event is currently running and has brought Sandygast and Palossand to Pokémon Go! You can also purchase the Water Festival: Beach Week Timed Research quest. Depending on your region, you can currently battle Uxie, Mesprit and Azelf in five-star raids. Elsewhere, be sure to compete in Shadow Raids, use Daily Adventure Incense for the chance of encountering Galarian Articuno, Galarian Zapdos and Galarian Moltres. This incense may also give you encounters with other rare Pokémon in Pokémon Go.

Wimpod weaknesses and counters in Pokémon Go

If you’d like to defeat Wimpod in one-star raids, here are its weaknesses and counters in Pokémon Go:

  • Wimpod type - Bug and water-type
  • Wimpod is weak against - Electric, flying and rock-types
  • Best Wimpod counters - Zapdos, Raikou and Electivire for electric-types, Honchkrow and Rayquaza for flying-types, Tyranitar, Terrakion and Rampardos for rock-types.
  • Other Wimpod notes - Since Wimpod is one-star raids, the majority of players will be able to defeat it by themselves, so simply pick a selection of Pokémon Wimpod is weak against and have at it!

Wimpod CP levels in Pokémon Go

Here are the Cp levels for battling and attempting to catch Wimpod in Pokémon Go:

  • Wimpod Raid CP - 1894 CP
  • CP range for catching Wimpod - 255 to 286 CP
  • Weather (Rain) boosted CP range - 319 to 358 CP

Good luck adding Golisopod to your Pokédex…

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