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God of War Nornir Chest locations and solutions

Upgrade your rage and health with Nornir Chests in God of War.

The God Of War Nornir Chest is an essential way to upgrade your health and extend your rage meters throughout the game.

Without these chests, your romp through the game will be a whole lot harder. Each of these chests are locked behind three seals that you'll need to hit in order to unlock the chest.

The challenge in God of War can ramp up fairly quickly, so get equipped with these upgrades to see you through Kratos and Atreus' journey.

If you're interested in help with the main story, our God of War walkthrough and guide can help.

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Midgard Nornir Chest locations

1. Midgard - Wild Woods (Reward: Idunn Apple)

This Nornir Chest is found very early in the game, as you hunt for deer with Atreus. You'll reach a temple, and in front of the chest is a barricade. Burst through the barricade and hit the 3 bells in the room to retrieve the chest.

2. Midgard - The River Pass (Reward: Idunn Apple)

After killing a revenant for the first time, you'll be presented with another Nornir chest after encountering a branching path. All you need to do is go behind the chest to locate the first rune, and then locate two other runes just past the bridge.

One is to the left of the bridge entrance, and the next is past a gate a little bit further from the bridge, but you should be able to hit it with the Leviathan Axe.

3. Midgard - The River Pass (Reward: Horn of Blood Mead)

As if the spike chamber wasn't stressful enough, there is also a Nornir chest in there. Before leaving after passing through the majority of the puzzle, turn around to find a ledgem where you'll be able to jump and find this Nornir Chest.

The first rune is found by raising the platform as you are on it, the next is on the roof of the arena, and the last is through a cave attached to the roof, just don't poke yourself on any of the spikes and a Horn of Blood Mead will be yours.

4. Midgard - The River Pass (Reward: Idunn Apple)

After defeating the Troll Brenna Dauoi in The River Pass, you'll be able to find another Nornir Chest in the arena where you fought it. All three runes are in the area, and you'll find two of the bells to the left and right of the chest, with the last one closer to the main arena where you fought it. Just ring all of these in the time limit and you'll be grand! Simple!

5. Midgard - Witch's House (Reward: Horn of Blood Mead)

After getting access to the Witch's House again and obtaining Atreus' new shock bow, you'll be able to get for another Nornir Chest. On your way back during the journey objective underneath the Witch's house, just shoot Atreus' Light Arrow to create 3 bridges, then loop around the side of the cave to gain access to it.

The first rune can be accessed by going forward past two light bridges away from the Nornir Chest, and then the second can be found to the left of the elevator, slightly up the well. For the third, go back to the chest, look behind you to get a bomb, throw it at the platform in opposite the chest, and head inside to see the last one in plain sight.

6. Midgard - Lookout Tower (Reward: Idunn Apple)

This Nornir Chest can be found just by following a boat docking marker on the map near Lookout Tower. You'll see 3 bells surrounded by spikes, in order to lower the spikes, you'll need to throw the Leviathan Axe at a post, which lowers the spikes for a short amount of time. Facing the chest, you'll want to recall the Axe ASAP, then throw it at the furthermost bell on the left.

Following this, throw the Axe again at the post with the gears, and then quickly throw it at the two other bells. It's possible to do this all in one run, but the second lowering of the spikes gives you a little more wiggle room.

7. Midgard - Foothills (Reward: Horn of Blood Mead)

Located near to Sindri in the Foothills before the mountain, you'll be able to find this Nornir chest just by going south west and following a patch to encounter yet another Nornir Chest.

This is a little bit different, as you will need to match 3 spinning posts to the markers on the chest. You can find one just behind the chest, another just by going to the foot of the small incline to get to the chest, and another just by going forward and to the left. However, this one is covered in gas, which you can freeze to reveal the rune on the post.

8. Midgard - Tyr's Temple (Reward: Idunn Apple)

Once you get to a room containing the second post with the Winds of Hel, you'll find a big spiky hallway, with a Nornir Chest at the end. Look directly behind you in order to find the first rune.

Head back and hug left of the sawblades in order to find the second rune. The final rune is across from the wheel mechanism where the trap falls from. On the right side of the block you'll be able to find the final rune and get an Idunn Apple.

9. Midgard - Fafnir's Storeroom (Reward: Horn of Blood Mead)

Fafnir's Storeroom is relatively easy to get to, and can be done whilst completing the side quest Fafnir's Hoard. Head Northwest while in the Lake of Nine and you should be able to find the Nornir Chest after meeting Sindri, heading to the forest area and hugging the right side of the map, after you've cleared out the enemies, just

10. Midgard - The Mountain (Reward: Horn of Blood Mead)

Inside the Mountain, you will start to see runes appear in a room, in addition to a Light Crystal behind some wood. Throw the Leviathan Axe to get access to the light crystal to activate the bridge to the chest.

Afterwards, you'll find the runes (B, N, R) Painted on the walls. You don't have to time this one, instead align the posts to the symbols. You can find one in the entrance to the cavern before the ledge, another next to the light bridge, and another high up on the right of the cavern near the entrance.

11. Midgard - The Mountain (Reward: Idunn Apple)

On your trek up the mountain after the meeting Sindri and helping him with a rather large predicament, you'll find your way up the mountain again, you can't miss this Chest- two of the runes are in the same room as the Jotnar Shrine just before you reach the chest- use your swanky new electrical arrows and shatter bomb to get access to it.

You'll find another Runes here, with the second on the upper level of the bridge- just raise it and it's on the right as you get off. The final one is a bit harder to find. Lower the bridge again and you will find it amongst rubble near the end of the bridge on the right once more.

12. Midgard - Light Elf Outpost (Reward: Idunn Apple)

Getting to this chest can be a bit of a pain- but first off all ensure you're at a point in the story where you're able to once again lower the water in the Lake of Nine and proceed to just west of Helheim tower.

Once there, you'll need to break the rune just past the chest, and follow and solve the simple Light Bridge puzzle around the perimeter of the island, one of the rune's is on the edge of a gate, with another being embedded into it. Getting to this chest is the hard part, but solving it is easy.

13. Midgard - The Witch's House (Reward: Idunn Apple)

This Nornir Chest is a lot of busywork, to put it lightly. First, ensure you have got the Winds of Hel, then go up outside the Witch's House and to the left until you find a pile of rubble. Go behind the rubble and take the Winds of Hel, then you want to transfer it back over to the front side. Follow the prompts and rebuild the structure.

Take the legendary chest, if you want. Then you want to go back and up the chain that leads to another small hill. Go to the top of this, look at the newly rebuilt structure and extract the winds once more, turn around and go back and insert it to the post halfway down. Now, you'll see a post with 2 Runes, and another that shifts along the side of where you inserted the Winds.

The top runes have to be "B" pointing right, and "B" pointing up. The rune in the side of the Winds must be timed as "B" pointing up. Then, extract the Winds, head down to the bottom where the chest is, insert the Winds and the reward will be yours.

14. Midgard- Veithurgard (Reward: Horn of Blood Mead)

This chest is an easy one to spot, and is left of the massive Dragon. However, the seals are a bit harder to find. One is near the big ruins, the next is next to the ledges near the water, and the last one is right of the chest. This one is super-simple, so don't miss it!

15. Midgard - Konunsgard (Reward: Symbol of Bounty)

Konunsgard is locked behind the completion of all of Brok and Sindri's quests, so the first thing you'll need to do is go through all of that! Once unlocked, collect the 3 mythical items that they ask for, and head towards the two Dwarves and you'll find a doorway leading to a balcony containing this Nornir Chest.

For the runes, activate the winds of Hel on a the blank rune to pull it out before the rune appears. Afterwards, insert the winds of hel on the other bell to spin it. Afterwards, use the axe to ring the remaining bells. Voila! Timing is tight, so be sure to practice this one!

16. Midgard - Cliffs of the Raven (Reward: Symbol of Fervour)

This one requires the Winds of Hel, so make sure you have that before heading towards the Cliffs of Raven. The Chest is located pretty centrally in the area, so take the winds over from near the docks, transfer it over to the big gate. Then, take the winds over to the rune poles and match the signs to the chest and then you'll manage to unlock it in no time, it just requires knowledge of where to put Hel's Wind and matching the Runes!

Alfheim Nornir Chest locations

1. Alfheim - Light Elf Sanctuary (Reward: Idunn Apple)

This can be a bit of a tricky one to find. Once you get to the main body of water in Alfheim, you'll want to stick to the right until you loop around and arrive at the Light Elf Sanctuary. After this, you'll be bombarded by enemies. Clear them out and head towards the gate in order to get to a gate, where you'll have to time a jump across the bridge before encountering more enemies. Head to the right and you'll find the Nornir Chest.

There are 8 Inactive Bells that you'll need to hit, with 3 of them actually holding the runes that you want. In a clock-style position with the chest in the middle, you'll want to hit the runes as follows, 6, 11 and 3.

2. Alfheim (Reward: Idunn Apple)

This Nornir Chest appears after you enter Alfheim and start to lower the platforms in the main rooms. Freeze a gear in place while locking down the gear, then hit the middle rune, afterwards- hit the rune behind you, then the one in front and the Apple will be yours!

3. Alfheim (Reward: Horn of Blood Mead)

On the approach to the glowing blue door, take a left away from Sindri on the right and you'll find a Nornir Chest. First throw the Leviathan axe through the two veins that stick the gate to the chest together, and you'll be able to find all 3 runes, these are pretty easy to spot and are a matter of timing.

4. Alfheim (Reward: Horn of Blood Mead)

First of all, proceed to the point in the story where you are able to unlock Light Arrows. Once you've defeated the main boss in Alfheim, you'll get to a door where you'll find a Nornir Chest after clearing out the enemies in the area.

Facing away from the door, go right and up the platforms in order to hit the bells in quick succession. You may need to use the quick turn in order to hit the rune behind you. The timing is tight and requires some practice!

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Helheim Nornir Chest locations

1. Helheim (Reward: Horn of Blood Mead)

During the 'Escape from Helheim' quest, you'll want to get this chest just before you get back to the boat, heading to the left of the dock. Grab the block and push it into the hole to create a platform to the area.

Set the brambles alight with the Blades of Chaos to free a second Block in order to access another Rune. The second Rune is opposite the second block, and the last one will require you to look up and push a block to access it.

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