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God of War Lost and Found locations: Where to find all four Lost Toy locations

Where to find all four Lost and Found toys in God of War.

God of War Lost and Found are one of many collectables you can find in the game.

Categorised under 'Artefacts', Lost and Found is a set of four collectables you'll find in the game's opening area of the Wildwoods.

If you're interested in help with the main story, our God of War walkthrough and guide can help.

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God of War Lost and Found explained

Lost and Found is a series of collectables you'll find dotted throughout the game's opening Wildwoods area.

Like other Artefacts in the game, they are found off the beaten path and take a keen eye to spot them. Once you have found them, collecting them are fairly simple, as they will glisten and have a prompt to pick them up when you're close.

The first Lost and Found toy can be found at the very start of the game, outside Kratos' home, with more as you approach and explore the temple as part of the 'Hunt with Atreus' mission.

Like other collectables and secrets in the game, though none of them are missable, if you don't pick them up first time round you'll have to wait until you can travel back to the area later to complete the set.

If you're wondering about a point of no return before you come back later, it's essentially before the Daudi Kaupmaor boss fight. After that, the path leading to the old temple is closed until later in the game.

So ideally you'd get them on a first visit, and the easiest way of doing that is following the below list in chronological order.

As well as contributing to 100% completion of the game, each Lost and Found toy will give you a small amount of experience (10XP) for each one found, more experience when you get the set (350XP) and can also be sold to a vendor for some Hacksilver. (Don't worry, they will still be logged in your Goals once they're gone - so consider it free currency.)

Lost and Found locations in God of War

Here are where you can find all Lost and Found toy locations within God of War. You can track how many you've found in your menu; head to Goals, then Artefacts, where you'll be presented with a diagram that is filled out the more you find.

1. Lost and Found toy location

You'll find this one at the very start of the game, outside Kratos' home as part of the 'Hunt with Atreus' mission. Before you go through the gate ahead, go right and you'll find the Lost and Found toy against the wall.

2. Lost and Found toy location

Head through the gate near Kratos' home, where you'll soon climb up stairs. To the left of these is the second Lost and Found toy.

3. Lost and Found toy location

Continue the hunt with Atreus until you reach a large round stone slab on the ground, with the path splitting into multiple directions.

Atreus will go left towards the temple, but instead, you should turn right.

Go down this path and climb the ledges to the left. Continue going down the linear path and climb down the chain, to an area below where there are two wolves you must fight.

Once vanquished, to the left of where you dropped into the area is the Lost and Found toy.

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4. Lost and Found toy location

Enter the old temple, and in the main hall, there is a door in the corner on the far opposite side of where you would exit to eventually go on to face the Daudi Kaupmaor boss. Note you need to clear the room of enemies before the door can be opened.

With the door open, turn right in this area to find the fourth and final Lost and Found toy location.

With all that done, don't forget to sell off your set of masks for some free and easy Hacksilver. The next set of Artefacts are Faces of Magic, which appear in the following section, The River Pass.