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God of War Faces of Magic locations: Where to find all nine Seior Mask locations

Where to find all nine Faces of Magic masks in God of War.

God of War Faces of Magic are one of many collectables you can find in the game.

Categorised under 'Artefacts', Faces of Magic is a set of nine collectables you'll find in several early areas.

If you're interested in help with the main story, our God of War walkthrough and guide can help.

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8 Things We Wished We Knew Before Playing God of War

God of War Faces of Magic explained

Faces of Magic are collectables you'll find dotted throughout several early game areas - The River Pass, Witch's Cave and Sanctuary Grove.

Like other Artefacts in the game, they are found off the beaten path and take a keen eye to spot them. Once you have found them, collecting them are fairly simple, as they will glisten and have a prompt to pick them up when you're close.

The Faces of Magic are masks found, in almost all cases, next to the corpses of soldiers. You'll start finding them shortly after you'll encounter your first bandits as you escape the ruins in The River Pass.

From there, you can find seven until the start of the Witch's Cave. There are also two others in the Sanctuary Grove, but must be collected later in the game.

Like other collectables and secrets in the game, though none of them are missable if you don't pick them up first time round you'll have to wait until you can travel back to the area later to complete the set.

Ideally you'd get them on a first visit, and the easiest way of doing that is following the below list in chronological order.

As well as contributing to 100% completion of the game, each Faces of Magic will give you a small amount of experience (50XP) for each one found, more experience when you get the set (350XP) and can also be sold to a vendor for 1,000 Hacksilver each. (Don't worry, they will still be logged in your Goals once they're gone - so consider it free currency.)

Faces of Magic location in God of War

Here are where you can find all Faces of Magic locations within God of War. You can track how many you've found in your menu; head to Goals, then Artefacts, where you'll be presented with a diagram that is filled out the more you find.

1. Faces of Magic mask location

First, travel through The River Pass, until you are escaping the ruins and are ambushed by human bandits. After climbing up and out of the arena, you'll approach a bridge and your first encounter with the vendor Brok. Before heading over the bridge, on the right is a chest and a chain.

Head down the chain to an area below, and follow the ledge along to the end, where you'll find a corpse and the first possible Faces of Magic mask.

2. Faces of Magic mask location

After the cutscene with Brok, go right until you find a ledge you can drop from. There is a corpse on the left, with a Faces of Magic mask.

3. Faces of Magic mask location

Continue playing through The River Pass until you reach a section where you have to hold a ceiling up by freezing contraptions with your axe. Once it's over and Atreus is through, climb up after him and a corpse with a Faces of Magic mask will be on the right.

4. Faces of Magic mask location

In the latter half of The River Pass is a door puzzle with revolving segments. Before you approach the door, however, pause and look left. Go to the edge of the cliff for another corpse and a Faces of Magic mask.

5. Faces of Magic mask location

After solving the door puzzle mentioned above, you'll enter a cave. Take the first left, head up a ledge and you'll find a Faces of Magic mask in a pool of water.

6. Faces of Magic mask location

After the Brenna Daudi fight you'll come to a ruined village. Look behind the house on the right for a corpse and a Faces of Magic mask.

Looking for more help? Our God of War walkthrough and guide helps with the main story progress, including The Witch's Cave puzzle solutions. We also have articles on God of War Valkyrie locations and how to open Hidden Chambers, plus collectables including God of War Faces of Magic locations,God of War Lost and Found locations, God of War Treasure Map locations and God of War Nornir chest locations.

7. Faces of Magic mask location

Continue playing until you reach the Witch's Cave. From where you first enter, take a left and drop down to an area near some water. There is a giant crate opposite - go to the side and push it as far as you can down towards the water.

You'll have to stop pushing after a short while, but just release the box, run round the back and continue pushing. After it drops into the water, run over it, leap over the gap and investigate the corpse for a Faces of Magic mask.

8. and 9. Faces of Magic mask locations

The eighth and ninth Faces of Magic are within Sanctuary Grove, but you cannot return here until much later in the game. It'll be obvious when you have to return here as part of the story.

Once you have, the eighth is near a corpse to the right of the giant beast that's hiding the Witch's House, and the ninth is to the left, up a chain against a cliff, again next to another corpse.

With that done, don't forget to sell off your set of masks for some free Hacksilver.

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