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God of War Valkyrie locations: How to open Hidden Chambers and locate all optional end game bosses

How to take on God of War's toughest challenges - the Valkyries.

God of War Valkyries are an optional challenge you can take on late in the game.

Valkyries are eight bosses - and one final boss - that are amongst the game's most challenging fights, and as such, are best left until the end game.

If you're interested in help with the main story, our God of War walkthrough and guide can help.

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God of War Valkyries and Hidden Chambers explained

Valkyries are optional bosses and among the toughest fights in the entire game, and though they share similar traits, they all pack enough of a punch that you'll want to be readily prepared for them.

As such, we highly recommend coming back in the end game, when you have better armour (level 6 is recommended), a strong array of abilities and a Resurrection Stone.

Finding Valkyries requires you to start opening up Hidden Chambers. You'll encounter your first very early in the game - in the Wildwoods section, around the Daudi Kaupmaor boss fight - and are explicitly told you cannot open them yet. The game is right, so put it out of your mind for now.

The ability to open them will come as part of the story, and you won't miss it. Continue playing, and it'll be obvious when the ability unlocks. From there, you're welcome to backtrack and start opening Hidden Chambers.

It's at this point you can start fighting Valkyries, as several of them are found behind these doors. Once you face you first, you'll unlock the side-quest Prove Your Valour, telling you to hunt down the rest.

Note not all Hidden Chambers have Valkyries, and not all Valkyries are behind Hidden Chambers - which is where our God of War Valkyries locations below will come in handy. After that, there is one bonus one to tackle, which we also explain towards the end of this page.

Not only does defeating all Valkyries unlock a Trophy, but each one will drop some of the game's best loot, including a unique set of Valkyrie armour.

God of War Valkyrie locations

Six Valkyries are found behind six Hidden Chambers - four in Midgard, one in Muspelheim and another in Niflheim. The other two have more specific requirements, all of which are outlined below.

Valkyrie Gunnr location: Inside a Hidden Chamber within Thamur's Corpse, Midgard.

Valkyrie Kara location: Inside a Hidden Chamber between The River Pass and Foothills, Midgard.

Valkyrie Geirdriful location: Inside a Hidden Chamber at the Foothills, Midgard.

Valkyrie Eir location: Inside a Hidden Chamber near The Mountain, Midgard.

Valkyrie Rota location: Inside a Hidden Chamber within Helheim.

Valkyrie Olrun location: Inside a Hidden Chamber within Alfheim.

Valkyrie Gondul location: This is very final step once you have completed the series of trials within the optional realm of Muspelheim. Note that accessing Muspelheim requires finding all Muspelheim Ciphers within Midgard first.

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Valkyrie Hildr location: You'll find Hildr within the optional realm of Niflheim, a late game dungeon. It's a bit of a maze, but the following YouTube video gives you an idea of where Hildr will be. Note that accessing Niflheim requires finding all Niflheim Ciphers within Midgard first.

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Looking for more help? Our God of War walkthrough and guide helps with the main story progress, including The Witch's Cave puzzle solutions. We also have articles on God of War Valkyrie locations and how to open Hidden Chambers, plus collectables including God of War Faces of Magic locations,God of War Lost and Found locations, God of War Treasure Map locations and God of War Nornir chest locations.

Finding the Queen of the Valkyries after completing all Valkyrie locations

With all eight Valkyrie locations found and their challenges vanquished, there is one more in store.

Travel to the Council of Valkyries, where you'll take the heads of the defeated Valkyries, and are given the chance to take on one final boss battle - the Queen of the Valkyries, Sigrun.

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Though it's tougher, this is not unlike previous Valkyrie encounters, so if you've made it this far you can probably take it down. With that done, you'll unlock the Chooser of the Slain Trophy.

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