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Watch: Johnny plays Final Fantasy 7 while Aoife sits and judges

They also play a very weird game of Would You Rather.

We all have that game, don't we? The one that, while yes, the years have shown you that other games may have done it differently and better, and that while - eesh did those textures always look like that? - some elements may not have been as polished or as groundbreaking as you remember them, your fondness is tied to more than just the mechanics or even the characters. I know we have a tendency to overhype or overexaggerate just how brilliant/influential a game FF7 was, but I'll always regard it as a favourite because of summer evenings spent huddled up against the TV screen, conferring with friends over rumours of secret characters and items, getting midi themes stuck in a loop in my head for weeks on end.

Digital FoundryThe evolution of Final Fantasy 7

How the PS4 remake stacks up against prior versions of Midgar on PS1, PS3 and PSP.

Final Fantasy 7 is closing in on its twentieth anniversary and over the past two decades, Square-Enix has released countless spin-off games, tech demos and movies based on this epic release. Through it all, fans have continued to hold their collective breath for that one impossible thing - a remake of Final Fantasy 7. We were as surprised as anyone when this project was actually announced at E3 earlier this year, but with its reveal trailer consisting entirely of pre-rendered CGI, we didn't expect to see any in-engine footage for a long while.

Watch: What does the new FF7 trailer tell us about the gameplay?

Opinions about the Final Fantasy VII remake are everywhere you look today. People are excited by the new trailer, and simultaneously confused/intrigued/terrified by the announcement that the game will be broken down into multiple parts. Whether you treat this revelation with indifference or indignation though, it's certainly an exciting time to be a Final Fantasy 7 fan.

For my part, I've been playing and replaying the trailer when I'm not admiring the new PS4 theme or sunning my party in the PS4 port's Costa del Sol resort. And, well, thanks to that level of obsessive nitpicking, I've made a few observations which you might find interesting. Are you still interested in the remake, despite its episodic structure? Did you like it better when Wedge didn't talk? Let's talk it out in the comments below.

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Final Fantasy 7 remake is episodic

UPDATE: "We've seen everyone's comments and reactions..."

UPDATE 11TH DECEMBER: Not everybody welcomed news that the Final Fantasy 7 remake will be episodic. The original game people enjoyed in one chunk - why fragment the experience now?

Here's the first Final Fantasy 7 gameplay footage

Square Enix has revealed the first gameplay footage of the PlayStation 4 Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

The game's new trailer was just revealed during the PlayStation Experience 2015 keynote, and mixes cut-scenes with definite gameplay.

Visually, the game looks a lot like Final Fantasy 15 - which is no bad thing.

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Folks way smarter and more well-adjusted than I have been able to temper their excitement over the upcoming Final Fantasy VII remake with the sobering realisation that the game will probably be a very, very long time coming, if indeed at all. And even if it does come - it could be rubbish. It could be totally devoid of spirit and imagination. It could pollute the very air of Midgar with Lightning DLC costumes for Tifa and Aerith; it could offer you 'it's-all-totally-optional' Limit Break weapon packs at 4.99 a pop. It could legitimately piss all over our collective childhoods, ruining our treasured memories of an all-time classic game. I should be more cynical, really, given the fact that I haven't really enjoyed a Final Fantasy title since 10.

FeatureShuhei Yoshida on saving The Last Guardian and PS4 in Japan

And "the morning after" that press conference.

It was a night no E3-goer will forget in a hurry. Sony's extraordinary press conference last week opened with the return of The Last Guardian - almost 10 years into development and almost five since its last appearance before the press. The shocking revivals didn't end there as Sony, playing fairy godmother to ageing gamers, continued to grant their deepest and most apparently hopeless wishes with the launch of Yu Suzuki's Shenmue 3 Kickstarter and the announcement that Square Enix would attempt the impossible - or improbable - and remake its classic role-playing game, Final Fantasy 7.

Final Fantasy 7 remake was underway before the PS4 PC port was announced

Final Fantasy 7 remake was underway before the PS4 PC port was announced

And how about Cloud in a dress in stunning HD? 'Please look forward to it', says Nomura.

Final Fantasy 7's remake, announced during Sony's show at this week's E3, captured a fair amount of attention, and a few questions snatched at the end of a roundtable about Kingdom Hearts 3 with its director Tetsuya Nomura revealed a bit more.

Nomura, who was a character designer on the 1997 original, is clearly excited about the prospect. "The talks about making this remake, internally it's been mentioned on and off," he told Eurogamer's Aoife Wilson in the interview. "Sometimes we think we can do it, and then sometimes we think maybe we can't. Considering some of the original staff, like Kitase, he's acting as producer, and [Kazushige] Nojima, he's doing the script - we're all getting older! If we keep going like this, the thought occurred to us that we might have to pass this on to a younger generation, without the original developers taking part. It doesn't seem like such a grand intention, but we wanted to do it with the original members."

So why has it taken 'til now for it to happen - especially as it comes relatively soon after Square Enix disappointed fans by setting up a reveal last December before announcing the PC port of the original was coming to PlayStation 4?

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