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Looks like Alan Wake Remastered and Final Fantasy 7 Remake will hit the Epic Games Store

Writing is on the wall.

Alan Wake Remastered and Final Fantasy 7 Remake were both spotted in Epic Games Store updates, suggesting a PC release is coming.

Redditor AsleepEntrepreneur73 spotted updates for both games on the EpicData website, an Epic Games Store data tracker.

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It looks like both games' entry on the database is via codenames (HeronStaging for Alan Wake Remastered, and Pineapple for Final Fantasy 7 Remake), but you can see the real game names in the cloud save folder.

The existence of Alan Wake Remastered comes as little surprise. Last year, developer Remedy announced it had signed a two-project publishing deal with Epic Games, and then re-introduced its fan favourite hero Alan Wake via Control's excellent second expansion, which wove the story of both games together as part of Remedy's wider narrative universe.

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Was Wake being teed up to tease a full sequel to his Xbox 360 cult hit? After Epic's publishing deal was announced - for a big "AAA multiplatform game already in pre-production" and a "new, smaller-scale project set in the same franchise" - fans' hopes were high that Wake would also appear in one of these games.

Alan Wake 2 was then reported to be one of Remedy's Epic-funded projects. It makes sense Alan Wake Remastered would be the "new, smaller-scale project set in the same franchise".

As for Final Fantasy 7 Remake, last year it was revealed Square Enix's role-playing game was PlayStation-exclusive until at least March 2021. Then we had the release of the updated Intergrade version this month as a six-month PS5 exclusive. Perhaps Final Fantasy 7 Remake will finally release on PC in December.