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Six months after launch, Final Fantasy 7 Remake got its very first patch

But it doesn't fix those texture issues.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake owners, take note! More than six months after the game's launch, a patch is slowly being rolled out worldwide (for what it's worth, it is available now on our PlayStation 4).

Why is this notable? Well, this is patch 1.01. Yes, it's the very first patch to be released for the game, more than half a year later.

What does it change? Well, see, this is where I must quell your excitement. Square Enix's notes (spotted by ResetEra) mention only "various bug fixes".

Yes. Well, surely, it will fix the minor annoyances fans have noticed with the game's low-level textures in some places? Of all the quibbles with the game - no talk about that ending, please - those would seem one of the obvious things to fix.

Alas no. Fans have expressed disappointment online that today's update does nothing to improve low resolution textures seen in places such as at Cloud's door.

Perhaps a larger update is waiting on PlayStation 5 to release, so the game can be polished up for people to replay on Sony's shinier console? PS5 will likely be home to the upcoming second chapter of Square Enix's Final Fantasy 7 Remake, after all.

Of course, PS5 will also be the exclusive console home to Final Fantasy 16 - for at least 12 months, according to one report on the upcoming game's messy timed exclusivity deal.

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