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Square Enix launches YouTube music channel

35th anniversary celebrations incoming.

Square Enix has launched an official Square Enix Music Channel on YouTube.

The channel features various soundtracks from its most famous games, as well as special mood mixes, live performance videos, and interviews - at least, judging by its new Japanese introduction trailer (as found through Resetera).

There are now around 5500 Square Enix songs officially on YouTube, as well as various playlists on different themes.

Cover image for YouTube videoSQUARE ENIX MUSIC Channel - Introduction Movie

The news comes alongside a new Final Fantasy 35th anniversary website.

"In this 35th anniversary year, we will be bringing you many exciting new ways to enjoy the worlds of Final Fantasy," reads the main page.

"The FF 35th site will support new releases, sharing info on upcoming titles and merchandise," reads a message from Final Fantasy 7 Remake producer Yoshinori Kitase. "I hope you're excited for what's on the way for Final Fantasy!"

The website lists Chocobo GP and Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin as new titles on the way, but it's unclear what else is coming soon.

The timing, ahead of tonight's PlayStation State of Play, is also conspicuous.