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Final Fantasy composer Uematsu returning for remake trilogy finale

"It'd be my honour."

Close up of Final Fantasy composer Nobuo Uematsu on blue background
Image credit: Square Enix

Final Fantasy composer Nobuo Uematsu has confirmed he'll be back with a main theme for the final part of the Final Fantasy 7 remake trilogy.

The news comes from a new video on the Square Enix Music YouTube channel, in which Uematsu chats with Rebirth creative director Tetsuya Nomura.

Uematsu composed the full scores for the first nine Final Fantasy games, but provided theme songs for both Final Fantasy 7 Remake ('Hollow') and recent follow up Rebirth ('No Promises To Keep').

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Review - FF7 Rebirth Spoiler free review new gameplayWatch on YouTube

In the video, Uematsu discussed composing the theme song for Rebirth, after which Nomura asked him if he'd be willing to return for the next game. "I'd like to believe you're a lock for the next title?" he asked, adding this is more of a "gentleman's agreement" than an official reveal.

"It'd be my honour," replied Uematsu. "Really I'm honoured you're even extending the offer."

Nomura then asked if he's "up for the challenge" considering it will be hard to surpass the songs already composed. "What are you gonna do?" asked Nomura

"For starters, I'm gonna take a vacation," Uematsu said laughing, giving nothing more away.

As for Nomura, he joked earlier in the video: "I want to be done with this absolute marathon of projects."

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Special Talk SessionWatch on YouTube

The confirmation follows recent interviews with Uematsu that hinted towards the end of his career.

In an interview with German publication Zeit Online, he admitted he doesn't think he'll compose music for a whole game again. "You would have to give it full throttle for two or three years. And I don't think I have the physical and mental strength to do it anymore," he said.

Uematsu reiterated this in the new video, when discussing his contribution to Rebirth. "Honestly, it made me realise that someone my age just can't keep up with the Final Fantasy series, or the effort required of its developers," he said. "You need to be in peak condition, physically and mentally. It's like running a marathon full-speed the whole way. Before, games were smaller in scale, plus I was young and full of energy. Now? No way. It's sad, if I'm being honest."

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth released last month to great critical acclaim. "For all its cosmological and world-ending drama, it offers warmth and tenderness, its world bustling with detail and culture and extravagance, yet still full of pain. More than ever, this is a world that deserves saving," reads our Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth review.

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