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Here's a sexy Cloud action figure that isn't an NFT

Dress up.

Square Enix are releasing a new Cloud Strife action figure wearing one of the dresses from the Wall Market section of Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

And this one doesn't come with an NFT.

Priced at $194.99 on the Square Enix store, it's available to pre-order now with a release date of July 2023.

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Although Cloud can wear a number of different dresses in this sequence depending on character relationships, this figure suggests his little purple number is canon.

The figure comes with swappable heads with different expressions, though it retains "Cloud's stoic demeanour".

Cloud Strife dress figurine in full
Cloud Strife action figure

The figure is one of two available to pre-order, although the other - created by Bring Arts - controversially comes with exchange tickets for an NFT version of the figure managed on Enjin's blockchain ecosystem.

News of the NFT project, announced yesterday, has been widely met with criticism.

Additionally, a statue version of Cloud in his dress is also available for $199.99, alongside statues of Aerith, Tifa, and Cloud in his usual get-up complete with Buster Sword (variously priced).

If you're yet to play the game, the Wall Market section sees Cloud dressing up to gain an audience with a rather misogynistic character. In Remake, Square Enix expanded the sequence considerably with prominent LGBT+ representation.

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