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Final Fantasy 7 Dresses: How to get all nine outfits for Cloud, Tifa and Aerith explained

How to get every dress for all three party members.

Dresses in Final Fantasy 7 Remake see three key party members - Cloud, Aerith and Tifa - change their appearance based on the choices you make in the opening chapters of the game.

This comes to a head in Chapter 9, where Cloud must crossdress to infiltrate Don Corneo's place, accompanied by Tifa and Aerith, who each have a dress of their own.

On your first playthrough, you'll only see three possible dresses between them. But by replaying chapters once the game has finished, it's possible to see a further two dresses per character with the right decisions - giving you the Dressed to the Nines Trophy.

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How Dresses and the Dressed to the Nines Trophy work in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake

There are three different dresses per character, making for nine dresses in total, with each character having a different method of unlocking the dresses.

There are two Trophies for the dresses:

  • Snappy Dresser is for unlocking three dresses, and is unmissable, as each character will get one each on your first playthrough.
  • Dressed To The Nines requires you to use chapter select to replay through Chapters 3, 8 and 9 once you have finished the game, as explained in more depth throughout this page.

Tifa's dress is decided by your behaviour in Chapter 3, Aerith's by Chapter 8 and Cloud's by Chapter 9, the same chapter in which you invade Corneo's and get to see the dresses together after making Johnny, Heads or Tails and Madam M massage course choices.

To get all nine, after the first playthrough, you need to replay all three of those chapters in order, so when it comes to Corneo's encounter, it will then 'unlock' them for that playthrough.

Then, you need to replay those three chapters again for the remaining dresses you've yet to see - granting you the Trophy at the end.

Unlike the original, Corneo will always choose Cloud ('the big boned girl') regardless of the dress the characters end up wearing, so Trophies aside, this is a purely aesthetic choice.

As well as this, choosing certain dresses will change which sidequests you have access to - so going down certain dress routes can limit the amount of content you get and how the wider world perceives you.

How to get all of Tifa's dresses in Final Fantasy 7 Remake

As with Cloud and Aerith, you can only obtain one Tifa dress per playthrough. Although you won't get to see the dress until the transition between the start of Chapter 9, you decide on Tifa's dress as early as Chapter 3.

How to begin Tifa's dress choice

In Chapter 3, you'll be running errands for Tifa around the Slums, getting back the money owed to you for the opening mission. It starts with you following Tifa around town, visiting the item shops to familiarize yourself with the map, and finally heading to Marle's.

Here, Tifa shows Cloud to his room, he has another one of his visions and eventually snaps out of it. After a few more cutscenes taking you to the next morning, you're back in control of Cloud, following Tifa to meet the neighbourhood watch - Biggs and Wedge.

They'll give you a task to head to the area off to the west of the slums to kill a low level monster; all of this is a fixed part of the story and must be done to continue the plot, with no bearing on Tifa's dress.

How to choose between Tifa's dresses

Once this is all done, Tifa will suggest you make a name for yourself as a merc by helping out around town. There's six side quests to complete, although you only get three at first.

All six of these must be completed for you to influence Tifa's dress. If you don't complete all six quests, you will automatically get the Mature dress, so if you want the choose the others, make sure you do them all.

If you do complete all six quests, rather than go to Seventh Heaven, Tifa will first lead you back to her room, where she'll ask which dress would suit her best. Your choice here determines what she wears to Don Corneo's audition.

These are:

  • Sporty - despite being an accomplished gymnast with a rock hard punch, Tifa has never played a sport before. This choice will see her in a vinyl leopard print a-line with a Power Girl style cleavage window and Chun-Li bunches.
  • Exotic - a knee length black silk kimono, decorated with bunches on her hip and flowers in her hair.
  • Mature - this is the blue one in the trailer and probably the one which bears the most resemblance to the 1997 original.

If you plan on getting all nine, it is best to not pick Mature on your first playthrough, as you can skip most of Chapter 3 and end up with Mature on the second or third run.

It's also worth noting as you return to Seventh Heaven, a cutscene will show Johnny being led out of the town by Shinra guards; rescuing him must be completed but has no effect on your ability to complete the side quests afterwards, so don't worry about this. Again, something to help with later playthroughs.

Therefore, if you plan on getting all nine, it is best to not pick Mature on your first playthrough, as you can skip most of Chapter 3 and end up with Mature on the second or third run.

How to get all of Aerith's dresses in Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Just like with Tifa, Aerith's dress is influenced by side quests in your solo Chapter with her, this time being Chapter 8.

How to begin Aerith's dress choice

Chapter 8 begins with a battle against the Turk Reno, who looks like both halves of Team Rocket wrought flesh. He can be irritating, but guarding and dodging into him lets you leap over him and get some fast attacks in. On replays, he's susceptible to Sleep magic. The second half of his battle is similar, but requires you to take out some floating electric mines in between fighting him.

After defeating him, the Whispers guide you through the church before you make your way back to Aerith's house over the rooftops. The story is very linear here, so just go along with it until you're asked to rescue the children from the Toad King.

This involves going through the kid's secret hideout into the desert area, fighting a few low level enemies, the Toad King and his two cronies (all weak to Thunder) as well as some Smoggers, also weak to Thunder.

Watch out for the Smoggers though, as their smog disables spells if you step into it, and on a first playthrough they can be tough to cut down with physical attacks alone. On subsequent playthroughs, you'll be a high enough level to just cut them down.

How to choose between Aerith's dresses

Once you've rescued the kids, you'll escort them back to Oates at the hideout, where, like Wymer, he'll set you up with six quests, though again only three are available at the start. You will not get to directly choose Aerith's dress, but the dress she wears is instead decided by the amount of quests you complete.

These are:

  • If you complete zero quests, you'll get a very plain dress which looks a lot like Madame M just took Aerith's jacket off and brushed her hair. Also, a random Wall Market NPC insults her dress and she sounds disappointed, which is heartbreaking.
  • If you complete three quests, you'll get a nice pink dress and Aerith will have long, frizzy extensions. It's cute enough, and Aerith will suggest perhaps Corneo will prefer the girly-girl look to his usual tastes.
  • If you complete all six quests, you'll get a gorgeous red dress with a low cut corset, feathered off at the top and ruffled from her knees down; this is the closest to her original 1997 dress.

If you complete one, two, four, or five quests, we can't say for definite, but it's likely Aerith will end up in the cute pink dress; it's probably none, some, all.

Of all the quests, talking to the Moogle boy next to Oates is the most important, as he sells you manuscripts to aid you in combat, so don't skip him on your first playthrough.

How to get all of Cloud's dresses in Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Unlocking Cloud's dresses is a little bit more tricky than Tifa or Aerith's, so here we'll break down each dress individually, as they require certain choices to be made at specific points in Chapter 9.

Some things to note before we begin:

  • Each one will end with Johnny taking you to Corneo's, Leslie telling you to go away and Aerith coming to meet you and escorting you to The Honeybee Inn.
  • Your dance performance does not affect your dress, although getting 10 greats in the tutorial gives you music disc 26, and 20 greats in the performance gets you Andrea's Earrings, as well as the Dancing Queen Trophy.
  • After the massage, you'll enter the Colosseum and face the Hell House each time. Bring plenty of Ether, use Aerith as a healer and watch the windows for what type of spell you should use. That, and pray.

Here's how to get all three dresses:

How to get Cloud's Black and Grey dress

Similar to Aerith's zero quest dress, this is supposed to be the plain reward for doing the bare minimum. The steps are as follows:

  1. Towards the start of Chapter 9, Johnny will run past you. For this dress it does not matter if you follow him.
  2. The story will take you around the West Market to meet the trio, including Chocobo Sam, who first told you where Tifa was. He will offer to get Aerith in if you correctly call his coin toss out of Heads or Tails. It does not matter what you tell him here.
  3. Finally, you'll end with Madam M. She will offer you a hand massage, and it does not matter which one you pick.
  4. After this, you'll fight in the Colosseum. Once Hell House has been defeated, Madam M will whisk Aerith away for a makeover. You should return to her immediately, after completing zero quests.

To summarise - that matters for this dress is that you do none of the Chapter 9 side quests.

How to get Cloud's Purple and White dress

This dress requires some specific choices to unlock throughout the chapter. The steps are as follows:

  1. At the start of Chapter 9, Johnny will run past you. For this dress, you must ignore him.
  2. Go around all the trio, and you'll be asked to call Chocobo Sam's coin toss out of Heads or Tails again. It's a fake coin, so you need to tell him not interested.
  3. Head to Madam M's where she'll offer you a hand massage. Some are reporting that you need to select the luxury massage here for this dress; we chose the luxury massage all three times (because Cloud deserves the best) and it made no difference. It's possible that both the coin toss and the massage influence what comes next, and calling the coin toss while choosing the luxury massage leaves it up to chance. To be safe, for this dress you should say not interested to Sam, then get Madam M's luxury massage.
  4. This unlocks Madam M side quests after your Colosseum victory - these are Burning Thighs, The Prince of Thievery and Shears' Counteraattack.

Once those are done, return to Madam M to get the Purple and White dress.

It's worth noting these side quests are quicker to complete than most, but harder to do on a first playthrough because of your lower level.

Burning Thighs is a button mash minigame, The Price Of Thievery sees you fight Beck's Bandits, while Shears' Counterattack is fighting in the Colosseum against one of the Jury Rigged Cutter from the Corneo Cup final - the actual final, not the Hell House bonus round, thankfully.

Looking for more help with Final Fantasy VII Remake? Learn how to get the Best Materia, which can be levelled with easy AP sources. There's also Summons to unlock, most of which you get from completing Intel Battle Reports. Once you've finished the game, it's worth unlocking the remaining Final Fantasy 7 Dresses by choosing the correct options during the Johnny, Heads or Tails and Madam M massage course choices, and finding any weapon locations or Music Discs you left behind. And if you've just started, then learn what to do during the timer choice and the Lost Friends quest.

How to get Cloud's Blue and Black dress

Where the purple and white dress is caused by you unlocking Madame M's sidequests, the blue and black dress is obtained via Chocobo Sam. The steps are as follows:

  1. When Johnny runs past you, you must follow him and say yes - completing this mini plotline.
  2. Find the trio, calling the coin toss out of Heads or Tails from Chocobo Sam, although since it's a fake coin, you lose regardless.
  3. Return to Madame M. We followed Johnny, called the coin toss and chose the luxury hand massage and still got this dress, but there have been some reports that your choice of massage is an influencing factor. To be on the safe side then, choose the poor man's massage.
  4. After you win at the Colosseum and Aerith goes to Madam M, you should now get Chocobo Sam's sidequests - Burning Thighs, Colosseum for a Dyanmite Body and The Party Never Stops.

Complete these and the Blue and Black dress is yours.

As with the previous dresses with other characters, this third dress requires more work. Though it's a little easier, it will take a bit longer. Plus, you have to complete one with Johnny constantly by your side, so your mileage may vary as to whether that's a positive or a negative.

Burning Thighs is back, but the other two are unique compared to the second dress. In place of Shears' Counterattack, you'll go back to the Colosseum for A Dynamite Body, which sees you battle against two flaming Bombs.

As you might expect, Ice spells are the best here, along with avoiding frontal attacks for quick side and rear assaults.

Instead of The Prince Of Thievery, you get a non-combat mission in the shape of The Party Never Stops. Here, you and Johnny venture around the Wall Market following the mission markers from the clothes shop to the pharmacist with some other stops in between.

Everywhere you need to go is clearly labelled, apart from the final quest to deliver medicine to someone being sick; this means going back to the bar where you spoke to the man who'd lost his 'inspiration'.

This inspiration turns out to be a VIP card for The Honeybee Inn, which returning to the man will complete the quest. From here, return to Madam M and go through the usual Johnny, Leslie, Aerith, Andrea steps to get Cloud's new blue and black dress.