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Final Fantasy 7 Remake - Heads or Tails, Madam M massage course choices in Chapter 9's Wall Market explained

How to navigate your way round three Wall Market choices, and get their varying outcomes.

Final Fantasy 7 Chapter 9 choices sees a fairly linear game branch out in some interesting ways - if only for a short while.

By choosing between Johnny, Heads or Tails and Madam M massage courses at the Wall Market, you can open up some optional side quests with two separate paths you can take.

This page explains which choices result in which path - and those paths entail both in terms of challenge, variety and also for completionists looking to do everything in the game - such as getting all nine Dresses.

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How Final Fantasy 7 Remake's Chapter 9 choices work

By choosing between Johnny, Heads or Tails and Madam M massage courses, you can see two different sets of side quests - the Chocobo Sam quest line and the Madam M quest line.

While either choice and their resulting side quests results in the same overall story outcome, one is tied to a specific Trophy and is a longer, rambling low combat route, while the other is shorter but pits you against tougher foes. (We discuss these quests specifically after the choice explanations at the end of this page.)

As well as this, depending on the route you take, Cloud will wear a different dress to Don Corneo's audition.

Ultimately, however (spoilers ahead) this is a purely aesthetic choice; unlike the original, Corneo will select Cloud as the next Mrs. Corneo no matter what.

It's worth noting no choice is 'permanent'. Once the game is over, you have the option to replay chapters, allowing you to revisit these choices and the other sidequest route in the Wall Market, and wear those other dresses.

This is particularly useful for completionists, where there is a Trophy for finding all of these dresses alongside Tifa's and Aerith's complete selection of outfits.

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Final Fantasy 7 Johnny choice: Yes, no or ignore?

The first significant event of Chapter 9 comes just as you arrive in Wall Market. You'll meet Chocobo Sam who will ask you to describe the girl you're looking for, but it does not matter what you tell him; either way you'll have to go to Corneo's Mansion next.

On the way, Johnny will run past you. If you lose him in the crowd, he'll still be on the map outside The Honeybee Inn. He'll give you his typical stream of conscious love lorn pining, then ask:

  • Saying Yeah puts you on the Chocobo Sam quest line
  • Saying No - or ignoring Johnny - puts you on the Madam M quest line

If you follow Johnny, you must agree with him. If you don't, you'll get the same outcome as if you didn't bother following him at all.

Following and agreeing with Johnny is needed for the Chocobo Sam quest line, which gets you the blue and black dress for Cloud. It also continues the path to The Johnny Experience Trophy. You can also get the black and grey dress for Cloud.

Ignoring Johnny sets up Madam M's quests, and a path which can either grant the black and grey dress for Cloud or the purple and white dress for Cloud.

Final Fantasy 7 Heads, Tails choice: What to do during the Coin Toss

Regardless of whether you speak to Johnny, you'll have to head to Don Corneo's mansion next, where Leslie will tell you to visit the Trio: Chocobo Sam, Andrea, and Madam M. You have to see Madam M last, but the other two can be done in any order.

Andrea's receptionist will refuse you entry, so there's no choice to be made here. With Chocobo Sam though, he'll offer you a coin toss.

The options will be heads, tails, or not interested. Here are the various outcomes:

  • Calling either Heads or Tails puts you on the Chocobo Sam quest line
  • Telling Sam No Deal will put you on the Madam M quest line

Due to Sam using a trick coin, it is impossible to win - which is why both result in the same outcome.

To clarify these further - if you call either heads or tails, this continues the Chocobo Sam quest path, which eventually grants the blue and black dress for Cloud. Again, the black and white dress is still available this route too.

If you instead choose No Deal, you'll be on the Madam M quest route, which gets you the purple and white dress for Cloud, or the black and grey dress for Cloud.

Final Fantasy 7 Madam M Massage choice: Poor Man's Course, Standard Course or Luxury Course?

Madam M is the final member of the trio you'll see, and she'll offer you a hand massage.

Madam M has three types of massages available:

  • Poor Man's Course: This costs 100 gil, and is part of the Chocobo Sam quest line
  • Standard Course: This costs 1,000 gil, and is a neutral choice, having no impact on the quest line
  • Luxury Course: This costs 3,000 gil, and is part of the Madam M quest line

For Chocobo Sam's quest path, you'll need to pick the poor man's hand massage, which keeps you going for either the blue and black dress for Cloud or the black and white dress for Cloud.

For Madam M's quest path, you should select the luxury hand massage, which gets you the purple and white dress for Cloud, or the black and grey dress for Cloud.

After this, she'll tell you to go to the Colosseum, for more of the main story with no impact on Cloud's dress.

Once you have defeated the Hell House, Aerith will be whisked off to Madam M's and you will be left with one of two possible sets of quests, depending on your actions earlier in the Chapter. You'll know which path you are on by who gives you your quests after the Hell House battle.

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How do all three Final Fantasy 7 Remake Chapter 9 choices affect which Wall Market side quests you encounter?

The above sections outline which choices take you in which direction you'll end up in - but you need to do the correct three choices to get the desired outcome.

Here is all the choices you should take throughout Chapter 9 depending on what you want to see, as well as the names of the side-quests and the dress they unlock:

  • Following Johnny, agreeing with Johnny, calling the coin toss and selecting the poor man's massage sets up Chocobo Sam's quests.
    • These are: The Party Never Stops, A Dynamite Body and Burning Thighs.
    • Completing these locks in the black and blue dress for Cloud.
  • Ignoring or disagreeing with Johnny, refusing the coin toss and selecting the luxury massage sets up Madam M's quests.
    • These are: Shears' Counterattack, The Prince Of Thievery and Burning Thighs.
    • Completing these locks in the purple and white dress for Cloud.
  • Finally, whatever path you are on, if you ignore your quests and return to Madame M early, you'll get the black and grey dress for Cloud.

If you mix and match, it appears to be the path you have most followed. For example, we agreed with Johnny, called the coin toss and chose the luxury massage, and still got Chocobo Sam's quests.

These are pretty important if you want to unlock a specific dress. But if you don't want to replay the game later and see everything - which is the best route to take from a gameplay perspective?

Madam M's route is more combat intensive, but Chocobo Sam's shows you much more of the Market. Therefore, it is up to you if you'd rather get a bit more EXP and AP at this stage, or explore the town and slice the tougher enemies to pieces on a quicker replay after beating the game.

Chocobo Sam's route gives you more face time with Johnny, while Madam M's gives you more dialogue with Mireille, if that helps you decide at all.

You'll need to go the Chocobo Sam route to get The Johnny Experience Trophy, and will need to go both routes (one on a subsequent playthrough with Chapter select) to earn the Best In The Business Trophy.

Finally, remember in order to get all three of Cloud's dresses, which is needed for the Dressed To The Nines Trophy, you'll also need to complete a playthrough of Chapter 9 where you ignore either set of quests.