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Fortnite Haunted Household Furniture explained

It's time to smash some haunted furniture in Fortnite.

Destroying haunted household furniture is one of the Fornitemares challenges for 2019.

In this challenge you need to hunt down and destroy five pieces of haunted household furniture, which is scattered in houses across the new Fortnite map.

If you're completing the Fortnitemares challenge set, then we also have a guide on how to find the haunted forest, ghost town and spooky town.

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What is Haunted Household Furniture in Fortnite?

Haunted household furniture is furniture that happens to be floating in the air, because its, well, haunted.

You encounter haunted chairs, side tables, cabinets or even a haunted candelabra.

They float. They all float.

Once you've found a piece of haunted furniture all you have to do is shoot or smash it to pieces to progress in the challenge.

You need to smash five pieces of haunted household furniture in total, so remember, if it floats, then it's haunted.

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Haunted Household Furniture locations in Fortnite

Haunted household furniture can be found in any house across the new Fortnite map. The most effective way, however, to find this special furniture is to visit one of the towns scattered across the map.

Possible haunted household furniture locations

Town like Retail Row and Holly Hedges contain a lot of houses that may have haunted furniture within them.

Head to one of these towns and start searching the houses. If you get there at the start of a match, then you should easily find some haunted household furniture.

Good luck with the other Fortnitemares challenges, including opening chests in the haunted forest, ghost town and spooky town!

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