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Fortnite Haunted Forest, Ghost Town and Spooky Farm locations explained

Where to search chests as part of the Fortnitemares challenge set.

Haunted Forest, Ghost Town and Spooky Farm locations is one of the Fortnitemares challenges for 2019.

This Halloween challenge has you visiting the three locations on the new Fortnite map and then open one of the chests you find there. Be quick though - other players will be trying to complete the same challenge!

If you're completing the Fortnitemares challenge set, then we also have a guide to help you destroy haunted household furniture.

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Fortnite Haunted Forest, Ghost Town and Spooky Farm locations at a glance

Here are the locations for the Haunted Forest, Ghost Town and Spooky Farm locations at a glance in Fortnite:

Haunted Forest, Ghost Town and Spooky Farm locations map

These are all Fortnite locations and, while not all are named on the name, they will reveal themselves when you enter them.

Once you're in the correct location, all you have to do is find a chest and open it to make progress in the challenge.

Fortnite Haunted Forest location

Weeping Woods is our haunted forest for this Halloween.

Open any chest inside Weeping Woods.

Open any chest within this forest and you'll complete this part of the challenge.

Fortnite Ghost Town location

The ghost town is Pristine Point.

This is the hardest location for this challenge to find, due to it not being a named location on the map.

Pristine Point, though its name leaves much to be desired, is located on the cliff-edge north-west of Steamy Stacks in G1.

The quickest way to reach it is to stay on the battle bus, until you are close to Steamy Stacks and then use your glider to safely land by the two houses.

Make sure you visit this location at the beginning of a match, because there are only a couple of chests hidden away in the surrounding buildings.

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Fortnite Spooky Farm location

Frenzy Farm is, of course, the spooky farm.

Open any chest inside Frenzy Farms.

Like with Weeping Woods, opening any chest within this location will complete this section of the challenge.

Good luck with the rest of the Fortnitemares challenges, including destroying the haunted household furniture!