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How to do the Griddy celebration in FIFA 23

How do you do, fellow kids.

The Griddy is new to FIFA 23, letting you celebrate a goal in... not quite style, but you'll celebrate all the same.

There are dedicated buttons to celebrate or do a 'signature celebration' in FIFA 23, but unless the player you're controlling has the Griddy as their signature, you'll have to input the right button combo to throw these moves down.

Below, we'll tell you how to do the Griddy, with a brief explanation on what the Griddy is, if you're just as out of the loop as me (hi!).

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What is the Griddy?

The Griddy is a dance and celebration in sports where you do a sort of skip forward with the back of your heels while swinging your arms back and forth, and then bring your fingers up to your eyes to form a glasses-like shape.

Although it's mostly associated now with all sports players, Fortnite, and TikTok videos, the Griddy is a dance originally created by Allen Davis, whose nickname is 'Griddy'. Davis was a high school American football player when he created the dance and uploaded it to YouTube.

What followed next was a domino effect of skipping and arm swinging across the NFL, when Davis showed the dance to his friend and future Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Ja'Marr Chase, who himself introduced it to fellow wide receiver Justin Jefferson.

Chase and Jefferson did the Griddy while playing in the NFL, and the rest is viral sensation history.

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How to do the Griddy celebration in FIFA 23

To do the Griddy celebration in FIFA 23 on PlayStation consoles after scoring a goal, you have to hold down R2 then flick the right thumbstick up twice.

To do the Griddy dance if you're an Xbox player, you should hold down RT and flick the right thumbstick up twice.

Don't press the prompts that appear on screen to do a celebration or signature celebration, perform the inputs above instead, and you'll be doing the Griddy in no time.

Have fun with the Griddy in FIFA 23!

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