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Fall Guys Crowns, Crown Shards and Crown Rank explained

Show you're a winner.

Fall Guys Crowns are one of several currencies, and this is perhaps the most elusive.

Crowns are earned by winning certain matches, and are, to quote Fall Guys in-game, "a measure of your skill and dedication".

Also available are Crown Shards - which allow you to make progress on Crowns even if you don't win a match.

This page explains how to get Crowns and Crown Shards in Fall Guys, how to get easy Crown Shards through alternate methods, and what you need to know about the Crown Rank.

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If you're interested in other currencies, we have an explainer on how to earn Kudos.

How to get Crowns and Crown Shards in Fall Guys

Crowns are a currency that are primarily sourced from winning matches. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Crowns are the most elusive currency in the game, as winning a match is no easy task.

A Crown in Fall Guys.

Before the free-to-play relaunch, Crowns could be spent on purchasing skins. In the free-to-play version onwards, earning Crowns only contributes to your Crown Rank, which gives rewards of its own. (More on Crown Ranks in a later section.)

If you are struggling to earn Crowns, then you can instead earn Crown Shards.

These are from winning matches in certain Show playlists and completing challenges.

Once you earn enough Crown Shards, it'll be converted into a Crown.

You can see which Show playlists have which rewards - at launch, the Solo Show, Stadium Stars Show and Classic Knockout reward one Crown, while the Squads Show and Duos Show reward 20 and 35 Crown Shards respectively.

Playlists will reward either Crowns or Crown Shards.

How many Crown Shards do you need for one Crown?

You need to collect 60 Crown Shards to earn one Crown. Once you reach this threshold, it'll be converted automatically into a Crown.

Bear in mind you need multiple Crowns to increase your Crown Rank - which is a long term goal beyond the current Season's Battle Pass!

Completing Challenges is one way of earning Crown Shards.

Other easy ways to get Crowns in Fall Guys

Though Crowns are primarily sourced from wins, there have been other methods to earn Crowns over the years, which are arguably easier than winning matches.

Note, with the free-to-play relaunch, it's possible the following might no longer be available, or less frequent - though with Crowns and Crown Ranks continuing on, it's likely these methods will return:

  • Double Crown weekends, which - unsurprisingly - double your Crown earnings for a win.
  • Amazon Prime Gaming rewards.
  • Completing surveys (the following has expired, but as an example):
  • From the Battle Pass in previous seasons. However, in the first season of the free-to-play relaunch, these do not appear to be a reward in the battle pass progression - suggesting that, for now, the above methods and wins are the way to go.

It's also possible developer Mediatonic will introduce new Crown sources over time. Either way - it's worth keeping an eye on social media channels for Double Crown weekends and possible surveys.

Fall Guys Season 2 is here! You can play in eight new Season 2 maps, and earn free and premium rewards from the battle pass, including Kudos, and you can get even more freebies by earning Crowns and Crown Shards, and linking your amazon account for a new Prime Gaming costume every month.

Where to find your Crown Rank and Crown Ranks explained

Crown Rank is a seperate progression to the current Season's Battle Pass - with unique rewards to unlock, allowing you to show off your skill with exclusive skins.

To see your Crown Rank, on the main menu, tab across to the Season page. On a controller, press R2 - you can see the controls and two progressions in the upper right - to switch to your Crown Rank.

The areas of the menu to access the Crown Rank screen.

As with the Season Pass, there are multiple tiers to unlock. There's 54 in total as of Season 1, and each tier increases in the number of Crowns required.

To give you an idea, Rank 10 requires 34 Crowns, Rank 25 requires 339 Crowns, and the final rank 54 requires a staggering 4,500 Crowns. That's a lot of wins!

Crown Rank 54 reward Marbelellous.

Unlike the seasonal Battle Pass, you aren't expected to get this in a few months - instead, see this as a long term goal to aim for.

Remember, you have the option of earning Crown Shards to help you increase your Crown total, so if that's an easier goal, then that might be a better focus.

That said, it's also a long grind - you'll need over 270,000 Crown Shards to reach the final Crown Rank this way!

However you decide to earn Crowns - we wish you the best of luck!

If you're interested in other currencies, we have an explainer on how to earn Kudos.

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