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All new Fall Guys maps added in Season 2 Satellite Scramble

Check out these eight brand new rounds.

Fall Guys Season 2 is here, and brings eight new maps as part of it's space-themed Satellite Scramble playlist.

These new rounds are all featured in the '3,2,1, Space!' show in Fall Guys, but you'll also be able to encounter them this season in Solo and Squad Shows as well.

We've detailed all new Fall Guys maps for Season 2 below, as well as what other new features and content have been added this season.

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All new Fall Guys maps added in Season 2 Satellite Scramble

There are eight new maps in Fall Guys Season 2, all of which can be easily accessed by selecting the current '3, 2, 1, Space!' Show from the Show selecter menu. When this event ends, however, these new maps will still be playable in Solo and Squad shows, and could also possibly return in future Season 2 events.

Want to see what new environments you'll be falling in this time? Thanks to information from the official Fall Guys blog, here's every new map in Fall Guys Season 2:

Tip Toe Finale

Similar to other Tiptoe rounds, Tiptoe Finale pits up to four squads against each other, but this time you're squad is aiming to pick up that coveted crown in the middle by working out a path around one of the four paths of falling tiles. First player to reach the Crown in the arena’s middle wins the Show for their team.


Kind of similar to tiptoe, in the new Starchart map, you need to work out a path to the end of the level in this race round - but the paths are invisible. You can hit buttons to get the floating debris to show you the way, but trying to work out where it's telling you to go seems a little complicated (we'll just be cowardly following other players who work it out for us, thank you very much).

Pixel Painters

The new Pixel Painters map is classified as a race Round, tasking you and your squad with jumping on tiles to light up the pattern displayed above you. I sense this will be tearing many squads' camaraderie apart in the coming weeks.

Cosmic Highway

A little similar to Roll Out, in the Cosmic Highway Season 2 map, you need to jump across rows of moving platforms with different obstacles placed on and between the rows. Some platforms spin in circles, and other move in different directions, like a treadmill - good luck with this one!

Hyperdrive Heroes

This new Fall Guys map is a survival Round where you need to avoid falling off a hoverboard to reach the finish line. There's a whole host of obstacles on your way to the finish line, of course, so jump and dive over them all to reach the end and earn yourself a gold medal.


Hex-a-terrestrial is a finale survival round that can be played in Solo or Squad Shows. Like other Hex-A-Gone maps, you need to be the last bean left alive as the tiles fall below you when walked on. Only this time, it's one big level of falling tiles, not multiple levels, and there are also blast balls rolling around to annoy you even more. You can pick these up to throw at your opponents, or jump run away from them in fear - the choice is yours.

Space Race

Space Race is a new (you guessed it) race-type Fall Guys map were you have to be one of the first to reach the finish line in order to qualify. You'll be faced with obstacles like anti-gravity, falling tiles, floating and rotating platforms, pendulums, and more!

Frantic Factory

In the new Frantic Factory map, you need to press the lit buttons in order to score points. Just like everything in Fall Guys, this is easier said than done, as you'll have to bounce and navigate your way through anti-gravity spots to find certain buttons - and if somebody else gets to a lit button before you, you won't be able to score points from it.

Everything else new in Fall Guys Season 2

In addition to new maps in Fall Guys Season 2, there have been new obstacles added to get in the way of you and victory. The new obstacles are Ion Thrusters, Hover Platforms and Trolleybots. These all feature in the new maps, but could be added to exisiting maps in the future, based off previous obstacle additions to the game.

The new Ion Thrusters look fun...

There's also a new Battle Pass in Season 2 to work your way through, featuring Spock, the Xenomorph from the Alien movies, Hatsune Miku, and Hugh's Borg Mask. This Battle Pass has 200 levels to work toward this time! With 94 of the levels past 100 offering Crown Shard as a reward. The other six levels feature parts of the Whirlybean, Hidey Insidey, and Nyandroid Omega costumes.

There will also be more Shows added after the current '3, 2, 1, Space!' event ends, but there isn't any official information so far on what these will be.

Additionally, there is a lot of bug fixes and improvements in the Season 2 patch of Fall Guys. Here's some of the bigger fixes, copied verbatim from the Fall Guys blog:

  • Fame earned from Rounds has been increased!
  • Fixed visual bugs on Nintendo Switch when encountering obstacles with full-screen VFX such as Gravity Zones.
  • Removed levels have been re-added to the game and are back in Custom Lobbies
  • Fixed Gravity Zone SFX persisting after a player is eliminated within the zone
  • Fixed players having to make new Custom Lobbies if they wish to change Shows
  • Fixed some instances where Custom Lobby shows would disband if all players are eliminated
  • Fixed instances of both teams qualifying in Power Trip
  • Fixed players appearing to slide around in their start pose when starting a game on Switch
  • Head Turner achievement changed to only require a legendary Top and Bottom
  • Fixed incorrect controller inputs showing for PS5 controllers

Good luck playing Satellite Scramble!