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How to get rich soil in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Exactly where to find this foraged material.

You need to get rich soil in Disney Dreamlight Valley in order to make certain crafting items for your own needs, or as part of questlines - like Scar's 'Nature and Nurture' quest.

To help with your crafting needs, and any quest that requires you to use rich soil, we've detailed exactly where to find rich soil in Disney Dreamlight Valley, and how get it once you do locate it.

For more help, check out our 'Nature and Nurture' walkthrough, or if you need help with cooking, check out our recipes page, and if you want information on who's coming after Scar, you can visit our current and future characters page.

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How to get rich soil in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The good news is that you can find rich soil in any one of the seven biomes currently available in Disney Dreamlight Valley. It's not like other foraged materials, however, as you can only get rich soil randomly while harvesting crops.

If you need rich soil quickly, like for Scar's 'Nature and Nurture' quest, then we highly recommend planting and harvesting wheat, as it only has a one minute harvesting time. We've not got a chance to test if harvesting plants that take longer to grow gives you more rich soil or not, but only harvesting wheat got us ten rich soil after harvesting around 400 wheat. This took around 20 minutes.

Disney Dreamlight Valley's December update is here! You can now add Jack Skellington to your valley, use multiplayer and remove villagers. For more help, check out our recipe list, how to upgrade your house, have multiple player homes, critters' favourite foods and redemption codes. Finally, don't forget to visit our future and current character list to see who might be visiting the valley next!

While gardening, you should also 'hang out' with a character who has a gardening bonus, as this means they will occasionally find another rich soil after you find one. This gardening bonus isn't locked to one character, as you get to choose what bonus each of the villagers gets when you reach a certain point in their friendship.

Thank you for being a friend.

We also recommend either bringing some meals with you to keep your blue Energy bar filled, or unlocking the Wishing Well in the area you're farming in, so you can fast travel between the biome and your home to fill your Energy bar without making meals. That said, farming outside where your house is will save the most amount of time.

If you need more help in Disney Dreamlight Valley, we've got guides on Scar's Nature and Nurture questhow to upgrade your house, Where to find Remy's Recipe Books, and how to get clay.

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