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Assassin's Creed Valhalla - Faravid or Halfdan: Is Faravid a traitor in Of Blood and Bonds explained

All of the Faravid and Halfdan story choices in Of Blood and Bonds explained.

Throughout the Assassin's Creed Valhalla mission Of Blood and Bonds, you'll be given various choices that will ally you with either Faravid or Halfdan.

These choices will help you determine whether Faravid is a traitor or if Halfdan is going, or already is, insane. Similar to when you need to decide who would be the next Jarl of Snotinghamscire, your ultimate decision will have an overall effect on Valhalla's storyline.

Below you'll find the consequences for each of the story choices during Of Blood and Bonds, but be aware that this page is filled with spoilers.

On this page:

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How Of Blood and Bonds mission and the various Faravid and Halfdan choices work in Assassin's Creed Valhalla

Eivor must determine if Faravid is a traitor in Chapter 5 of The Sayings of Halfdan, mission Of Blood and Bonds.

Eivor receives a summons from an ailing Halfdan Ragnarsson, who has heard about what happened in Jorvik (War in the North).

With Halfdan's forces at war with the Picts, he needs Eivor's help. After arriving at Donecaestre, Halfdan tasks Eivor with determining if one of his trusted allies, Faravid, is a traitor who is trying to kill him.

Eivor agrees to join Faravid's war band at Alortun to drive out the Picts (Honor Has Two Edges) in an effort to gain Faravid's trust.

Tell Faravid he doubts you, I am here to fight and you doubt me in Assassin's Creed Valhalla explained

Throughout the story, Eivor is torn between his loyalty to Halfdan and his friendship with Faravid. Eivor has the option to come clean to Faravid at Alortun:

  • He doubts you.
  • I am here to fight.
  • You doubt me?

Choosing to tell Faravid the truth about Halfdan's suspicions makes Faravid uneasy and lying to him only makes the deceit worse, but Faravid trusts you.

Tell Faravid your secret is safe, I cannot hide this or let the gods decide in Assassin's Creed Valhalla explained

Together Faravid and Eivor take down a Pict stronghold. After the battle, Faravid reveals his plan to attack a major Pict fort, Magnis. Faravid believes he can do this without Halfdan's help.

Eivor is given the choice:

  • Your secret is safe.
  • I cannot hide this.
  • Let the gods decide.

Choosing 'Your secret is safe' keeps Faravid on your good side. The other two will prove your loyalty to Halfdan.

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Tell Halfdan Faravid is planning an attack or is honorable in Assassin's Creed Valhalla explained

Back at Donecaestre, Eivor is given a choice to come clean to Halfdan about what Faravid is doing:

  • Faravid is planning an attack.
  • Faravid is honorable.

Telling Halfdan the truth about Faravid's plan increases Eivor's loyalty.

If you lie to Halfdan, he doesn't believe you and wants to know where Faravid is going.

In their conversation, Eivor mentions that perhaps Faravid is not the one trying to poison him, but rather Moira, a healer who makes a brew that Halfdan drinks daily. To clear her name, Halfdan sends Eivor to find Moira (Road to Hamartia) who convinces Eivor of her innocence.

The consequence of telling Halfdan you are insane or fight Faravid in Assassin's Creed Valhalla explained

In order to defeat the Picts, Faravid calls on King Ricsige of Jorvik's aid (This Son of Jorvik). At first Ricsige rejects the offer until Eivor delivers a counterfeit order from Halfdan. King Ricsige agrees to send his fyrd to fight the Picts and Eivor and Faravid prepare for battle (Honor's Hubris).

At Magnis Fortress, Eivor, Faravid, and Halfdan come face-to-face with the Pict army. There they find out that King Ricsige has declared himself the King of Northumbria with the help of the Picts. After a fierce battle, Eivor defeats King Ricsige.

Back at Jorvik, Halfdan names himself the King of Northumbria. At the crowning ceremony, Halfdan has a coughing fit, and it's discovered that the goblets he has been drinking from are made of lead.

This results in a final confrontation between Eivor and Faravid (Of Blood and Bonds).

Eivor has a few choices from the start:

  • You are insane, Halfdan.
  • Stand down or fight me, Faravid.

Choosing 'You are insane, Halfdan' leads to Faravid's exile and Halfdan will not secure an alliance with you.

Choosing 'Stand down or fight me, Faravid,' leads to a fight between Eivor and Faravid.

After Eivor wins, Halfdan executes Faravid on the spot. Halfdan then pledges his allegiance with the Raven Clan.

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