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Assassin's Creed Valhalla - Order of the Ancients locations: Where to find Zealot and Warden Order member locations

Our explainer to finding all of Valhalla's cultist locations.

The Order of the Ancients quest is arguably the most time-consuming mission in Assassin's Creed: Valhalla.

Similar to the Cultists from Assassin's Creed Odyssey, this is a secondary objective alongside the main storyline where you must find and assassinate 45 targets throughout the land.

Killing them all results in a dedicated achievement / trophy named Disorder of the Ancients - making it essential for completionists - as well as a reward from Hytham.

Some targets are easier to find and defeat than others, and there are different ways for you to locate them - which is where this list of Order of the Ancients locations comes in handy.

Tracking down all Order locations allows you to complete the Thor gear, one of the end game Valhalla armour sets.

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Order of the Ancients in Assassin's Creed: Valhalla explained

You can start hunting down Order of the Ancients members by starting the Breaking the Order quest.

This is done by building the Hidden Ones bureau at your Ravensthorpe settlement. You will need to raid nearby monasteries to acquire enough raw materials and supplies to erect it. Once you have, Hytham will teach you how to perform the Leap of Faith move, and give you the quest.

The Order of the Ancients are a precursor group to the Templar Order, who are the main villains in the Assassin's Creed series. The group is comprised of five ranks:

  • Zealots
  • Preosts
  • Palatinii
  • Maegesters
  • Grand Maegeste

There are three ways to locate Order members:

  • 13 members are killed during the main campaign, so you can't miss them
  • 17 are found by tracking down clues. You can find clues on dead Order members or scattered across England, and these individuals have fixed region locations
  • 15 members are Zealots, who roam around specific regions on the map

Zealots can easily defeat you if you are a lower Power Level than them. However, they can be difficult to track down when you are ready to challenge them. Additionally, they can begin to hunt you when you're close depending on whether you spare Leorith in Heavy is the Head and burn the kill order at Venonis or not. If you manage to stop them hunting you, don't worry - they will still roam the map and can be defeated when you're ready.

Use your raven Synin to help you and, if you see a white helmet marker, a Zealot is nearby. These symbols only appear if you are within a few hundred metres of a Zealot. Chase after them and, once you are close enough, use Odin's Sight. A notification will tell you which Zealot you have encountered, and they will be permanently marked on your map, which makes it easier to find them later on.

The Heavy is the Head quest also helps you to find Zealots, but be aware that they will actively hunt you depending on a key decision you make during this mission. If they find you, don't fight them unless you are at the required Power Level. Run away and return when you are powerful enough.

You can track Order members that you have encountered and killed, or read clues about their whereabouts, via the Order tab of the in-game menu. After you kill one, you will receive an Ancient Medallion. You can exchange these for abilities from Hytham, but you need a set amount before you can trade them in.

You can find Order member locations below, and they are broken down into sections based on the Order tab. The 15 Zealots form the two outer branches, with the remaining 30 members broken up into five branches of six.

Order of the Ancients locations - Zealots (left branch)

The following Order of the Ancients locations are for the Left branch of Zealots on the Order screen.

Woden (Power Level 220)

Found in the Cent region. On the main road north of Canterbury and east of Dane Camp. If you can't find Woden here, look west of Canterbury.

Heike (Power Level 250)

In the Essexe region. Located on the main road near to the Agnitum Tower, which is where you'll find a Synchronization Tower spot and The Prodigy mystery side quest.

Bercthun (Power Level 340)

Located in Hamtunscire. Travels along the main road north of Henge Farm, but can also be found at Wincestre's main gate.

Hrothgar (Power Level 280)

In the Suthsexe region. Travel along the road south-east of Crawleah. We spotted him near a syncrhonisation tower, but he can be found on the outskirts of Crawleah too.

Cudberct (Power Level 160)

Situated in Oxenefordscire. Look to the forest roads that are west of Crepelgate Fort to find him.

Horsa (Power Level 130)

Found around the Oxenefordscire Grantebridgescire border. We spotted Horsa south of the Alne River but, if they aren't here, head into Oxenefordscire to locate them.

Osgar (Power Level 220)

Head to Lincolnscire's border with Mercia. Scout the forests around here, particularly north-west of Cruwland, to locate Osgar.

Kendall (Power Level 90)

In the Grantebridgescire region. Riding along the main roads around the Black Peak synchronization tower south-east of Meldeburne.

Order of the Ancients locations - Zealots (right branch)

The following Order of the Ancients locations are for the Right branch of Zealots on the Order screen.

Beorhtsige (Power Level 280)

In the Glowecestescire region. Four roads converge south-east of Thieves' Warren, and Beorhtsige always passes through this crossroads.

Wealmaer (Power Level 160)

In the Sciropescire region. Found on the main roads to the north of Hill Gate Remnants.

Cola (Power Level 90)

In the Ledecestrescire region. On the road south-west of Templebrough Fort and next to the Soar River. They can be spotted around the Ledecestrescire-Lincolnshire border too.

Callin (Power Level 280)

Head to the Eurvicscire region. On the main road in the west of this area. Look south of the Derwent River if you're struggling to find them.

Eorforwine (Power Level 90)

In the Grantebridgescire region. On the roads south-east of Medeshamstede Abbey across the river. You may need to head closer to the abbey or Nene Blockade if she isn't there.

Redwalda (Power Level 90)

In the Ledecestrescire region. Ride north of Alcestre Monastery to Venonis and she is patrolling the main road. Stand close to the river and you can't miss her.

Wuffa (Power Level 160)

In the Sciropescire region. Patrolling the main road to the east of Theotford Forest, but can also be found to the north of Theotford.

Order of the Ancients locations - Warden of Faith locations

The following Order of the Ancients locations are for the Left Branch of the Order screen.

Yohanes Loukas The Oil

The first clue tells you to investigate the festival at Henge Farm, which is south of Stonehenge in Hamtunscire. Head there and grab the clue, which you can find at the stall next to the drinking champion.

Next, visit Readingum Abbey. Look for a well that is covered by some wooden planks. It can be hard to find, so use the images below to help you. Break the planks and drop down to unearth the final clue.

Yohanes is hidden at Fearnhamme hamlet in Hamtunscire. You can usually find him near the stables, but he can patrol the whole hamlet. There are plenty of guards nearby, so your best bet is to camp out at the stables and assassinate him when he's clear of the guards.

Heika The Sickle

Pick up her first clue by killing Havelok (more on him below). Travel to Maeldun's Saltern Camp on the east coast of Essexe.

This place is swarming with guards, so sneak around and assassinate them or fight your way through. After they have been dealt with, locate the main building. The doors are barred, so head to the right side of the building.

Climb up and fire an arrow through the window with bars lining it. You should be able to thread one through the bars to break one the door's seals. Enter the building and climb the ladder on your right to get the clue.

Head to Colcestre market. Again, there are lots of soldiers around, so a stealthy approach is best employed here. Use Odin's Sight as you navigate the market and you'll find Heika at her bakery stall. Wait for any soldiers to walk away from her before you strike.

Beneseck The Bell

The first clue, which you get from killing Bercthun, wants you to explore Embert Blockade in Suthsexe. Clear out the soldiers and look for the building with a bell in front of it. The door is barred, so head up the stairs to the right. The first floor has a giant grate in it, so shoot a predator bow arrow through the gap to break the lock. Head back down and enter to grab the clue.

This hint takes you to Brimcliff Monastery in Hamtunscire. Beneseck tends to the graveyard here and he's surrounded by guards. If you attack rather than assassinate, Beneseck will flee to another part of the monastery. If he does, head to the Order menu tab, click on his profile, and tap the required controller button to mark him as a target. You can follow him to his new hiding spot. For us, it was a cliff on the other side of the monastery, but be aware he can run somewhere else too.

Hilda The Quill

Killed during Wincestre's Plucking the Quill mission. She's found in the sewers beneath the city, and you must battle her soldiers before you have to chase her. Execute her before she reaches her safe house.

Selwyn The Gallows

Killed during the Choking the Gallows mission in Wincestre. Play through the quest until you come across Selwyn as he's about to execute two peasants. After the cutscene, sneak around the back, climb the wall behind him, and assassinate him without his guards knowing.

Ealhferth The Seax

Encountered during Wincestre's Impaling the Seax quest. After you find out that he's still alive, head to the Great Hall to stop him assassinating King Aelfred. There are four Bannerets here, and Selwyn is disguised as one of them. You can try to work out which one to kill before his guards see you, or just fight them all to uncover him.

Order of the Ancients locations - Warden of Wealth locations

The following Order of the Ancients locations are for the Left Branch of the Order screen.

Havelok The Billhook

Follow the first clue, which you get from killing Patrick The Anvil, to Aelfgarstun Farm, which is north-west of Lincoln. Look for a house with a boar banner outside and, after entering, you'll find the clue on a barrel.

This clue tells you to look for Havelok at a villa near the wall at Lincoln Town Hall. Use our map below to find the villa and enter the building to assassinate him.

Patrick The Anvil

The first clue is obtained by killing Leofgifu. Head to St. Albanes Abbey, and look for the area in the image below. The hint is sitting on a table next to a candle in the marketplace.

Travel to Oxeneforda and look north-west from a south-west position. Use Odin's Sight to find Patrick, who should be forging some weapons outside of his smithery. Sneak around the back and assassinate him.

Mucel The Lathe

Grab Mucel's first clue by killing Horsa. You'll need to defeat the Orlog champion at the Inn in Buckingham, Oxenefordscire. Orlog seems confusing at first, but you'll soon get the hang of it. The champion will reward you with a clue when you defeat her.

Next, investigate the sealed chamber at Eatun Barn. Look for a breakable wall on the side of a nearby cliff. Use your Incendiary Powder Trap ability or an oil vase to destroy it. Follow the path until you enter a room with a Roman statue at its centre. Head left and pull the movable wall away to reveal a hidden room and the club.

Track Mucel down at the docks in Buckingham. He should be sitting next to a longship, so assassinate him while no one is watching.

Gifle The Ash-Spear

Grab the first clue from killing Mucel. Travel north of Northwic in East Anglia to the Ruined Tower. Kill any enemies and find the clue on a cart outside the tower.

Next, find the bandit camp between Britannia's Watch and Theotford Village. You might get ambushed if you fast-travel from the former to the latter, so kill these enemies and then look for the camp nearby. Defeat anyone defending the camp and grab the clue from the tent opposite the main entrance.

The hint sends you to the Forest Hideout west of Grantebridge. There are plenty of bandit guards about, so it's tough to assassinate Gifle outright. Thin out their numbers and, when Gifle isn't being watched, take him out. Alternatively, go in all weapons blazing and defeat him head on.

Wigmund The Tang

Killed during the Grantebridgescire story arc. The Island of Eels mission sees you storm the Isle of Ely Monastery, and you have to kill Wigmund to wrap up this part of the campaign.

Bishop Herefrith The Crozier

Another story-based kill, but when this occurs is dependent on a key choice you make during the Lincolnscire story arc. You are asked to vote for the shire's new Earldorman as the arc draws to a close.

There are three options, one of which is Bishop Herefrith. Pick Hunwald or Aelfgar. Bishop Herefrith will reveal himself as an Order member soon after. He'll flee, but you attack his hideout in the next chapter. Assassinate him in his hiding spot after storming the castle.

If you accidentally pick Bishop Herefrith for Earldorman, the Lincolnscire arc will end early. However, he will be revealed as an Order member once you complete the Jorvik story arc, so you can kill him later on.

Order of the Ancients locations - Warden of Law locations

The following Order of the Ancients locations are for the Centre Right Branch of the Order screen.

Eanbhert The Vellum

The first clue asks you to investigate Thieves' Warren north of Gloewcestre. It's heavily guarded, so take the guards out with a stealthy approach. You can meet them head on, but it's easy to get overwhelmed if your Power Level isn't too high. Defeat them and use the underground passage to sneak into the main building. Defeat the main guard and grab the clue from the table.

Head to Glowecestre dock. Eanbhert is inside a house overgrown with vegetation, but there are lots of buildings like that around. Use our images below and Odin's Sight to locate him. Climb in through a gap in the roof to take him out.

Tata The Dart

Grab their first clue from killing Wealmaer. Head to the ruined tower west of Dhunstone Quarry and east of Caustow Castle in Sciropescire. There is an open window on the right of the tower. Climb it and enter to find the clue on a table.

Travel to Quatford in eastern Sciropescire. Tata manages horses, so use the stable icon on your HUD to find him. He'll be making hay bales outside, so take him out.

Gunilla The Adze

You need two clues to find Gunilla. The first clue, which you get from killing Cola, instructs you to beat the drinking champion in Ledecestre's roman ruins. Get the next clue by winning the drinking competition.

The second clue sends you south of Tannastadir. Head to Gweornric, which is where the watermill is located. Look for the house in the below image. It has a hay cart and piles of wood outside, and a small roof section on top of the main thatched roof. Head inside to find the final clue.

Head to Repton's docks. The island of Woden's Eye should be on your left. Use Odin's Sight to find Gunilla sitting down near to the river.

Abbess Ingeborg The Firebrand

Killed during the Burning the Firebrand mission in the Jorvik story arc. You meet Abbess Ingeborg in the Archives and, later on, her identity is revealed. Abbess Ingeborg will leave with two women masquerading as her. Each one heads off in a different direction, and it's up to you to follow the right one to assassinate.

To save you time, follow the individual who heads south. You'll know you've picked the right one if you see Abbess Ingeborg banging on someone's door. Three guards are nearby, so take them out before you kill her.

Grigorii The Needle

You kill him during the Pricking the Needle mission in Jorvik. Grigorii is revealed as an Order member during a cutscene after you infiltrate his underground lair. After another cutscene later, you can assassinate him without alerting his guards. Alternatively, you can attack them head on and defeat him in combat.

Audun The Vault

Jorvik's Closing the Vault mission tasks you with uncovering the traitor within the city's council. No matter who you pick when asked to make a decision at the Yuletide Festival, Audun will reveal himself as an Order member. Take out the soldiers that arrive and you'll be able to assassinate Audun once they're dealt with.

The new DLC is here - and we explain how to start The Siege of Paris, as well as new romance options and Treasure Hoard locations. If you're after end game activities in the full game, we can explain how to get Nodens' Arc, Excalibur, Thor gear and other Valhalla armour sets, Power Level and how to get XP fast, Order of the Ancients locations and all Assassin's Creed Valhalla story choices. If you're looking for things to collect and upgrade, we have lists on best skills and Book of Knowledge locations.

Order of the Ancients locations - Warden of War locations

The following Order of the Ancients locations are for the Centre Right Branch of the Order screen.

Kjotve The Cruel

Killed during the final chapter of the Norway quest line. You have to defeat him during the assault on his fortress, which reveals the Order of the Ancients group to you for the first time.

Leofgifu The Scabbard

Found in the Grantebridgescire region. You are given her location by Hytham after you build the Hidden Ones Bureau. Head to the settlement of Ubtech, which is north-west of Middletun on the Great Ouse River.

Hunta The Baldric

Found in the Ledecestrescire region. His clue is provided by Hytham after you build the Hidden Ones Bureau. Head to Ledecestre marketplace. Hunta can be found in front of a food stall.

Sister Frideswid The Leech

Killed during the Lunden story arc. You are tasked with eliminating her in the Bleeding the Leech mission. You can't miss her, but take out the guards you see first to make the fight easier.

Argos Spearhand The Arrow

Killed during the Lunden story arc. You must eliminate him during the Firing the Arrow mission. You can't miss him as he is giving a speech to the crowd when he unveils his new archers' line-up.

Vicelin The Compass

Killed during the Lunden story arc. You must defeat him during the final mission of this arc, which is called Smashing the Compass. It's the boss battle you have to complete on his ship after navigating the ballista fire on the docks.

Order of the Ancients locations - Final Wardens

The following Order of the Ancients locations are for the bottom of the Order screen.

Sister Blaeswith The Rake

Revealed after you complete the Warden of Faith branch. Sister Blaeswith is located at Saint Martin's Church in Canterbury, Cent. She has guards nearby, so climb the church and assassinate her by dropping down undetected. Alternatively, you can crush her under a cargo load by shooting and destroying the pulley system above her.

Tatfrid The Liar

His location is revealed after you complete the Warden of Wealth branch. Tatfrid is found playing music in Grantebridge. You can use our images below to find out where he is exactly. There are no soldiers around so you can easily assassinate him.

Fulke The Instrument

Introduced in the Oxenefordscire story arc. Fulke goes on to betray you and kidnap Sigurd, which becomes a key part of the main campaign. You kill her during a boss fight as part of the Storming the Walls mission during the Suthsexe arc.

Reeve Derby The Vice

Revealed after you complete the Warden of Law branch. He's found near a waterfall in the village of Picheringa in Eurvicscire. Head towards the falls and use Odin's Sight, or the Mark Target option on the Order menu, to find him.

Gorm Kjotvesson The Keel

Revealed by completing the Warden of War branch. Gorm is the son of Kjotve, who you killed at the beginning of the game. You can track Gorm down once you've spoken to Hytham in Ravensthorpe. However, you'll need to be at least Power Level 160 to take on this region. In order to track him down in Vinland, you'll need to leave all of your gear behind. As such, you must be at the required level, or higher, to compensate.

Once you pledge to Vinland on the Alliance Map, you'll sail there and begin its story arc. It's only three chapters long, and you assassinate Gorm in chapter two. You can travel to the camps around Vinland to locate his position, or head straight for his location in the below images once you have traded with the locals for some gear.

Gorm's camp is heavily guarded, so take out his army first. You can assassinate him once they're gone or fight him to the death.

The Father

The Father's location is revealed after you kill the other 44 Order members and you complete the main game. Once the Hamtunscire story arc has finished, speak to Hytham outside of Ravensthorpse's longhouse. He'll give you a letter from the Poor Fellow Soldier of Christ, who has been giving you locations of Order members throughout.

Head to Aelthenay in Hamtunscire. Once there, follow the objective marker to the bakery. A lengthy cutscene will play, which reveals The Father's identity. We won't spoil who it is, but you get the final Order Medallion and an important key for your troubles. If you want to use the key, head to the Old Minster in Wincestre and use Odin's Sight to find the right door to open.

The Disorder of the Ancients achievement or trophy will unlock after you gain the final Order Medallion. Return to Hytham with the last of that haul to get Thor's Cape as a reward.

With all those finally done - congrats! That's a significant task done in Assassin's Creed Valhalla. Doing this also opens the door for you to collecting the Thor gear, one of the end-game Valhalla armour sets.

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