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Assassin's Creed: Valhalla - all Armour set locations and the best armour for your playstyle explained

Our explainer of where to find complete armour sets across England and beyond.

Armour sets in Assassin's Creed Valhalla are, alongside the many types of collectables out there, another thing to find and track down.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla doesn't have the hoards of helmets and breastplates like Assassin's Creed Odyssey, which means you'll be finding new pieces less often, but makes picking the right outfit even more important.

As well as their cosmetic differences, each armor piece will give you different stat bonuses, and having a complete armor set will reward you with unique perks - making having a matching set of gear worth the challenge of putting together.

This page explains where to find all armour sets in Assassin's Creed Valhalla, set-by-set, along with how they appear in-game, their various perk bonuses, and whether they align with Wolf, Raven or Bear playstyles.

On this page:

Note one set not listed on this page is for Thor armour - which we've given its own dedicated page due to its unique structure.

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How Armour and Armour sets in Assassin's Creed Valhalla work explained

Armour stats are broken down into five factors that change the way it affects your defences.

First you've got Armour, the basic number that indicates just how much punishment this piece will alleviate. Then you have Light and Heavy Resistance (shown as L-Resistance and H-Resistance in game), these offer additional protection against light or heavy attacks, but for the most part you don't need to worry about them. Finally you have Weight and Evasion which are two sides of the same coin.

Weight will affect your speed, and Evasion is how effective your dodge is. A high weight will always decrease your Evasion, so if you prefer dodging to blocking, you'll want to look out for medium and light armours.

A comparison of early game to fully upgraded late game armour.
Huntsman Armour.

Like with the weapons, armour can be upgraded along the upgrade track with coal, leather, fabric, and titanium, that can be found in chests and as you explore the world. The upgrade track itself can be expanded by taking the armour to a blacksmith and spending the rarer ingots you'll find in treasure chests.

But while the stats are important, each piece of armour you come across in Assassin's Creed Valhalla is part of a set, and offers a perk that can greatly influence your abilities. These perks stack when you're wearing more of the same set, and a second perk only activates when you're wearing the complete set.

Galloglach Armour.

Additionally, each armour is aligned with either three categories - Raven, Bear and Wolf. This aligns with various playstyles, and if you unlock certain nodes in the Valhalla skill tree, can give you an additional stat boost.

As with any collectible in an Ubisoft game, you'll find the armour is scattered all across the map, and the easiest way to find it for yourself is to use the vantage points to dust the map with gold dots that signify either weapons, armour, or the ingots used for upgrading. Once you get closer (around 50m or so), you use your Odin's Vision to determine what it is, but remember that the symbol for armour and weapon is the same, while ingots look different.

Finding them on the map isn't the hardest part of this journey though, and a lot of the chests aren't just lying around waiting for Eivor to stumble across them. Some may be guarded, while others might be behind locked doors, or hidden underground. Getting to the chests is often a puzzle itself.

So when you're stuck it can be worth looking for breakable objects that might be hiding secret routes, or windows you can crawl through. Some large objects can be moved, so keep an eye out for them, and using Odin's Vision can highlight clasps on ladders and chandeliers that might help you clear a path to the chest. Other times you might need to find a body of water, as you might be able to swim through ruins and caves to find the chest you're looking for.

Finally keep an eye on your compass for a symbol that looks like a descending staircase. Some areas don't have them, but when they pop up, it's normally a good idea begin your search there.

The exception to this is pre-order or story sets, as well as Thor armour, which has its own unique set of objectives.

What is the best armour in Assassin's Creed Valhalla?

Unlike other role-playing games, there isn't really a definitive armour set to wear overall - though there are definitely sets you should prioritise based on your playstyle.

After you've decided how you want to play, you'll want to make sure you're happy with the weight and evasion stats, as they are the most important and noticeable when you're wearing them.

The Magister Armour set.

This is secondary, because while it can be annoying to be weighted down if you prefer a lighter character, there are plenty of weapon and combat options to help overcome the issue. If the second perk doesn't appeal to you, think about spreading the benefits, and wear a combination of two sets of armour. This works especially well for players that prefer, or need, to blend two playstyles together as they raid across England.

If you utilise stealth to assassinate the few first guards, but inevitably resort to fighting when you get seen, think about equipping three pieces of the Hidden One's set, and two pieces of the Galloglach outfit. These perks and weights compliment each other nicer, giving you a strong foundation of melee defense and bonus assassination damage.

The Hidden One's Armour set.

But for players that are more consistently stealthy, it's definitely best to wear the complete Hidden Ones outfit as the second perk will even assist with any quiet ranged kills you'll need to remain undetected.

Whereas more melee focused vikings will want to invest in the complete Birdangine set, assuming they are okay with parrying rather than dodging most attacks.

This will give them the best defense and even increase melee damage once they've completed the outfit.

The Brigandine Armour set.

If anyone should prefer taking out their enemies from afar, the Huntsman outfit improves ranged damage and speed once complete, perfect for getting away from closing in enemies. But it doesn't offer much else, either for stealth or melee, so it might also be worth considering the complete Hidden Ones outfit instead, since ranged attacks alone will rarely alone you to pass through a fortress undetected.

The Huntsman Armour Set.

And don't forget to upgrade your armour either, especially as you start to find the higher grade ingots that allow you to really boost the stats as you explore more dangerous regions of England.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla Bear Armour, Raven Armour and Wolf Armour lists

All armour sets in Valhalla are aligned with three categories - Bear, Raven and Wolf - which are also represented in the Valhalla skill tree. Not only by equipping a matching set do you gain additional perks - as mentioned within each individual armour listing - but you can also unlock extra skill nodes within the skill tree to give you an additional stat boost.

Here is how every armour set aligns in Assassin's Creed Valhalla:

Bear Armour set list

Raven Armour set list

Wolf Armour set list

Here is all Assassin's Creed Valhalla armour set locations, one by one:

Hidden Ones Armour locations in Assassin's Creed Valhalla

The Hidden Ones Armour is, unsurprisingly, descended from the original Hiddens Ones armour all the way back in Ancient Egypt. Its light and highly evasive, and also unsurprisingly, improves your assassinations.

Armour set type: Raven

Perks for a complete set include:

  • Increased Assassination damage when crouched and undetected for 10s
  • Additional increase to headshot damage


Location: Essexe / Camulodunum Bureau

Head just south of the city of Colcestre until you find a staircase blocked by stone rubble, which can be shifted with an explosive arrow or oil jar.

After that explore the flooded passages until you come across a barred door. From here you'll have to go underwater, through a small hole in the wall to the north. After that you'll pass a second barred door, and wind up above the flooded corridor you swam through. Leap over to the other side, find the key, and you'll be able to shoot open the second barred door through the window, finally giving you access to the chest.


Location: Lunden / Londinium Bureau

Climb the aqueduct ruins found to the northeast of the city until you find a tree growing on top and reaching out over a strange wooden structure below. From here you can jump past the wooden palisades and land in the watery Bureau below. Once in the water, find the breakable wall to progress and then destroy the stone rubble with an explosive arrow or oil jar to reach the chest.


Location: Jorvik / Eboracum Bureau

In the southwest corner of Jorvik is a graveyard with a smashable wooden pallet cover a hole. Once inside stick to the right side wall to progress through the large flooded room. The next room has a locked door, and the key can be found above the door on a bookshelf. From there the chest is right in front of you.


Location: Ledecestrescire / Ratae Bureau

In the city of the Ledcestre, head to the north east corner and look for a hanging net of rubble, suspended over a breakable stone rubble barrier. If you have the explosive arrows you can simply destroy the barrier, or you can shoot the clasp of the net and let gravity destroy it for you. Either way, once inside you'll find the chest.


Location: Glowecestrescire / Temple of Ceres Bureau

To the far west of Glowescestrescire is the Temple of Ceres, and its adjacent bureau for the Hidden Ones. The entrance is easy, allowing you to walk straight in without having to destroy any rubble, but past the staircase you will need to take a sharp right and remove the jars blocking the crawl space you can progress through. After that you might want to get your torch out as you'll be pushing through a few different chambers each filled with poisonous gas. You'll find the Legging chest in the middle of a cool burning motif at the end.

Brigandine Armour locations in Assassin's Creed Valhalla

This heavy armour is apparently made from boiled leather and common metals. That makes it slow, but very protective, with perks that improve your armour when surrounded, and let you deal more damage when fully kitted out.

Armour set type: Bear

Perks for a complete set include:

  • Increase armour when surrounded by two or more enemies
  • Additional increase to melee damage


Location: Sciropescire / Quatford

Follow the river north and you'll find a mine entrance blocked by stone rubble, with a convenatantly explosive barrel right next to it. Once you've cleared the path, the cloak is found in a chest just down the way.


Location: Sciropescire / Wenlocan Outpost

Southwest of Wenlocan Abbey is Wenlocan outpost, hidden under the shadow of a large cliff. Simply find the cave entrance in the restricted area, avoiding or dispatching guards as needed, and pull a large rock out the way to find the chest with the helm inside.


Location: Cent / Canterbury

Make your to the cathedral to find the chest locked away behind impenetrable metal bars. Climb to the next floor to spy a walkway blocked by a barred door on the opposite side, which you can open with a well placed arrow. After that, follow the now accessible walkway round and unearth the chest by destroying the stone rubble with an explosive arrow or oil jar.


Location: Cent / Beamsfield

The chest is easy to find but unfortunately locked. You can find the key to the west of town in a lumberyard. Just lookout for the guards patrolling.


Location: Cent / Dover Fortress

The quickest route the Brigandine trousers is to avoid the main fortress altogether. Instead take a dive from the top of the cliff and enter the restricted docks from the water. The chest is inside, sealed behind some stone rubble that can be destroyed with an oil jar or explosive arrow and a barred door beyond that. The barred door is nice and weak though, so you don't need to look for another route, you can simply smash your way through.

Galloglach Armour locations in Assassin's Creed Valhalla

The Galloglach set is mercency armour from just over the Irish Sea and its gentle green hue provides a nice balance between defense and evasion. Its perks offer you extra defense when finishing enemies and extra damage to boot.

Armour set type: Wolf

Perks for a complete set include:

  • Increase Melee Resistance when hitting enemies with finishers
  • Additional increase to melee damage


Location: Essexe / Brentwood Outpost

Head south from the Sancta Maria's Abby to find the Brentwood Outpost. This is a restricted area, so look out for guards. The chest is in a locked hut near the middle, and the key can be found near the nearby caged wild animals, that might serve as a good distraction if someone were to open them.


Location: Essexe / Halstead Outpost

Halstead Outpost is found just south of the river Stour that divides the kingdom of East Anglia from Essexe. Once inside you can destroy the wall besides the barred door with an oil jar or explosive arrow to reach the chest. Or if you're feeling sneakier, you can get above the barred door and use an arrow to open it. The chest is just inside either way.


Location: Lincolnscire / Spalding Bandit Lair

You'll find the Spalding Bandit Lair on the southern shores of Lincolnscire, facing towards East Anglia. The chest is located in a locked hut in the middle of the restricted area, so you'll have to steal or otherwise acquire the key from the nearby guard to access it.


Location: Lincoln / Lincolnscire

You'll find a large building in the centre of the city of Lincoln holding these Bracers. There are no locks or barriers, but you'll have to be careful because it is heavily guarded.


Location: Lincolnscire / Bolingbric Castle

You'll find Bolingbric Castle to the east of Lincoln, but you will probably have to sneak through the castle to find trousers inside. They are in a well guarded building in the centre of the well guarded inner courtyard, past the unsurprisingly well guarded outer courtyard.

You might be able to fight your way through, but it will probably be easier to just be quiet.

Huntsman Armour locations in Assassin's Creed Valhalla

This medium armour can be collected from just about the first moment you step on English soil. It offers decent protection and maneuverability, and its perks increase your ranged damage.

Armour set type: Wolf

Perks for a complete set include:

  • Increase ranged damaged when hitting enemies further than 20m away
  • Additional increase to speed


Location: Ledecestrescire / Templeborough Fort

Templeborough Fort can be found on the south shores of the Trent River, but you'll find this chest inside a building that rests on an island nearly half across the water. To reach the chest, you'll have to shoot down a net of rubble to clear the stone blockage in the way downstairs.


Location: Ledecestrescire / Tonnastadir

This chest is sealed away in a locked and guarded cave, in the centre of Tonnastadir. You'll have to take the key from the Longhouse and dispatch the three guards on the door to the cave to gain access. Luckily, you'll also get a Book of Knowledge for your trouble.


Location: Grantebridgescire / Ravensburg

This chest is available freely to anyone that can fight or sneak their way through Ravensburg, a very well guarded rampart.


Location: Grantebridgescire / Besuncen Tor

It is a truth universally acknowledged that every waterfall in a video game ought to hide something behind, and this one does exactly that. Ignore the picturesque ruins of Besuncen Tor and instead wade through the waterfall, then immediately take a dive into the plunge pool beyond it.

You'll eventually come out in a cave with the chest at the far end.


Location: Grantebridgescire / Soham Hideout

This chest is located in the largest hut of the swampy Soham Hideout. If you're having any trouble finding the way in, the entrance is actually on the ground below the scaffolding surrounding most of the building.

Magisters Armour locations in Assassin's Creed Valhalla

Worn by the magister that oversaw the Hidden Ones evacuation of England in the 5th century, this armour is strong without being very heavy. The perks it provides are entirely offensive as well, perfect for anyone that doesn't intend to let their opponents hit them back.

Armour set type: Raven

Perks for a complete set include:

  • Increase melee damage at night
  • Additional increase to ranged damage


Location: East Anglia / Serpents Landing

Assaulting Serpents Landing is one of the story missions you'll do once you pledge yourself to East Anglia. But if you can't wait that long, you can head there early to grab this cloak. The key to the chest can be found in a nearby tent, and the chest itself is hidden behind a breakable wooden wall.


Location: East Anglia / King's Bury

It's probably easiest to acquire the mask by raiding King's Bury with your fellow vikings, but it's entirely possible to do it by yourself.

The chest is inside the well guarded church. You can force open the door with a raid, or smash the unbarred window if you're by yourself. There are several elite enemies inside, so be ready for a fight, or to run away once you're through.


Location: Oxenefordscire / Leah Villa Garrison

Leah Villa Garrison is a large, completely restricted location with plenty of guards, patrols and an alarm bell so its best to approach this one cautiously. You'll also be saving some prisoners from here once you pledge yourself to Oxenefordscire on the Alliance Map, so you can collect these robes with that if you want.

The chest is hidden in a store room near the main building, and can only be accessed by destroying the stone rubble blocking the entrance. You can find oil jars in a nearby building accessed by pulling a shelf out of the way, or you can use an explosive arrow if you've unlocked that ability.


Location: Oxenefordscire / Buckingham

The chest can be found on the upper floors of a church in the middle of Buckingham, but its not easy to access. All but one of the doors are barred, and the other is heavily guarded and requires a key to open. You can find the key nearby, but it is also under guard.

The easiest method to get past them all is to socially blend with the wandering monks that just so happen to wander past the key and the door. Once inside, use your bow to shoot the ladder clasp to gain access to the upper floors.


Location: Oxenefordscire / Oxenforda

This chest is locked away high up in a tower in the centre of Oxenforda. You'll have to smash a stained glass window to enter the building, then destroy a patch of weak wooden ceiling boards so you can climb up to the next floor.

After that you'll find a large shelf that blocks the way and can't be moved. Line up a shot on the chandelier above it to destroy whatever is blocking it from moving and you'll finally gain access to this chest.

Mentor's Armour locations in Assassin's Creed Valhalla

The Mentor who originally owned this armour was a 4th century Hidden Ones member who, unsurprising, made it to the rank of Mentor. Its light armour with a huge focus on melee that makes it incredibly useful for anyone that prefers to be quick on the battlefield.

Armour set type: Raven

Perks for a complete set include:

  • Increase attack after critical hits
  • Additional increase to speed


Location: Snotinghamscire / Loch Clunbre

This large, restricted camp is heavily guarded, and the chest you need is in a hut at the centre of it all, so you'll have to be very, or very loud to get to it. Once outside, simply smash the weak wood door open and kill the keyholder inside and the chest is yours for the taking.


Location: Snotinghamscire / Sherwood Hideout

The Mentor's mask is located in a large restricted camp, luckily, you'll barely need to enter it to find the chest. The chest is in a small hut along the edge of the outer fence, and there is an entry right next to it. Use this to sneak in and grab the mask without any hassle.


Location: Suthsexe / Guildford

From outside you should be able to see a net of rubble hanging near the top. Drop that with an arrow and you'll find a route into the church. From there, destroy the weakened floorboards to make it to the balcony that gives you access to the ground floor, and move the shelf under the scaffolding to find the door to the chest.


Location: Suthexe / Anderitum Hideout

This area is restricted, and heavily guarded, but you can find the key near the entrance to the underground tunnels. Once inside, follow the tunnels until you find a crawlspace on the left, but be on the lookout for any guards and snakes around here.

Slide through the crawlspace and head to the end of the corridor. It's dark in here but one of the walls is stone rubble that can be destroyed with an explosive arrow or oil jar, and there's a few of them back on the surface.

Past the stone rubble there's a few more passages to walk down and one last wooden wall to smash through before you reach the chest.


Location: Wincestre / Wincestre Garrison

Several guards and one barred door block access to this chest. The door can be opened with a well placed arrow through the small windows of the storehouse. The guards can be dispatched by other means, if you desire.

Thegn's Armour locations in Assassin's Creed Valhalla

The raw protection of the Thegn's armour, coupled with the perks that focus on damage out make this one of the strongest melee armours in the game. Perfect for heavy hitters that want to do plenty of damage and don't mind being very slow.

Armour set type: Bear

Perks for a complete set include:

  • Increase critical chance when parrying
  • Additional increase to critical damage


Location: Wincestre / Bishops Residence

The expansive garden is both very heavily guarded, but once inside you can sneak into the manor from an open side window. From there you'll need to climb the first floor, smash the wooden door on the other side of the room, which gives you an angle to shoot the barred door blocking the way to the chest.

Great Helm

Location: Wincestre / Old Minster

This chest is easy enough to find, accessible from the outside of the cathedral through behind a stained glass window. But it requires three keys to open, which are a little trickier to hunt down. One is in the rafters of the main cathedral building. One is on the top of the tallest tower of the building, accessible from the balcony if you destroy the boxes blocking the crawlspace. The final key is back on the ground, found in another of the cathedrals many offshoots. The easiest method to find this is to use Odin's Vision generously.

Heavy Armour

Location: Eurvicscire / Temple of Brigantia

This waterlogged ruin hides several underwater passages you'll have to explore. You can find the dive point near the middle of the ruins, then simply follow the passage along to reach the chest. Try not to work slowly though, as it's quite a long time to hold your breath.


Location: Eurvicscire / Stenwege Camp

The Thegn's Bracers can be found at the highest point of this incredible large hill fort. There are no keys or barred doors blocking your path, but there are a lot of enemies. Approach from the waters to the south and you can make your way up with the fewest guards in your way.


Location: Aelfwood / Glowecestrescire

Aelfwood is a large, restricted, difficult to navigate area, so approach with caution. There's quite a lot of treasure buried here, but there's plenty of guard to protect it. The Breeches are behind a locked and guarded door leading to a cave. The key is held by an elite you can find on top of the hillock the cave digs into.

The new DLC is here - and we explain how to start The Siege of Paris, as well as new romance options and Treasure Hoard locations. If you're after end game activities in the full game, we can explain how to get Nodens' Arc, Excalibur, Thor gear and other Valhalla armour sets, Power Level and how to get XP fast, Order of the Ancients locations and all Assassin's Creed Valhalla story choices. If you're looking for things to collect and upgrade, we have lists on best skills and Book of Knowledge locations.

Arenhare'ko:wa Armour locations in Assassin's Creed Valhalla

Spoiler warning ahead. This set of armour can only be found in a specific region off the map, and relates to the Order questline, if you'd like to discover this for yourself, read no further.

Th Arenhare'ko:wa armour is light, but durable, and a good all round build for players that utilise melee, ranged, and stealth especially when you include the perks.

And the reason for that is that it is the only armour you'll have in Vinland. After discovering who The Keel is, upon completing the Lunden Saga, you'll get the chance to travel to Vinland to assassinate him.

Unfortunately, you can't take any of your gear with you, as it's not exactly in keeping with the local culture. But once you arrive you can barter for the armour set, as well as some weapons, so you're not completely defenseless in this foreign land.

This armour set is unique in many ways, from the design to the all purpose build. Unfortunately, you can't take it with you when you return to England and Norway. Instead your inventory will revert back to exactly what you had before you left. But should you return to Vinland for any reason though, you will have everything you acquired for as long as you're there.

Armour set type: Wolf

Perks for a complete set include:

  • Increase ranged damage when close to full health
  • Slowly regenerate health when below 50%


Location: Vinland / Any trader

Each part of the Arenhare'ko:wa outfit can be bought from any of the traders you'll find across Vinland, but instead of coin you'll need to trade coal, leather and sometimes carbon ingots. All of these can be found around the map, or in high concentrations in the chests around The Keels' camps.

The Cloak costs 60 coal, 115 leather, and 2 carbon ingots.


Location: Vinland / Any trader

Each part of the Arenhare'ko:wa outfit can be bought from any of the traders you'll find across Vinland, but instead of coin you'll need to trade coal, leather and sometimes carbon ingots. All of these can be found around the map, or in high concentrations in the chests around The Keels' camps.

The Headgear costs 100 coal, 55 leather, and 2 carbon ingots.


Location: Vinland / Any trader

Each part of the Arenhare'ko:wa outfit can be bought from any of the traders you'll find across Vinland, but instead of coin you'll need to trade coal, leather and sometimes carbon ingots. All of these can be found around the map, or in high concentrations in the chests around The Keels' camps. The Outfit costs 70 coal, 100 leather, and 2 carbon ingots.


Location: Vinland / Any trader

Each part of the Arenhare'ko:wa outfit can be bought from any of the traders you'll find across Vinland, but instead of coin you'll need to trade coal, leather and sometimes carbon ingots. All of these can be found around the map, or in high concentrations in the chests around The Keels' camps. The Bracers Cost 40 coal, and 55 leather.


Location: Vinland / Any trader

Each part of the Arenhare'ko:wa outfit can be bought from any of the traders you'll find across Vinland, but instead of coin you'll need to trade coal, leather and sometimes carbon ingots. All of these can be found around the map, or in high concentrations in the chests around The Keels' camps. The Pants cost 55 coal, and 70 leather.

Finally, one set not listed on this page is for Thor armour - which we've given its own dedicated page due to its unique structure.

Good luck finding everything you need!

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