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Assassin's Creed: Valhalla - Excalibur guide: Where to find all Treasures of Britain tablet locations

How to get your hands on the legendary weapon.

Assassin's Creed: Valhalla's Excalibur is an exciting prospect - a chance to get your hands on perhaps Britain's most legendary sword.

Being a very difficult and obscure item to obtain, Excalibur doesn't have any sort of prompt or related questline - but you can start collecting the necessary items to obtain it as soon as you arrive in England.

However, is strongly advised to wait until the late game, since some of the required parts include three boss fights from high power level, making it extremely difficult if you're unprepared.

This page explains how to find Treasures of Britain tablets and get your hands on Excalibur itself.

On this page:

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How to get Excalibur in Assassin's Creed Valhalla

To obtain Excalibur, you need to collect the 11 Mysterious Tablets. The first 8 tablets are called the Treasures of Britain, and you need to go to several specific locations where you will face some parkour trials.

You will also be rewarded with 1 skill point per tablet, which always comes in handy for increasing your Power Level.

The remaining 3 tablets are owned by three Zealot members of The Ancient Order, called Woden, Heike, and Hrothgar, which will be patrolling at random in some specific regions of England.

First things first - let's get our hands on the eight Treasures of Britain tablets found across the country.

Treasures of Britain Tablet location 1: Cavern of Trials

As soon as you arrive at this location on the east side of Cent, head into the house and look for the ladder that goes underground. Follow the path inside and use Odin's sight to see the Key of Courage hanging from a rope, which you will have to grab in mid-air if your timing is right.

Open the door and continue until you hit a circular corridor with a ruined statue in the middle and various entrances surrounding it at different height levels.

Every opening will take you to a different parkour puzzle (same principle of getting the key in mid-air with some slight twists) and at the very bottom lies the series of doors that the remaining 3 keys (Balance, Agility, and Dexerity) will open.

The next zone will have pushable crates that you need to line up to jump to the next sub-sections, and after doing that three times you will find some stone stairs, with the tablet altar at the top.

Treasures of Britain Tablet location 2: Grime's Graves

Grime's Graves is located southwest of Elmenham. You need to make a Leap of faith to enter the cave and near the end of the very linear path, you will notice a cursed altar below the wood platforms, at the bottom.

Destroy it and continue until you get the tablet.

Treasures of Britain Tablet location 3: Old Cellar

This cave at the southwest of Colcestre is pretty linear (the path diverges at the beginning but it quickly reunites), just having to pay attention to the poison clouds that you can either avoid or burn out with torches.

Once you reach the cellar, use Odin's Sight to highlight the wine barrels' locks and shoot at them, so the spilled stale wine makes the water under the grate rise and you can get the tablet.

Treasures of Britain Tablet location 4: Wiccan's Cave

Located to the west of Jorvik, Wiccan cave has a pretty linear path but also easy to get lost. Make your way in until you hit the open area with the tree on a central platform, climb up to it and from there you will be able to jump into a wall to the right.

Follow another pretty linear path until you hit a T corridor, and look at your right, where a dead-end should be. Shoot an arrow to the ice wall and once it's broken continue until you see a locked door.

You can either head to the left small entrance where two angry boars are waiting for you, or break the door at the right and greet the chicken chilling there. No matter what you do, you will see a hole at the side of the locked room that will allow you to break the door lock shooting at it, and enter to get the tablet.

Treasures of Britain Tablet location 5: Red Lichen Cavern

After a short trip to the east of Wincestre, you will arrive at the Red Lichen Cavern.

Once you arrive at the initial open area head to the left and from there the path to the tablet will be very short and straightforward but plagued with poison clouds, which you can either ignore (since they don't inflict too much damage) or easily burn with a torch.

Whatever action you choose just be fast, get out as quickly as possible and you should be fine.

Treasures of Britain Tablet location 6: Wocig

This cave at the northeast of Chepeham will have a heavy parkour-based path. Drive the boat until you see some stone stairs, and hop off.

Walk upstairs, face the left wall, and climb to the top. From there you have to jump several parkour platforms that go around the cave until you see a torch.

Get through the small entrance, use Odin's Sight to see the room at the left, and very carefully blow all the flammable pots inside until they're all destroyed and you're able to get under a small crack in the wall (previously hidden by pots) leading to the tablet.

Treasures of Britain Tablet location 7: Deoraby Spar Cavern

Once you're inside this cave located in the north part of Snotinghamscire, you have to climb to the top platform, which will take you through a crack in the wall to an open room with three ruined statues.

You need to first go through the left path, from where you will be able to safely traverse to the right side of the room, and if you surround the next statue you will see an obscured parkour trail that with allow you to go to the northern part of the room.

After that just climb up the statue and jump a few more platforms, and head to the tablet chamber.

Treasures of Britain Tablet location 8: Santlache Mine

First off, enter through the stairs entrance, then blow the breakable wall at your right and head until you reach a dead-end: you will see a small entrance to the left.

Once inside climb the ladder, continue until you see another ladder with a breakable lock, and after some parkour platforms, you will find a zipline that you can ride. After you land in the new open area, blow the breakable wall to get into the next zone, which is filled with water.

Go behind the wood wheel and dive underwater for a long swim, so don't fool around too much and after breaking an underwater door you will shortly arrive at the chamber holding the mysterious tablet at the center.

Where to get the final three Mysterious Tablets in Assassin's Creed Valhalla

To get the remaining three Mysterious Tablets, we need to defeat specific Zealots of the Ancient Order members.


Hrothgar will be walking on foot around Suthsexe. His power level is 280 and not only he hits like a truck, but he also heals himself, so you should be very, very prepared before fighting him.


With a power level of 250, Heike roams around the roads of Essexe. Equipped with a sword and heavy shield, he's very fast and hits hard and has a predilection for poison bombs, and coats his sword in poison. Dodging, parrying, and generally attacking from afar can be very useful.


The third zealot patrols around the main roads of Cent. His power level is 220, and while he's not as strong as the other two, he is very fast and uses flash bombs. Keep dodging patiently and you will be able to defeat him.

Where to find Myrddin's Cave and get Excalibur explained

Once you have all the tablets, head to Myrddin's Cave in Hamtunscire. Be very careful of the wild bears outside and follow the path.

First, you need to complete a few parkour trails and a Leap of Faith that will lead you to an underwater entrance.

After that, you will arrive at an open area with 11 monoliths and the altar where Excalibur is locked in at the center.

Insert all the tables in their respective slots and you will obtain the mythical sword Excalibur.

Keep in mind you won't be able to retrieve the sword unless you insert all of them, so it's advised to do this at the very end.

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How good is Excalibur in Assassin's Creed: Valhalla? Excalibur stats and perks explained

Now you have the legendary Excalibur, what should you do? Simple - wreak havoc!

Excalibur is a Mythical quality two-handed sword that belongs to the Bear Skill Tree.

It drops already upgraded to level 7 and its passive effect makes Heavy finishers & Criticals blind all enemies around, and it comes with 3 rune slots, which gives you a lot of room for improvement. Besides, it's shiny and makes a dope sound when you swing it, which isn't important at all but looks very, very cool.

And if the looks and the amazing stats weren't enough (over 100 attack points!), you can use it with another weapon using the Dual Heavy Wielding perk, which makes you absolutely unstoppable.

If you want more mythical items to track down, we recommend Thor's gear next...