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Amazon Luna coming to select LG TVs, allowing users to stream games without a console

Prime of your life.

Amazon Luna LG TV
Image credit: Amazon

Luna, Amazon's cloud-streaming service, is coming to certain LG televisions. This will enable users to stream games directly on their TV, without a console.

This feature will be coming to LG's 2021-2023 Smart TV models for those of us here in the UK.

Those with 2023's LG Smart TVs will be able to access their Luna games directly from the Home Screen Game Card. Meanwhile, those with Smart TVs from 2021/22 will be able to download the Luna app (which can be found on the LG content store).

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To get going, users will need to log into their Amazon account on the Luna app. Then it's just a case of connecting a compatible controller.

"Amazon Prime members can play Fortnite and a rotating selection of games at no additional cost and Ubisoft PC gamers can connect their account to play select games they already own," the company said in a release.

In addition, players can select from a variety of Luna subscription models, such as Luna+, to get their hands on a range of games. This includes the likes of Resident Evil 2 and Assassin's Creed Valhalla (pictured below), among others.

Eivor in AC Valhalla
Image credit: Ubisoft

Luna first arrived on the shores of Blighty, along with Germany and Canada, back in March. This followed a period of exclusivity in the US.

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