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Assassin's Creed Valhalla - Punching Basim: The consequences of Punch Basim or Take a Breath explained

Should you lose your temper?

Blood from a Stone is a mission in the Oxenefordscire region in Assassin's Creed Valhalla.

As part of it, you're faced with a choice of punching Basim or to Take a Breath.

Though not quite a life or death decision as with killing or sparing Leofrith, this choice will have an effect on your relationship with Sigurd.

Be wary, however, as this page does contain spoilers for the Blood from a Stone mission.

On this page:

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How the Blood from a Stone mission and punching Basim or to Take a Breath works in Assassin's Creed Valhalla

After securing the alliance with East Anglia, Eivor heads to Oxenefordscire to meet with Sigurd and Basim.

There Eivor learns that Sigurd is trying to secure an alliance with Thegn Geadric in order to overthrow Oxenefordscire's new leader, Lady Eadwyn.

In addition, Sigurd is looking for a woman named Fulke who might help him discover his true destiny. Eivor agrees to aid Geadric while Sigurd and Basim look for Fulke.

There is an optional quest (Chipping Away) that Eivor can complete that will disrupt Lady Eadwyn's hold on Oxenefordscire, but Eivor can choose to immediately meet up with Sigurd and Basim. Together they assault Linforda to free captured thegns (Brewing Rebellion).

Eivor wants to aid Geadric, but Sigurd convinces Eivor to help them rescue Fulke who is being held captive at a monastery in Saint Albanes Abby (Pilgrimage to St. Albanes).

After they rescue Fulke, she leads them to Evinghoul Tower where she has a Saga Stone (an ancient relic that Sigurd needs) hidden away. Upon arrival they find that the tower has been sacked and the stone has been taken.

This leads to an immediate confrontation with Lady Eadwyn and her men. Not wanting to betray Geadric, Eivor incites a fight, which consequently forces Sigurd to reveal his full plan.

Punch Basim or take a Breath decision in Assassin's Creed Valhalla explained

An argument ensues between Eivor, Sigurd, and Basim, and Eivor is given two choices:

  • (Take a breath)
  • (Punch Basim)

The argument continues regardless of what you choose but with slightly different dialogue. This leads to another choice:

  • Enough of this.
  • (Punch Sigurd)

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How does punching Basim or not affect Assassin's Creed Valhalla?

At this point, there are a couple of combinations that can happen that will affect your loyalty with Sigurd long term.

Punching both Basim and Sigurd will lower your loyalty with Sigurd and affect the ending.

If you choose not to punch Basim or Sigurd then your loyalty will stay the same. Of course, punching him can still see your overall loyalty intact, based on other actions in the game - so if you've been on his side so far, feel free to go ahead!

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