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Assassin's Creed Valhalla - Telling Ubba the truth about Ivarr: The consequences of the King Killer mission decision

Should you lie or be up front in this The Book of Dragons mission?

The Book of Dragons is a mission in the Scriropscire region of Assassin's Creed Valhalla.

During this mission, you'll find yourself fighting Ivarr and, once you've defeated him, you'll have to decide whether to tell Ubba that Ivarr died well, badly or wanted death.

Like deciding whether or not to punch Basim, this decision will affect your relationship with Ubba later on in the game.

Be warned, however, this page does contain spoilers for The Book of Dragons mission.

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How King Killer mission and telling Ubba Ivarr died well, badly or wanted death works in Assassin's Creed Valhalla

Eivor is given the option to tell Ubba the truth about Ivarr or not in Chapter 3 of The Book of Dragons, mission King Killer.

Now that the alliance with Oxenefordscire is secure, Eivor travels to Scriropscire to meet with Ivarr and Ceolbert. Ceolbert has been working with Bishop Deorlaf to secure peace with their neighbor King Rhodri of the Britons (War Weary). Unfortunately, the peace talks have not been successful.

Eivor learns that in order for peace to be achieved King Rhodri wants his brother, Gwriad ap Merfyn, to be released. Right after agreeing to the terms, Ivarr makes a rash decision and kills Gwriad. This leads to a fight for survival for Eivor and the rest of the Danes.

With peace talks out of the question, the trio prepares for war. Eivor is tasked with disrupting King Rhodri's supply lines (The Supply Line) and destroying cargo (Ransaking Wenlocan).

Once these missions are done, Eivor meets with Ceolbert and Ivarr at Wesberie to attack King Rhodri's forces there (Bloody Path to Peace). This leads to a truce between the Danes and Britons.

Tragically, Ceolbert is killed in an ambush and the only evidence that Eivor has is a dagger with the crest of the Britons. Now angered by the betrayal, Eivor and Ivarr assault Caustow Castle, King Rhodri's fortress (King Killer).

After successfully capturing King Rhodri, Ivarr and Eivor take him to a secluded location where Ivarr brutally kills him. Ivarr then makes a startling confession: he was the one who killed Ceolbert and pinned the murder on King Rhodri.

Ivarr challenges Eivor to a fight to the death; after his defeat, Eivor sends word to Ubba about his brother's death.

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Tell Ubba Ivarr died well, badly or wanted death decision in Assassin's Creed Valhalla explained

Back at Quatford, Eivor meets with Ubba where Ubba asks if his brother died well. Eivor is given the following choices:

  • Ivarr died well.
  • Ivarr died badly.
  • He wanted death.

How does telling Ubba Ivarr died well, badly or wanted death affect Assassin's Creed Valhalla?

Telling Ubba that Ivarr died badly is the best option here and Ubba will thank you for your honesty.

If Eivor lies then Ubba will return later in the game and will be angry at Eivor.

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