Pokémon Go's Halloween event is a very special one, featuring new creatures never-before-seen in the game, all of which are Ghost- and Dark-types introduced on top of Gen 4's recent rollout.

Meanwhile, there's also a new set of cosmetic items in the store, and the very welcome return of double Candy, giving something for just about everyone to get excited over as they trick or treat.

Pokémon Go Halloween event start date and start time

The Pokémon Go Halloween event starts on Tuesday, October 23rd at the following times:

  • UK: 9pm (BST)
  • Europe: 10pm (CEST)
  • East Coast US: 4pm (ET)
  • West Coast US: 1pm (PST)

The Pokémon Go Halloween event will end on Thursday, November 1st at the following times:

  • UK: 9pm (BST)
  • Europe: 10pm (CEST)
  • East Coast US: 4pm (ET)
  • West Coast US: 1pm (PST)

Of course, if you miss out on any of the new creatures, it's almost certain there will be another chance to get them when Gen 4 arrives in its entirety, with most Ghost-type Pokémon in particular available after the game has switch to 'night' mode each day.

Ghost and Dark Types coming to Pokémon Go at Halloween

Several new Pokemon are confirmed to debut as part of the event, all from the gradually rolled-out fourth generation of creatures. They are:

No.PokémonType, Evolution and predicted catch method
425 Drifloon
Ghost / Flying Type
No previous evolution
426 Drifblim
Ghost / Flying Type
Evolves from Drifloon (using Candy)
434 Stunky
Poison / Dark Type
No previous evolution
435 Skuntank
Poison / Dark Type
Evolves from Stunky (using Candy)
442 Spiritomb
Ghost / Dark Type
Special Research
487 Giratina
Ghost / Dragon Type
Legendary Raid

Interestingly, unlike last year where all new Pokémon introduced on Halloween got shiny versions introduced too, it looks like it's just Drifloon (and therefore its evolution Drifblim) that have had Shiny versions confirmed, so keep an eye out!

As well as the above, expect to see increased spawns of existing spooky Pokémon. Based on years gone by, these would include:

  • Gengar, Gastly and Haunter
  • Zubat, Golbat and Crobat
  • Murkrow
  • Misdreavus
  • Cubone
  • Houndour and evolution Houndoom
  • Sneasel
  • Shuppet and evolution Banette
  • Duskull and evolution Dusknoir

As with other seasonal events, there are likely others that will spawn as well, which we'll know more about when it arrives - likewise on that topic, the event has yet to go live at the time of writing, and so we can't confirm whether or not evolutions of those spooky Pokémon that are due to arrive in Gen 4 - like Honchcrow, Weavile and Dusknoir - will be made available with this update or not.

What else do we know about the Pokémon Go Halloween event?

As well as the six new confirmed Gen 4 creatures, the event will also introduce new items in the store, including a Gengar backpack and Drifloon cap.

There's also Double Candy for catching, hatching and transferring Pokémon, which is very welcome, and of course the introduction of Giratina to Legendary raids, as mentioned in that table above. Giratina will leave raids on November 20th at 1pm PST - the same as those end times up above - and there's no word yet on its Alternate Form, interestingly.

Finally, perhaps the most interesting introduction is some new Special Research, which an earlier leak suggests will be to do with Spiritomb. We'll update this page with details as soon as we learn more.

Even if you don't manage to catch any or all new creatures, the 2x Buddy Pokémon drop is great way to quickly evolve Rare Pokémon. The system is designed so you only have to catch a single Pokémon in order to (gradually) level it up, so Buddy up with starters, a Legendary, or anything else you want to power up or evolve before the event ends.

Here are the overall Candy changes from the event in closer detail:

Candy sourceHalloween MultiplierCandy earned
Catching Pokémon 2x 6 Candy for first evolution (instead of 3), 10 for second and 20 for third
Transferring Pokémon 2x 2 Candy (instead of 1)
Egg Hatching 2x 2km Egg - Approximately 20 Candy (instead of 10)
5km Egg - Approximately 40 Candy (instead of 20)
10km Egg - Approximately 60 Candy (instead of 30)
Buddy Pokémon 2x Distances dropped - now 0.5km (1km), 1.5km (3km), 2.5km (5km)

If you're after Candy, then Eggs are also a good source, and it's probably worth priortising 2km Eggs (and investing in a few extra Incubators) to make it worth your while - which is where the Super Incubators potentially going on sale during the event will probably come in handy.

Finally, the event would be a good chance to build up your Medals and improve those Catch Bonuses, especially for Psychic, Ghost and Poison types - and of course, start unlocking the Sinnoh medal with the arrival of new creatures, too.

Additional writing by Matthew Reynolds.

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