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Weather in Fortnite: Tornadoes and Lightning explained

And now the Fortnite weather report…

Weather, in the form of tornadoes and lightning, was released during Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1.

Originally teased in the initial Fortnite Chapter 3 trailer, the different types of weather helps give the island a sense of life in a similar manner to the introduction of wildlife during Chapter 2.

Be it a tornado or a lightning, each form of weather can provide you with a small benefit. Though it may come with a cost.

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A Tornado in Fortnite

Weather in Fortnite explained

Weather - be it a tornado or a lightning - will form in Fortnite roughly two minutes into the match when the storm we all know and love starts descending on the island.

Where the weather appears and which type is selected randomly, but, thankfully, both are visible from afar. This allows you to either avoid or travel towards said weather in an attempt to benefit from their different effects.

Lightning comes from the grey thunderstorm grey clouds, while tornadoes are far larger and look like, well, tornadoes.

Both can travel around the island, so, if you don't keep an eye on the sky, you may find yourself in the midst of a storm!

Tornadoes in Fortnite explained

Tornadoes in Fortnite pick up debris - from cars to fallen trees to anything else which might cross their wake - as they travel across the island. This includes you!

Don't worry if you find yourself in the grasp of a tornado though; you'll simply get a free ride, without taking damage, as you glide around the cyclone. You can even take a pick into the eye of the storm, but, sadly, there's not much to see.

When you're ready to leave, safely fly out of its path until you reach the ground.

Lightning in Fortnite explained

Lightning strikes in Fortnite rein down upon the island and, sometimes, you from grey thunderstorms.

Lighting strikes at regular intervals when you're close to or beneath a thunderstorm and, in Breath of the Wild fashion, sparks will appear on the section of ground where it will land. If you want to be, head to one of these sparky areas, but, if not, run!

To increase your chances of being struck by lightning, head into water or climb to higher ground once you're near a thunderstorm.

If you're hit by lightning, you'll take 10 damage from your health, or shield if you have any, along with gaining a speed boost.

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