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Streamer plays Final Fantasy 14 with an actual book and pencil


Not content with playing through Elden Ring with a banana (no, really), streamer Super Louis 64 has now been playing Final Fantasy 14 using an actual book and pencil.

The streamer played as the book-wielding Scholar healer, complete with a matching graduation gown.

Spells are cast by literally scribbling in a giant book. Fantasy becomes reality!

Cover image for YouTube videoFINAL FANTASY XIV Patch 6.1 - Newfound Adventure
Final Fantasy 14 Patch 6.1 - Newfound Adventure

Movement and other functions are handled with buttons on the modded giant pencil that accompanies the book.

However, there aren't enough input options for all abilities, meaning the Swiftcast ability is out. No instant revives here then.

After some practice, Super Louis 64 went on to perform the role in actual online duties. Impressive stuff!

Final Fantasy 14's next patch is due out later this month and will include the Island Sanctuary farming sim mode.

The game continues to be incredibly popular, so much that it's one of Square Enix's biggest earners.