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Final Fantasy 14 to receive Island Sanctuary farming sim mode in next patch

Plus data centre travel from next week.

The next patch for Final Fantasy 14 will include a new Island Sanctuary farming sim mode.

Revealed in today's Letter from the Producer stream, the new mode will be "relaxing solo content" that allows players to gather resources, care for creatures, build facilities, and earn special currency to purchase items.

Patch 6.2 will be called Buried Memory and is set for release in late August 2022.

Letter from the Producer Part LXXI.

The patch will include the next batch of story quests, following on from previous patch Newfound Adventure.

Other major additions include new weapon enhancement quests for Manderville weapons in the Somehow Further Hildibrand Adventures questline; new variable-difficulty dungeon sets; and an expansion of the Duty Support system to allow players to progress through the Heavensward main scenario solo.

Before all that, patch 6.18 is due for release on 5th July and will include the much-requested Data Centre Travel feature.

This will allow players to team up with others across data centres, although the feature will only be regional - meaning travel between Japanese, North American, European, and Oceanian data centres will be unavailable.

Lastly, patch 6.18 will introduce a new Meteor data centre for Japan, and the first of two major expansions to the number of worlds in European data centres. This will allow more players to experience the game and ease congestion problems that reached a peak at the release of Endwalker last year.

Between this and the newly announced Harvestella, Square Enix is certainly pushing its farming sim content.

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