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Elden Ring boss beaten with an actual banana

An appeeling method.

Yes, you read that headline correctly: a boss in Elden Ring has been beaten using an actual banana.

Not content with playing through Elden Ring with a Ring Fit Adventure controller, streamer Super Louis 64 is now playing through the game using a banana controller.

So far he's even managed to beat Godrick without slipping up, one of the game's early bosses that many players have struggled with.

Let's peel back the method. Essentially, a bunch of bananas are hooked up to a PC and linked to a single input when pressed. There are four bananas for movement, a jump banana, an attack banana, etc.

It's also not new for Elden Ring - Super Louis 64 is known for playing games with whacky homemade controllers. He previously played through Dark Souls 3 in 2017 with the same setup (he's since changed his name).

Since then, he's done Dark Souls with bananas, a Ring Fit controller, and even DK Bongos.

Between this, sub-50 minute speedruns, so-called cheesing techniques, and selling runes on eBay, the Elden Ring community has truly gone bananas.

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