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This Dark Souls 3 video is bananas, literally

Like someone actually made a controller out of bananas.

The Dark Souls devoted are a strange and masochistic bunch with all sorts of passionate players creating bizarre challenges for themselves. There are folks who play through these games without taking any damage, others who play on the hardest New Game Plus cycle bare-handed, some who convert the control scheme to a cumbersome plastic instrument, and one person even conquered From's classic using only voice commands. But Twitch user TheSuperScrubs (YouTube handle ATwerkingYoshi) has unveiled the most bananas Dark Souls challenge yet by conquering From Software's latest adventure using a controller that is quite literally comprised of bananas.

I'm not going to pretend to understand the witchcraft and wizardry that goes into powering an electronic game system through fruit, but apparently this is a real thing that actually exists if you're nuts (in a good way) enough to try it. On that note, I wonder if TheSuperScrubs will attempt a similar feat with actual nuts? George Washington Carver would certainly be proud.

Making the run even more impressive is the fact that TheSuperScrubs never uses summons. Instead, he stands his ground, which is especially courageous given all the banana peels that must be on the floor.

I've embedded the start of the run up above to avoid spoilers and introduce the bananas control scheme, but if you'd like to see the final boss bested by fruit, here's the appeeling denouement.

In addition to bananas, TheSuperScrubs already completed Dark Souls 3 using a steering wheel, Donkey Kong bongos, and made it halfway through with a Wiimote.

When asked on Reddit what they'd like to do next regarding Dark Souls 3, the eccentric player replied "I messing with motion controls." Maybe we'll get a Kinect run?

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