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Streamer plays Elden Ring with a Ring Fit controller

Keeping that elden ring fit.

A streamer is playing through Elden Ring with a Ring Fit Adventure controller.

YouTuber Super Louis 64 hooked up the controller from Nintendo's fitness RPG to his PlayStation 5 and began a fresh playthrough of FromSoftware's latest epic on stream.

A clip of him beating the Bloodhound Knight Darriwil boss has already gone viral.

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So how does it work?

Movement is through the stick on the Joy-Con, but will only be activated if he's jogging. Attacking is done through motion controls, either by squeezing the ring or moving it in an attacking motion. Healing is done through squatting.

My thighs hurt just thinking about it.

It's not the first time Super Louis 64 has attempted something like this. He's already played Dark Souls, Final Fantasy 14 and Breath of the Wild with a Ring Fit Adventure controller.

In fact, he's known for beating games with strange controllers, including Dark Souls with a controller made from a banana, Ghost of Tsushima with an actual katana, and Final Fantasy 14 with a pizza.

He's not alone either: Twitch streamer Rudeism beat Dark Souls 3 last year with a single button.

Check out Super Louis 64's Elden Ring run below.

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