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Shiny Grubbin, evolution chart, 100% perfect IV stats and best Vikavolt in Pokémon Go

Everything you need to know about the Larva Pokémon’s Community Day!

Grubbin is the focus of September’s Community Day event in Pokémon Go. The Larva Pokémon will have both increased spawn and shiny rates during this event, which is perfect as this Community Day also marks the release of shiny Grubbin!

This Pokémon Go Community Day is perfect for newcomers and seasoned players alike. Offering new players the chance to easily add Vikavolt to their Pokédex, while longtime players may be more interested in catching a Grubbin with 100% perfect IV stats and, if this is the case, you’ll want to know Vikavolt’s best moveset.

No matter whether you’re after a shiny Grubbin or one with the best stats, it’s a good idea to know the bonuses for September’s Community Day, especially since these include a triple catch XP bonus.

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Grubbin’s 100% perfect IV stats in Pokémon Go

September’s Community Day is focused around Grubbin making it the perfect time to catch a Grubbin with perfect IV stats in Pokémon Go.

For Grubbin, the CP values which correspond to perfect 15/15/15 stats are as follows:

  • Level 30 (wild CP maximum) - 843 CP
  • Level 35 (weather boosted CP maximum) - 914 CP

Grubbin’s wild CP value aligns with your current Trainer Level until you reach Level 30, so, since the majority of the player base is above this level, we keep to these values for the sake of simplicity. If you’re currently beneath Level 30, however, these values will be different.

Perfect stats in Pokemon Go, however, depend entirely on what you want to use your Pokémon for.

When it comes to the Master League and raids, perfect means focusing exclusively on 15/15/15, which are the best possible stats a Pokémon can have. Perfect stats for both the Great League and Ultra League, however, are different since the goal is to get the lowest attack for the highest defence, while also getting that CP Level as close to the league’s cap as possible.

If you want to run Vikavolt in those leagues, you’re looking for these different stats:

  • A perfect Great League Vikavolt is 0/14/12, with 1498 CP at Level 18.
  • A perfect Ultra League Vikavolt is 2/15/15, with 2500 CP at Level 29.5.

Though Vikavolt is best suited for the Master League, it still doesn’t hold weight in this League so be prepared if you’re planning on using it there. Vikavolt is also very much a middling Pokémon when it comes to the Great and Ultra Leagues.

If you do plan on using Vikavolt in the Go Battle League, then we highly recommend getting one via evolution during this Community Day event as its exclusive Fast move, Volt Switch, will definitely be useful.

Image credit: Niantic

Grubbin evolution chart: What does Grubbin evolve into?

Grubbin has two evolutions - Charjabug and Vikavolt - with the latter two evolutions being Bug and Electric-type Pokémon.

One theme which runs through the Grubbin evolution line is these Pokémon’s powerful jaws - a fact which is reflected in their official Pokédex entries:

  • Grubbin - 'Its natural enemies, like Rookidee, may flee rather than risk getting caught in its large mandibles that can snap thick tree branches.'
  • Charjabug - 'While its durable shell protects it from attacks, Charjabug strikes at enemies with jolts of electricity discharged from the tips of its jaws.'
  • Vikavolt - 'It builds up electricity in its abdomen, focuses it through its jaws, and then fires the electricity off in concentrated beams.'

September’s Community Day runs between 2pm to 5pm (local time), so you’ll have three hours to gather as much Grubbin Candy as possible to help you complete all of its Pokédex entries.

Here are some tips to help you increase your Candy yield:

  • This Community Day has a double catch candy bonus. Thanks to this bonus, you may get the amount of Candy you need simply by catching Grubbins!
  • Use a Pinap or Silver Pinap Berries while catching Grubbin. These berries will help you build on the double catch candy bonus and further increase the amount of Grubbin Candy you earn per bug.
  • Have a member of the Grubbin evolution line as your buddy. With one of these Pokémon as your buddy, you’ll earn candy for every 1km you walk.
  • Have Mega Beedrill, Mega Pinsir or Mega Scizor active. Having one of these Mega Evolutions active will increase the amount of catch candy you earn when catching Bug-type Pokémon.

Vikavolt moves and best moveset recommendation in Pokémon Go

For Vikavolt’s best moveset in Pokémon Go, we recommend Volt Switch as a Fast Attack and X-Scissor and Discharge as Charged Attacks.

Keep in mind that to have both of these Charged Attacks you’ll need enough Grubbin Candy and Stardust to unlock Vikavolt’s second Charged Attack. Since this can be quite the investment, we only recommend doing so if you truly plan on using Vikavolt in the Go Battle League or raids. If this is the case, then you may also want to try switching out one of these Charged Attacks with Crunch.

It’s also important to note that Volt Switch is the exclusive move for this Community Day, so, if you want Vikavolt to learn it, you must fully evolve a Grubbin when the event is live. If you don’t, you’ll have to use an Elite Fast TM to get this move. This is worth doing though as it will give your Vikavolt an advantage in battle.

If you’d like to use moves outside of our recommendations, then here’s Vikavolt’s full moveset:

Vikavolt Fast Attacks

  • Bug Bite (Bug)
  • Mud-Slap (Ground)
  • Spark (Electric)
  • Volt Switch (Electric) - Community Day exclusive move

Vikavolt Charged Attacks

  • Crunch (Dark)
  • Discharge (Electric)
  • X-Scissor (Bug)

If you’re looking our recommendations, then Vikavolt will have an advantage over the following Pokémon in the three main leagues:

  • Great League - Azumarill, Pelipper, Sableye, Mandibuzz and Registeel.
  • Ultra League - Tapu Fini, Walrein, Cresselia, Talonflame and Jellicent.
  • Master League - Darkrai, Moltres, Gyarados, Melmetal and Shadow Zapdos.

While Vikavolt is very much a middling Pokémon throughout the entire Go Battle League, it can take care of that troublesome Azumarill in the Great League.

What does shiny Grubbin, Charjabug and Vikavolt look like in Pokémon Go?

The opportunity to catch a shiny form of the spotlighted Pokémon is one of the biggest draws of any Community Day event. This is thanks to the increased shiny rate for the event’s spotlighted Pokémon combined with how catching Pokémon of the same type naturally increases said rate making it easier to encounter shinies.

To find a shiny Pokémon, you need to either start a catch encounter with a Pokémon in the wild or earn said encounter by completing an activity like a raid. From there, it’s easy to see if you’ve encountered a shiny Pokémon due to its alternative colouring, the sparkles that appear when the encounter begins and the shiny icons next to the Pokémon’s name.

This Community Day sees the release of the shiny forms for Grubbin, Charjabug and Vikavolt. Thanks to the above-mentioned increased shiny rates during event hours - 2pm to 5pm (local time) - there’s a good chance you’ll encounter this new shiny variant multiple times.

Here’s a look at shiny Grubbin, Charjabug and Vikavolt:

Grubbin family shiny comparison from r/The Silph Road

Thank you to TopAssistance2 from reddit for the help with this information.

As you can see both shiny Grubbin and Charjabug take on a red colouring - replacing the orange on Grubbin and the green on Charjabug. Shiny Vikavolt, meanwhile, takes on a metallic look with its dark blue body becoming a shade of grey.

If you want to evolve shiny Grubbin, we recommend waiting until the event starts to draw to a close around 5pm (local time) to ensure it learns the exclusive move upon evolving into Vikavolt. This way you’ll have ample time to hopefully catch a selection of shiny Grubbins, gather the candy needed for their evolution and might even find one with perfect IVs.

Evolving a shiny Grubbin will first add a shiny Charjabug to your Pokédex and, if you evolve this Pokémon too, a shiny Vikavolt to your Pokédex. If you do get a shiny Vikavolt during event hours, it will know Volt Switch - the exclusive Electric-type Fast Attack for this Community Day.

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Other Grubbin Community Day bonuses

Every Community Day brings a host of bonuses to Pokémon Go, with some of these bonuses remaining the same, like increased shiny rates, but others rotate.

Here’s a full list of the Grubbin Community Day bonuses:

  • Increased spawns
  • Increased shiny rates, including the release of shiny Grubbin, Charjabug and Vikavolt
  • Triple catch XP
  • Double catch candy
  • Double chance of earning XL Candy from catching Pokémon for players Level 31 or above
  • 3-hour Incense duration (not including Daily Adventure Incense)
  • 3-hour Lure Module duration (not including Golden Lure Modules)
  • Between 2pm to 10pm (local time) trades require 50% less Stardust
  • Between 2pm to 10pm (local time) you can conduct one extra Special Trade, meaning you can conduct two Special Trades during this event
  • Photobombs - Take a snapshot of your buddy to earn a surprise encounter with Grubbin, earning progress for your Cameraman medal, up to five times during this event.
  • Field research tasks - Spin PokéStops for event-exclusive field research tasks with the rewards including Grubbin encounters, Stardust and Ultra Balls.
  • Free timed research quest - Between 2pm to 10pm (local time), you can complete this quest to earn one Magnetic Lure.
  • New Grubbin-themed Community Day stickers
  • Exclusive Move - Fully evolve a Grubbin into a Vikavolt during event hours to have it learn Volt Switch, an Electric-type Fast Move.
  • Bonus four-star Charjabug raids between 5pm to 10pm (local time) - If won, these raids will cause Grubbin with boosted shiny rates to appear around the Gym for 30 minutes. These raids can not be attended using Remote Raid Passes.
  • PokéStop Showcases for Grubbin
  • Pay-to-play Special Research quest - For $1.00 or the equivalent price in your local currency, you can partake in the Community Day’s Special Research quest, Plugging Along. Keep in mind that you must complete this quest before its deadline or else you won’t be able to claim the rewards.

Hope you enjoy Grubbin’s Community Day!

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